MI vs DC HIGHLIGHTS WPL Final: Sciver-Brunt powers Mumbai Indians to inaugural title, beat Delhi by 7 wickets; full awards list

DC vs MI WPL Final HIGHLIGHTS Get the Cricket Score, Commentary, Scorecard and the Latest Updates from the MI vs DC WPL 2023 final at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

Updated : Mar 26, 2023 23:40 IST

Harmanpreet Kaur of Mumbai Indians during the final of the Women’s Premier League between the Delhi Capitals and the Mumbai Indians held at the Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai on the 26th March 2023

Photo by: Deepak Malik / SPORTZPICS for WPL
Harmanpreet Kaur of Mumbai Indians during the final of the Women’s Premier League between the Delhi Capitals and the Mumbai Indians held at the Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai on the 26th March 2023 Photo by: Deepak Malik / SPORTZPICS for WPL | Photo Credit: Deepak Malik

Harmanpreet Kaur of Mumbai Indians during the final of the Women’s Premier League between the Delhi Capitals and the Mumbai Indians held at the Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai on the 26th March 2023 Photo by: Deepak Malik / SPORTZPICS for WPL | Photo Credit: Deepak Malik

Welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the WPL 2023 Final between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

  • March 26, 2023 23:26
    Post Match presentation begins
    • Harmanpreet Kaur collects the INR 6 crore cheque for the winner
    • Meg Lanning collects the INR 3 crore cheque for the runner-up: We would have loved to win but full credit to MI. They deserve it but full credit to our group’s efforts. We didn’t really set a target, we wanted to put a few more. We didn’t bat at our best but this competition has shown you can keep going till the end, and then you never know. Very good effort from the bowlers. We did well in the first 10 overs, got early wickets but Harmanpreet and Sciver-Brunt took the game away, they batted very well. I have enjoyed playing spin, enjoyed my experience with DC.
    • Most Valuable Player: Hayley Matthews
    • Orange Cap Winnger: Meg Lanning (345 runs)
    • Purple Cap Winner: Hayley Matthews (16 wickets)
    • Catch of the Season: Harmanpreet Kaur
    • Emerging Player of the Season: Yastika Bhatia
    • Powerful Striker of the Season: Sophie Devine - Amelia Kerr collects the award on her behalf.
    • Player of the Final: Nat Sciver-Brunt - It was very special. Glad I was able to stick it out when the pressure was on. I was trying to get quite tough and Harman and Melie took the pressure off me. I knew if I stayed till the end we’d get through. We gave away too many in the final 3-4 overs, but it made the game interesting. (Winning the trophy) It means everything, coming together with a special group of girls with the Mumbai Indians, really special moment.

  • March 26, 2023 22:59
    Coaches speak

    Charlotte Edwards: To win this is one of the greatest achievements in my career. We gave yesterday off because they were tired. We had a team meeting and we kept it very relaxed. Harman’s been amazing as a captain, it’s been a wonderful experience.

    Jhulan Goswami: All credit to the bowlers, thanks to Lotty (Charlotte). This was my first tournament as a coach. Girls had a lot of faith and had the belief to do their best. We are all proud of them. Many times, Harman has gone through these situations but she hasn’t crossed the finish line. This time, there was good communication and she took charge. The way she handled the team right after the World Cup was great.

  • March 26, 2023 22:53
    Player reactions

    Hayley Matthews: Exciting to be a part of history and bring it home for the MI family. I guess wickets are wickets. The wicket assisted me, happy to get the team to a win.

    Amelia Kerr: I guess you train for and work hard for those finishing moments. Nice when it comes off, it’s been an amazing win for an amazing franchise. You just get into a zone but in between the balls you hear the crowd and it’s great but you go back into the zone. Charlotte is a legend, she’s got a wealth of knowledge. She’s taken teams to finals but get a team over the line is brilliant to see.

    Yastika Bhatia: Enormous, can’t explain how good it feels. Very happy and proud of the team. We were relaxed yesterday and were focusing on the little things. Think Issy was quick, the full tosses were not low, so the pace must have gotten wickets.

