India vs Australia: Kohli's animated celebrations fun to watch, says Bumrah

Bumrah, who was effusive in his praise of Virat Kohli's 25th Test hundred, said the result of the second India vs Australia Test hinges on the first session of day four.

Fast deliveries on the field, slow and measured words off it, seems to be Jasprit Bumrah’s motto.   -  Getty Images

Fast deliveries on the field, slow and measured words off it, seems to be Jasprit Bumrah’s motto. When he addressed cricket reporters here on Sunday while the second Test hurtled towards its imminent nail-biting climax, Bumrah had a potential landmine to diffuse – the Virat Kohli dismissal, which drew divergent views and some caustic remarks on social media. He handled it with the élan of a diplomat.

“We were a little surprised by the on-field call but now that it’s been done means it’s been done. We will move forward with the game. That’s about it,” Bumrah said.

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But what about Kohli’s reaction after getting to his hundred? The fast bowler smiled and then replied: “I have no idea what he meant. But he is always animated with his celebrations, and it’s always fun to watch when we are in the dressing room."

Lessons learnt

The Indian speedsters were more accurate and intense during Australia’s second innings. Bumrah attributed the progress to lessons learnt from the early part of the match: “According to me, the first day of the first session was the best time to bat because though the wicket was green, it was not doing a lot.

"After that, it hardened because there was so much heat. Then the bounce increased and the wicket fastened up. After we assessed the pitch in the first innings, we realised the length we had to bowl and were much clearer about it in the second innings.”

Leading from the front

Bumrah was effusive in his praise of the skipper’s hundred: “We were in a bit of bother at the start (of the day), and then the way he played, the way he carried his whole innings was infectious. He has been doing this all the time and he is an inspiring leader.

"He leads from the front. So, it’s a good thing for the team and hopefully, he will keep doing it in the future as well.”

So what could a manic Monday throw up? “The first session will be important. We want to take early wickets so that it will restrict their total as less as possible and that will help us to chase it in the fourth innings,” Bumrah said in his usual simple and sensible manner.

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