India vs South Africa HIGHLIGHTS, 1st Test Day 4: Bumrah picks two late wickets, SA 94/4 at Stumps; IND leads by 210 runs

South Africa vs India HIGHLIGHTS, 1st Test Day 4: Get the cricket score updates between IND vs SA from the SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium.


Jasprit Bumrah broke a long-standing partnership, dismissing van der Dussen for 11.   -  AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of day four of the first Test between India and South Africa.


The Proteas have been jolted late on in the evening. The home side seemed to have struck the perfect resistance with van der Dussen and Elgar blunting the seamers who seemed to have minimal assistance in the final session with effect from the heavy roller. But, Kohli's men have just pegged back on top with Jasprit Bumrah - the super sling-man - weaving his magic once again.

SA 94/4 in 40.5 overs: Bumrah begins with a bouncer to Maharaj from around the wicket before switching over. Maharaj lands a rollicking punch through cover for FOUR as Bumrah offers a hint of width. An absolute corker from Bumrah! Bumrah has yorked Maharaj with a fiery delivery that swings in to crash the root of the leg-stump. He turns back and strikes a pose, boy what a delivery from the manic slingman!  Keshav Maharaj b Bumrah 8 (19b 1x4)

SA 88/3 in 40 overs: Siraj drifts to the pads and Elgar flicks it away for FOUR, fifty for the skipper! A solid knock from Elgar, minimising the damage from the top in a hefty chase. Maharaj succeeds in seeing off Siraj's nip-backers as we lock in on the final over of the evening.

SA 80/3 in 39 overs: Bumrah attempts at a loopy slower-one that surprises Maharaj who ducks it out of it as the ball nearly coasts over his head. Umpire Erasmus deems a no-ball before Bumrah comes around the wicket to complete the over.

SA 79/3 in 38 overs: Siraj slips in his bowling stride and the ball lobs in off the deck to Elgar who rocks back and slashes it through point for FOUR.  Siraj's riled up and sends in a few words to Elgar after firing in a couple of quick deliveries at the stumps.

SA 75/3 in 37 overs: Bumrah to van der Dussen. OUT! Bowled him! A jaffa from Boom Boom!  Bumrah shapes in the perfect nip-backer as it jags away sharply from its initial line to flummox Rassie who lunges forward to employ a leave. Absolute bolt out from the blue and India's back in thick of things. Maharaj in as the night-watchman.  Rassie van der Dussen b Bumrah 11 (65b 1x4)

Bumrah completes 100 away Test wickets. 100 off his 104 scalps have come away from home.

Rassie van der Dussen b Bumrah 11 (65b 1x4)

Bumrah returns

SA 74/2 in 36 overs: Peach from Siraj. The wobble seam in effect this time as it zips off the length and away from Elgar's outside-edge by a whisker. Elgar manages to keep his blade down and escapes from conceding an edge.

SA 74/2 in 35 overs: Ashwin continues with his loopy lines and the batters exchange strike with easy singles down the ground.

SA 72/2 in 34 overs: Siraj continues to steam in and Elgar gives nothing more than firm block. India is being forced to grind super hard here. The lead, for once, has been put out of the equation by this pair.

SA 72/2 in 33 overs: Ashwin tosses up on the fuller length and the batters rotate strike with a couple of singles. It will be a big win for the home side if they move into stumps without the loss of another wicket.

SA 69/2 in 32 overs: Chance for Siraj as van der Dussen nicks one low to Kohli at second slip. Soft hands from Rassie saves him there.

SA 69/2 in 31 overs: Ash unleashes his bag of tricks, shuffling his lengths throughout the over against Elgar. Elgar matches up with some quick movement to negotiate Ash on the front foot.

SA 69/2 in 30 overs: Thakur gets a leg-cutter to sneak in late to van der Dussen who does well to save his wickets. He digs deep into the crease to block it off the line and SA continues its slow march towards the three-figure mark.

SA 67/2 in 29 overs: Ashwin comes from around the wicket and loops the ball into Elgar who lunges forward to defend. He retains the strike with a single off the last ball .

Ashwin into the attack.

SA 65/2 in 27 overs: Elgar and Dussen continue their dogged resistance. Shami drops short and Elgar aces a cracking pull for FOUR.

SA 59/2 in 25 overs: van der Dussen continues to blunt Shami's off-stump ploy with a neat defence. Kohli might need to shuffle up his deck to create chances here.