    Saika Ishaque: Feels amazing, it’s been a dream come true. My dream was to become champion and I am speechless in joy. Didn’t make many changes, just wanted to bowl dots if there wasn’t wickets. Plan C was to bowl full tosses and wickets ( laughs).

  • March 26, 2023 22:47
    Sensational Sciver-Brunt!

    Talk about calm under pressure. Nat Sciver-Brunt never lost her cool despite piling up a heap of dot balls in the first half of the chase. The English all-rounder and skipper Harmanpreet Kaur resurrected the chase after the early jitters. Kaur’s dismissal threatened the MI chase but Sciver-Brunt just stepped up with a couple of boundaries to ease the chase. She finishes with 332 runs in 10 innings, the second leading run-scorer in the tournament!

  • March 26, 2023 22:41
    MI 134/3 in 19.3 overs

    It all boils down to this! Capsey to bowl the final over. Kerr drags the first ball to square-leg for a single. Lanning and Capsey have a long discussion about the field. Packed deep field on the on-side. Sharp delivery on the off-stump from Capsey but Nat reels in two runs by flicking through the on-side. Fumble in the deep aids the second run. Full toss an Nat Sciver-Brunt paddles the ball over the keeper for FOUR - Mumbai Indians wins the inaugural WPL title!

  • March 26, 2023 22:37
    MI 127/3 in 19 overs - needs 5 in 6 balls

    FIFTY for Nat Sciver-Brunt as she sweeps Jonassen past backward square-leg for FOUR! Kerr attempts to loft over the ground but the ball falls short of wide long-on. Another slog sweep and Jemimah’s full length diver from deep mid-wicket cannot prevent a FOUR. What an effort from Jemimah nevertheless but Kerr eases the pressure for MI. Length from Jonassen and Kerr steps out and slaps the ball past cover for FOUR. A single to finish the over!

  • March 26, 2023 22:32
    MI 111/3 in 18 overs - needs 21 in 12 balls

    Nat Sciver-Brunt pummels Shikha across the line and reels in two runs. A single to follow. Shikha hits the deck hard and Kerr taps the ball to mid-off and gets a quick single. Shikha overpitches but Nat Sciver-Brunt finds Lanning at cover. Nat shuffles across and works a single through square-leg. A dot to finish and the pressure mounts!

  • March 26, 2023 22:25
    MI 106/3 in 17 overs

    Capsey replaces Radha. IS THAT OUT? Harmanpreet works the ball towards mid-wicket and sets off on a quick single but there is a sharp throw at the non-striker’s as Capsey flicks the bails. OUT! Harmanpreet is well short of her crease as the DC fielders roar in delight.

    Amelia Kerr is in at 5. Capsey slides the ball in and Sciver-Brunt sweeps the ball fine past Shafali Verma for FOUR. A couple of singles to follow. FOUR more! Sciver-Brunt unleashes a deft paddle past short third. Nat retains the strike with a single.

    Harmanpreet Kaur run out (Pandey/Capsey) 37 (39b 5x4)

  • March 26, 2023 22:21
    MI 95/2 in 16 overs - needs 37 to win in 24 balls

    Shikha returns. Length ball and Sciver-Brunt mistimes a scoop past the keeper but finds two runs. Low full toss and Sciver-Brunt finds the gap between point and short-third for FOUR.

  • March 26, 2023 22:17
    MI 87/2 in 15 overs

    Radha slides one in and Harmanpreet cracks another sweep. A desperate dive from Minnu running to her right from square-leg but she fails to deny FOUR for Harmanpreet. Harmanpreet preempts a reverse sweep and nearly drags the ball to the stumps! Harmanpreet steps out and flicks the ball through cow-corner for a single. Sciver-Brunt nudges the ball to long-on for another run.

  • March 26, 2023 22:12
    MI 81/2 in 14 overs

    Kapp returns. Harmanpreet flicks off length for a single through the square. Kapp hits Nat’s pads and concedes a leg bye. A couple of singles. The gaps are easing out for Harmanpreet and Sciver-Brunt.

