Kohli: 'DRS is pretty fair for the game'

On the eve of the third Test at Mohali, Kohli threw light on what he thought of the Decision Review System.

Kohli...“I think we need to have a bit more patience with [DRS]."   -  Akhilesh Kumar

Captaincy and success have combined to make Virat Kohli a better person, and not just a better cricketer. It reflects in his confidence, his choice of words and the clarity that comes across the subject he chooses. On the eve of the third Test here, Kohli threw light on how he thought of Decision Review System (DRS), though it is still early days.

“I am pretty happy with it. It just confirms the decision that’s been made on the field. And if you want to challenge the umpire, it’s not just you telling him that he could have made a different decision, you have the option of checking it again and figure out if it is wrong or right. I think it is pretty fair for the game. I think it is just one way to make sure that everyone knows the correct decision has been made or not.”

Further, Kohli said, “I think we need to have a bit more patience with that particular aspect. Us as a team has only played two Test matches with DRS. And I can't analyse the progress in the span of eight days. It's not something that's going to drastically change, something that's going to keep going on in one direction. We will analyse over a period of 12 months as to how we have used it.”

Kohli admitted it was not easy to maintain the run of success but the team was equal to the challenge.

“It’s a challenge to repeat the same things the team has been doing for a while but I think that is what professional cricketers are picked to do. That’s something that we take as a responsibility and not as a burden. We need to make sure we put all things in place for us to give ourselves the best chance of going out there and winning a Test match. That’s all we have done in the past couple of years and the results have been nice.

“So we need to be aware of how we prepare and things that need to be in place for us to be ready for every game we play and the team has been quite aware of that and this Test is going to be no different. You are right, the challenge is a tough one and all of them have lived up to it so far and it is really good to see as a captain."

Commenting on the return Parthiv Patel to the team for one Test, Kohli said, “Luckily Parthiv’s attitude has been great. I don’t see any nerves. He’s played enough cricket to understand this kind of position and situation. He’s a guy who has experience at the Test level. So we are pretty excited to have him back although we won’t have thought about Saha getting injured at this stage. It’s part of the game. Parthiv understands the situation he’s in. I’m pretty glad he respects that and he’s still looking forward to the opportunity and try to make a mark."

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