SA 59/2 in 24 overs: Elgar is beaten by a length delivery that keeps low. Thakur touches even fuller and this time Elgar punches it down the ground for FOUR.

SA 53/2 in 23 overs: Shami and Co. continue to keep the batters under the pump. Runs haven't been easy to come by as the bowlers aim to extract something off the pitch.

Shami returns

SA 52/2 in 22 overs: van der Dussen exuding solidity in defence as Thakur aims to drill the ball on a fuller length. Just the solitary off another no ball from Shardul.

Thakur replaces Bumrah

SA 51/2 in 21 overs: A quite little phase for the Indian seamers. No assistance from the deck whatsoever as Siraj aims to make things happen with his wobble-seam delivery. The effect of the heavy roller has aided the batters in their grind.

SA 51/2 in 20 overs: Fifty up for South Africa. van der Dussen delicately flicks Bumrah's loose delivery to the backward square leg boundary for FOUR.

SA 47/2 in 19 overs: Siraj mixes up his lengths as he aims to unsettle van der Dussen who is managing well at the moment to ally his skipper.

SA 44/2 in 18 overs: Bumrah continues to fire in the bouncers and Elgar watchfully manages to evade them. The batters have been cautious in taking him on, having given away just 10 runs in eight overs.

SA 43/2 in 17 overs: Siraj snaps Elgar with a fiery bouncer that springs up to clip the gloves before parrying over to the boundary. Excellent stuff from Siraj as he follows up with a ball just outside the off-stump and prompts a loose waft from Elgar. Kohli, standing at first slip, cannot believe there's no nick on that one.

SA 37/2 in 16 overs: Bumrah fires in a sharp bouncer to Elgar who pulls and manages to keep it along the ground. Bumrah slides one across and nearly gets the edge from van der Dussen. He finishes with a nip-backer that nearly clips van der Dussen's off-stump.

SA 36/2 in 15 overs: Siraj to Petersen. OUT! Edged and Gone! Siraj touches full first up and Petersen nicks while attempting to drive through the covers. A bit of little seam movement aids Siraj as Pant gloves another and the Proteas find themselves in a rut. Another chance for Siraj as he greets van der Dussen with a bouncer. He pulls it fine and nearly finds the fine leg fielder on the full. Siraj is fired up. He beats Elgar's outside-edge with another delivery that nips away across the length. Siraj follows up with another delivery that tucks in to hit Elgar's thigh. Keegan Petersen c †Pant b Mohammed Siraj 17 (36b 3x4)

SA 34/1 in 14 overs: Bumrah has a wild sling to find some extra nip and Elgar negotiates with a solid block. A solid take from Pant as Bumrah's bumper flies well over the batter.

Bumrah replaces Shami

SA 34/1 in 13 overs: Siiraj thuds the ball into Petersen's pads as he shuffles across as umpire Holdstuck denies a wicket. India reviews! The replays suggest umpire's call on wickets as it marginally appears to kiss the bails. Petersen survives.

SA 33/1 in 12 overs: Shami continues to attack the stumps and Petersen responds with a solid defence. Shami offers a hint of width and Petersen creams it through covers for FOUR.

SA 29/1 in 11 overs: Siraj starts with a cracking out-swinger that steams past Elgar's outside edge. He keeps the bowl short throughout, pinning Elgar on the backfoot.

Siraj into the attack

SA 27/1 in 10 overs: Shami drags the ball in to Elgar who neatly nudges it away. Shami touches full and Elgar pushes past mid-off for FOUR. Positive start from the skipper.

Elgar and Petersen at the crease. Shami continues.

Back for the final session.

Bumrah continues. Elgar on strike. A single off the second ball. Just one off the over. That's tea. One wicket for India and South Africa reach 22. They still need 283 to win, India require nine wickets. Back with the final session shortly.

SA 21/1 in 8 overs: Shami started round the wicket to Elgar. Four dots later, a single to Elgar. A couple for Petersen to end the over.

SA 18/1 in 7 overs: Bumrah to Petersen, four dots on the trot. Bumrah has bowled well without any reward so far. First maiden of the innings for Bumrah.

SA 18/1 in 6 overs: Shami to Petersen, single first ball. Off the third ball, Petersen drives handsomely past mid-off for four. 7 off the over.