  • March 26, 2023 22:08
    MI 75/2 in 13 overs

    Jonassen offers length and Harmanpreet brings out a fierce sweep from besides the off-stump for FOUR through the square. Another reverse-sweep and Harmanpreet gets a single. Sciver-Brunt paddles Jonassen and finds three runs and brings up the 50-run partnership. Short and Nat drags the ball to mid-wicket for one run.

  • March 26, 2023 22:05
    MI 67/2 in 12 overs

    Capsey slides down leg and the ball brushes Nat’s pads and goes past the keeper for two leg byes. The dot balls continue to keep the batters under pressure. A single to follow. Harmanpreet pre-meditates and plays a reverse sweep and a misfield from Jonassen at short-third concedes FOUR runs.Harmanpreet drives the ball to long-on for a single. Short ball and Sciver-Brunt smears it through mid-wicket for a cracking FOUR.

  • March 26, 2023 22:01
    MI 55/2 in 11 overs

    Sciver-Brunt sweeps Radha to square-leg for a single as the asking rate quietly creeps up. Radha slides one past Harmanpreet’s bat for a wide. Slower ball through the air and Harmanpreet bails out of a slog late and pushes it towards cover. A single to follow.

  • March 26, 2023 21:58
    MI 51/2 in 10 overs

    Alice Capsey into the attack. Capsey drops short and Harmanpreet unleashes a fierce for sweep through wide long-on for FOUR. FIFTY up for Mumbai. Six runs from the over.

  • March 26, 2023 21:54
    MI 45/2 in 9 overs

    Back-of-length from Shikha and Harmanpreet slices it past the keeper and Shafali covers some ground to deny a boundary, two runs. Short from Shikha and Harmanpreet shuffles across and pulls the ball in front of square for FOUR.

  • March 26, 2023 21:48
    MI 36/2 in 8 overs

    Radha is back. Short ball and Nat drags the ball down to deep mid-wicket for a single. Harmanpreet follows suit. Nat breaks the shackles as she steps out to a loopy delivery and pumps it over extra cover for FOUR. A couple of singles to follow. Eight from the over.

  • March 26, 2023 21:44
    MI 28/2 in 7 overs

    Shikha Pandey into the attack. Shikha maintains a good length to Harmanpreet who digs the deliveries out. This is some tight bowling and Harmanpreet is unable to work across the lines for runs.

  • March 26, 2023 21:42
    MI 27/2 in 6 overs

    Jonassen tails the ball in and Nat struggles to rotate strike. Dot after dotm we have five of them now. Jonassen strays to the pads and Nat tucks it behind square for a quick single.

  • March 26, 2023 21:38
    MI 26/2 in 5 overs

    Kapp attempts to attack the stumps but Harmanpreet employs a solid defence. A single to follow. Kapp is keeping it tight around the stumps. Kapp rushes one onto the pads but it is apparently sliding down leg but DC reviews! WICKETS missing and DC loses the review. The ball slides well down leg.

  • March 26, 2023 21:36
    MI 24/2 in 4 overs

    Jonassen to Matthews, OUT! In the air and into the hands straight mid-wicket! Jonassen cramps up Matthews as she attempts to chip over the ring but mistimes her shot to the fielder. Harmanpreet Kaur is in at 4

    Hayley Matthews c Reddy b Bhatia 13 (12b 3x4)

  • March 26, 2023 21:29
    MI 21/1 in 3 overs

    Kapp continues. Straighter line and Nat slides it to mid-on. Full and straight and Matthews heaves across the line through mid-wicket for FOUR. A single to follow. Kapp pins the ball towards the stumps and hits Nat high on the pads and the ball nearly rolls back to the stumps. Kapp strays to the pads and Nat attempts to slide past short fine but finds the fielder.

  • March 26, 2023 21:26
    MI 15/1 in 2 overs

    Radha Yadav into the attack. IN THE AIR and just short of wide long-on. Yastika lobs it up and Jemimah’s desperate leap cannot prevent a FOUR. Radha to Yastika, OUT! Full toss and Yastika slog sweeps straight to Capsey at deep mid-wicket. Nat Sciver-Brunt is in at 3. She’s off the mark with a single. Radha concedes a wide but Lanning tightens the field inside the circle. Fraction short and Matthews cuts but Jonassen prevents a boundary at point.

    Yastika Bhatia c Capsey b Yadav 4 (3b 1x4

  • March 26, 2023 21:19
    MI 9/0 in 1 over

    Marizanne Kapp takes the new ball, Matthews on strike.

    In the air and Matthew lifts a length ball towards cover. Short and wide and Matthews pummels the ball over cover for FOUR. FOUR more! Kapp drops short again and Matthews blasts it through cover point.

  • March 26, 2023 21:15
    Back for the chase

    The Delhi huddle is pumped up as they take the field. Yastika Bhatia and Hayley Matthews walk out for Mumbai.

  • March 26, 2023 21:13
    Hayley Matthews is the new Purple Cap holder

    Pretty excited, but only half the job’s done, need to contribute with the bat. Pretty happy with that, bowlers did a fantastic job. As batters we need to execute and chase down this total.

  • March 26, 2023 21:13
    Radha, Shikha call for a fight

    What an effort from Shikha Pandey and Radha Yadav! Stepping up when it matters. They joined in the middle when DC were reeling at 79 for nine in 16 overs. The duo managed to rack up 52 runs in just 24 balls to force a match out of this final!

  • March 26, 2023 21:05
    DC 131/9 in 20 overs

    Radha Yadav provides a sensational finish for Delhi! Two length balls and Radha Yadav wallops it out of the ground for two SIXES!

  • March 26, 2023 20:54
    DC 115/9 in 19 overs

    Wong returns. A hint of room and Shikha wallops the ball over cover for SIX - 100 up for Delhi! Pandey smacks Wong for two more FOURs before a single. In the slot and Radha slams the ball down the ground for another FOUR.

  • March 26, 2023 20:53
    DC 95/9 in 18 overs

    Sciver-Brunt returns and the batters find a slew of ones and twos.

  • March 26, 2023 20:49
    DC 89/9 in 17 overs

    Ishaque hits the slot and Radha lifts the ball down the ground for FOUR. A single to follow. Ishaque tosses one outside the off-stump and Shikha converts it into a low full toss and slaps over mid-off for another FOUR.

  • March 26, 2023 20:46
    DC 79/9 in 16 overs

    Matthews to Minu, OUT! Matthews tosses out a dolly and Minnu steps out to slog but misses the ball altogether. Easy stumping for Yastika and DC loses its eighth wicket. Matthews to Taniya, OUT! A cracker to hit the top of middle stump. Matthews tosses it up and the ball drifts in sharply through Taniya’s gates. An absolute peach!

    Minnu Mani st †Bhatia b Matthews 2 (9b); Taniya Bhatia b Matthews 0 (2b)

  • March 26, 2023 20:41
    DC 79/7 in 15 overs

    Kerr fires through another over. Shikha and Minnu cannot do much but hope to hold on.

  • March 26, 2023 20:34
    DC 77/7 in 14 overs

    Jonassen chips one back to Matthews and she puts down a tough chance diving to her right. Matthews to Jonassen, OUT! Action replay and Matthews holds on this time! A fine loopy delivery outside the off-stump and Jonassen gets a toe-edge off the bat as she attempts to sweep. The ball springs back towards Matthews who puts up another dive to her right to complete the catch this time.

    Jess Jonassen c & b Matthews 2 (11b)

  • March 26, 2023 20:29
    DC 75/6 in 13 overs

    A corker from Kerr from as she deceives Reddy in the air to whiff past the outside-edge. Kerr to Reddy, OUT! The pressure of the dot balls gets to her as she mistimes the paddle to Ishaque at short-fine leg. A fine running catch to pick up the sixth wicket.