SA 11/1 in 5 overs: Bumrah bowls one on the pads and Elgar flicks it away for four. Just a boundary off it in the end.

SA 7/1 in 4 overs: Petersen plays a delightful flick through midwicket for four. Shami overpitched that on the stumps. Good comeback - follows it up with five dots including a peach off the fifth ball.

SA 3/1 in 3 overs: Bumrah continues. Elgar on strike. He gets a couple by tucking one away to square leg. Dot to finish.

SA 1/1 in 2 overs: Shami to share the new ball. Outside edge doesn't carry to Pant. Markram on strike. Second ball, he is squared up. GONE! Markram chops on! Petersen joins Elgar. Wicket maiden.

SA 1/0 in 1 over: Elgar and Markram to start the chase. Bumrah with the ball. Three slips in place for Markram. Just a single off the over.


Jansen to Bumrah; who guides it past the gully fielder for four. The lead crosses 300! Clean bowled! Siraj departs and India are bowled out for 174. South Africa need 305 to win. India have 52 overs today and 98 tomorrow to clean up SA's batting line-up. Back with the chase shortly.

IND 169/9 in 50 overs: Rabada gets Shami, who is caught at third slip. Siraj on strike. Wicket maiden.

IND 169/8 in 49 overs: Jansen to Shami, flashes at this one and is beaten. A single off the third ball. Just one from that over.

IND 168/8 in 48 overs: Rabada to Pant, nails the pull shot for four. Next ball, Pant holes out. He goes for a 34-ball 34. Bumrah on strike. A couple to end the over.

IND 160/7 in 47 overs: Mulder to start proceedings after the break. Mulder errs in line, on the hips and Pant just tickles it away for four. Pant comes down the ground and smashes it over extra cover. A quick single off the fifth ball. Nine off the over.


IND 151/7 in 46 overs: Ashwin is caught at gully. Ripsnorter from Rabada, brushes the handle of the bat on way to Petersen. Given out, Ashwin reviewed but replays confirm there was bat involved.  Shami joins Pant. Five runs and a wicket.

IND 146/6 in 45 overs: Mulder continues. Two singles off that over. The partnership between the two is 35.

IND 144/6 in 44 overs: Rabada to Ashwin, single off the third ball. Pant plays a controlled pull shot next ball for a single. Ashinw has been given out caught behind but Ashwin has chosen to review it. Replays confirm there's no edge, Ashwin to continue batting. 4 byes down leg side off the last ball, it keeps low.. Ashwin misses it, so does de Kock.

IND 137/6 in 43 overs: Mulder into the attack. Ashwin on strike. Five dots later, Ashwin drives down the ground and collects four through mid-on.

IND 133/6 in 42 overs: Rabada continues. Tidy over. A single each to Pant and Ashwin in that over. India's lead now 263.

IND 131/6 in 41 overs: Jansen to Ashwin, well-timed on drive for three. Pant flicks to backward square for four. The lead's past 250 now. Dismissive from Pant as he flays a cut shot over point for four. Single to end the over.

IND 119/6 in 40 overs: Rabada into the attack now. Over the wicket. Two dots later, Pant drives on the up for four. Just a boundary from it.

IND 115/6 in 39 overs: Jansen continues. Rahane holes out! He departs for a 23-ball 20. Short ball, was a half-hearted attempt at pull shot, couldn't keep the ball down and holes out at deep square. Ashwin off the mark with a glorious drive.

IND 111/5 in 38 overs: GONE! Pujara has been strangled down the leg side off Ngidi. It was a leg stump half-volley and Pujara wanted to glance it. Unlucky. Rishabh Pant joins Rahane. Pant off the mark with a couple. Two runs and a wicket.

IND 109/4 in 37 overs: Jansen continues. Two dots later, Rahane opens the face of the bat and drives through backward point for four. Next ball, he hooks it over backward square for six. Make that three boundaries in a row as he drives on the up through covers for four. 14 off the over.

IND 95/4 in 36 overs: Ngidi to Rahane, 2 leg byes down leg side as the right-hander is beaten on the flick. Just a single off the next four balls.

IND 92/4 in 35 overs: Jansen to Pujara, 4 byes. Jansen goes round the wicket, angling the ball into Pujara, who drives through the vacant mid-on region for four. The fifth ball explodes of a length, safely negotiated by Pujara.

IND 84/4 in 34 overs:Ngidi from the other end - short of a length, outside off, Rahane punches it through point for four. Just a boundary in that over.

IND 80/4 in 33 overs: Kohli on strike. Jansen strikes first ball after the break! The wait for 71st continues... Three slips and a gully, another loose drive away from the body and the edge is pouched safely by de Kock. Rahane joins Pujara. Just one run and a wicket.

The highest fourth innings total at Centurion is 268 by England in Dec 2019, while chasing a target of 376. The highest successful run chase is England's 251/8 in Jan 2000.


IND 79/3 in 32 overs: LUNCH | 63 runs and two wickets from the session. India has managed to squeeze past the 200-run mark. Kohli and Pujara have played on to the break and will hope to extend the lead quickly post Lunch.

IND 79/3 in 31 overs: Kohli uses the pace of Rabada once again as he beautifully works the ball past backward point for FOUR.

IND 75/3 in 30 overs: Mulder drops short and wide and Pujara whacks him through point for FOUR. Getting a move on finally, eh?

IND 71/3 in 29 overs: Rabada crashes one into Kohli's pads. Loud shout for an lbw but umpire Erasmus is unmoved. SA opts for a review and the replays rule in Kohli's favour with Umpire's Call on impact. Kohli survives, barely. A loose shot there from Kohli as he aims to flick to Rabada's straighter one from outside the off-stump. The ball gets some late inward-nip to beat the bat. Rabada oversteps once again and this time Kohli makes use of the extra zip and glides it past point for FOUR.

IND 66/3 in 28 overs: Leg slip in place for Kohli. Mulder draws fuller outside the off-stump and Kohli has a whiff at it. He's beaten on the outside-edge.

IND 65/3 in 27 overs: Pujara blocks off Rabada while keeping away from the probing deliveries in the channel outside off-stump.

Rabada is back

IND 65/3 in 26 overs: Mulder tails the ball down leg and Kohli flicks it behind de Kock for FOUR. Again in the zone, employing some nice leaves to ball outside off and taking on the ones in his arc.

IND 60/3 in 25 overs: Ngidi slides the ball in and Kohli easily flicks it past mid-wicket for a beautiful FOUR.  A bit of a mix-up as Kohli aims for a quick single after a gentle push as Pujara sends him back.

IND 54/3 in 24 overs: Pujara continues to dead-bat Mulder. He's in no hurry to set off the blocks. Another maiden.

IND 54/3 in 23 overs: Ngidi gets the ball to sit up and crash into Rahul's gloves. He's in pain this time and the physio's out to give some treatment. Ngidi continues to nip the ball and there's the edge! Rahul pokes to Elgar at first slip. The halt in play and the blow has ruffled him up for a bit and Rahul's fortitude tapers away.  Kohli in at 5.

KL Rahul c Elgar b Ngidi 23 (74b 4x4)

IND 54/2 in 22 overs: Mulder comes across as someone who could exploit a heavy ball. Rahul waits to block Mulder on length but the ball rises onto him quickly from the deck to brush his arm.

IND 53/2 in 21 overs: Ngidi goes a touch too full and Rahul eases into a flowing drive. He picks up three runs as Maharaj gives a long chase.

IND 50/2 in 20 overs: Mulder into the attack and he cuts Pujara's defence in half with a cracking straighter one that zips through between his bat and pad. Pujara is struggling to time the ball as Mulder mixes up his lengths.

IND 50/2 in 19 overs: Ngidi strays down leg and Rahul whips it past mid-wicket for a crunching boundary.

IND 45/2 in 18 overs: Jansen keeps the ball on length as Rahul continues to judge his leaves to perfection. Another maiden.

IND 45/2 in 17 overs: Ngidi replaces Rabada and starts with a juicy half-volley, which is clobbered through mid-on for four by Pujara. Ngidi nips it in and Pujara lobs it straight to Rabada at short mid-wicket and dropped! Massive reprieve for Puji in the circumstances. The ball falls low to the left of Rabada who slips it as he lunges forward. Can Pujara make it count from here? Ngidi follows up with a fine delivery that nearly square up Puji, it cops the outside-edge and zips to third slip.

IND 39/2 in 16 overs: Jansen continues. Five dots later, Jansen bowls a fuller ball that's swinging back in - Rahul just has to help it to the fine-leg boundary. Four from the over.

IND 35/2 in 15 overs: Pujara on strike. Rabada steaming in. Three slips in place for him. Testing over from Rabada which also comprised a no-ball. Just one off the over.

IND 34/2 in 14 overs: Here's Jansen. Rahul on strike. Six dots on the trot. Jansen has bowled probing lines and lengths this spell.

IND 34/2 in 13 overs: Rabada to Thakur, 4byes as the ball eludes de Kock behind the stumps. Thakur's defence has been watertight so far - he has left well too. Commentator's curse? OUT! Thakur is caught at slip. The nightwatchman departs. He is squared up and the ball catches the shoulder of the bat and goes straight to third slip. Pujara joins Rahul.

IND 30/1 in 12 overs: Jansen didn't make Rahul play at the first four balls. Easy leave for the opener. Jansen shifted his line to middle and leg, made Rahul play at the fifth ball- defended back to him. The last one is full and swinging back in. Dot to finish.

IND 30/1 in 11 overs: Rabada bangs one in and Rahul ducks in anticipation of the bounce. The ball keeps low and crashes into KL's chest. Rahul's up on his feet quickly and gets off strike with a leg-bye.

IND 28/1 in 10 overs: Jansen continues to angle the ball away from Thakur, provoking him to needle at one. He bumps one in and Shardul efficiently makes room and cuts the ball over point for SIX! Goodness me, some power on the horizontal slash from Thakur. Jansen corrects his line and keeps the ball tight onto the wicket. Shardul trusts the bounce off the length and lets the deliveries sail marginally over the middle-stump.

IND 22/1 in 9 overs: Rabada gets the ball to move away off the fuller length and Rahul offers no shot at it. Rabada drops short and angles the ball in, aiming to feed in at Rahul's outside-edge. Rahul watchfully evades and keeps his blade out of the way, even as the ball springs in ever so close to the edge. Maiden for Rabada.

IND 22/1 in 8 overs: Jansen swings one in sharply and hits Thakur flush in the pads. Loud shout and SA goes for a review as umpire Holdstock denies a wicket. The replays suggest that the ball has swung in and straightened perfectly but misses the middle-stump by a couple of inches. Jansen follows up with another delivery that shapes away from the length to beat Thakur.

Jansen from the other end

IND 22/1 in 7 overs: Rabada begins with the ball angling in and Rahul dangerously lobs it in the air ahead of mid-wicket. Rabada follows up with a delivery shaping away from KL who has a sharp nudge at it. The ball flies past a vacant gully and through to the third-man fence for FOUR.

KL Rahul and Shardul Thakur at the crease. India is 16/1 with a 146-run lead. Kagiso Rabada to start the proceedings.

Day 4 underway!

12:40PM IST: We're back for Day 4, folks. The game has moved along pretty quickly even as we had lost out on the entirety of Day 2. India with its 146-run lead is well ahead in the game. However, with the weather forecast predicting a gloomy Thursday finish, Kohli and Co. will have to move along their task without much ado.  Given the collapse that it suffered the previous day, they will also be aware of the Rabada-Ngidi threat.

The inspired Mohammed Shami, with exemplary wrist and seam position, scalped five for 44 as South Africa, replying to India’s 327, was bowled out for 197 on the third day of the first Test. Read about the whole day's play here - REPORT

Playing XIs

India 11: KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Ravichandran Ashwin, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj

READ: Shami: 375-400 would be good target for South Africa

South Africa 11: Dean Elgar(c), Aiden Markram, Keegan Petersen, Rassie van der Dussen, Temba Bavuma, Quinton de Kock(w), Wiaan Mulder, Marco Jansen, Keshav Maharaj, Kagiso Rabada, Lungi Ngidi

Toss: India wins toss, opts to bat


: We will bat first. Runs on the board playing away home has been our strength. The pitch tends to quicken up here on Day 2-3. Our success away from home started from the series we played here last time. Very challenging place to play. South African unit always strong and they know the conditions. The prep has been wonderful. Quite lucky to get the centre-wicket practice. Siraj, Shami, Bumrah, Ashwin and Thakur is the all-rounder.

Elgar: Nice and relaxed and looking forward to what is going to be a brilliant Test series. We had a good week's camp in Johannesburg. We are prepared as best as we could. Debutant in Marco Jansen. Tall left-arm bowler. Mulder as all-rounder. Kesh is our spinner. KG, Lungi and Marco are the pacers


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