  • March 26, 2023 20:26
    DC 74/5 in 12 overs

    Matthews to Jonassen, OUT! Lanning is run out! A horrendous mix-up sends the DC captain back on her way. Jonassen dabs the ball to point and sets off on a quick single but an excellent pick-up and throw from Amanjot Kaur at point helps Yastika flick the bails in a flash.

    Meg Lanning run out (AB Kaur/†Bhatia) 35 (29b 5x4)

  • March 26, 2023 20:18
    DC 74/4 in 11 overs

    Kerr returns. Kerr to Kapp, OUT! Fraction short and Kapp rocks back to defend but gets a faint nick on the way to Yastika behind the stumps. Massive jolt for Delhi right when they seemed to have a move on. Jess Jonassen comes in at 6.

    Marizanne Kapp c †Bhatia b Kerr 18 (21b 2x4)

  • March 26, 2023 20:14
    DC 68/3 in 10 overs

    Ishaque fends short and Kapp rocks back to pump the ball over mid-wicket for FOUR. A single to follow. Short from Ishaque again and Lanning beats deep point for FOUR more..

  • March 26, 2023 20:11
    DC 56/3 in 9 overs

    Hayley Matthews into the attack. Matthews pins the batters to the crease. Lanning and Kapp resort to singles.

  • March 26, 2023 20:06
    DC 53/3 in 8 overs

    FIFTY up for Delhi. Kapp lifts the ball through mid-on and attempts to reel in three runs but is sent back by Lanning after the second run. Five from Wong’s third over.

  • March 26, 2023 20:05
    No Ball controversy in the final

    MI vs DC WPL 2023 Final: Shafali Verma falls to controversial ‘No-Ball’

  • March 26, 2023 20:02
    DC 48/3 in 7 overs

    Short from Kerr and Lanning scythes the ball past an erring backward point for FOUR. A couple of singles to follow. Short again and Lanning gets a thick outside edge past backward point for FOUR.

  • March 26, 2023 19:58
    DC 38/3 in 6 overs

    Ishaque continues. What an over from Ishaque to finish the PowerPlay, just a single for DC in the sixth!

  • March 26, 2023 19:52
    DC 37/3 in 5 overs

    Change of ends for Wong. Wong to Jemimah, OUT! Third full toss and there goes another.A hint of late swing and Jemimah slices it straight to point. DC in shambles as Marizanne Kapp is in at 5. A couple of singles to finish the over.

  • March 26, 2023 19:49
    DC 34/2 in 4 overs

    Saika Ishaque replaces Wong. Ishaque cramps up the batters and only concedes five runs from the over.

  • March 26, 2023 19:45
    DC 29/2 in 3 overs

    Sciver-Brunt offers room and Lanning slashes through point for FOUR. Length from the bowler and Lanning pumps it over mid-on for another FOUR. A single to follow. Hint of room and Jemimah eases into a sumptuous drive through cover for FOUR!

  • March 26, 2023 19:35
    DC 16/2 in 2 overs

    Issy Wong from the opposite end. In the slot and Shafali pumps the ball over long-on for SIX! Fraction short and Shafali slaps it over point for FOUR. Full toss and Shafali skies it straight to point. Is that OUT? The umpire raises her finger but DC reviews That looks well over the waistline and Shafali should get a reprieve . OUT, flashes on the big screen! Lanning and Shafali cannot believe it!

    Alice Capsey is in at 3. Wong to Capsey, OUT! In the air and straight to cover! Another low full toss and Capsey lobs it straight to the fielder!

    Jemimah Rodrigues is in at 4. FOUR! A superb drive to get off the mark as she creams Wong through cover.

    Shafali Verma c Kerr b Wong 11 (4b 1x4 1x6); Alice Capsey c AB Kaur b Wong 0 (2b)

  • March 26, 2023 19:30
    DC 2/0 in 1 over

    Nat Sciver-Brunt takes the new ball. Lanning on strike. Sciver-Brunt starts with a ball that tails into Lanning who flicks it to the on-side. Sciver-Brunt shapes the ball the other way and Lanning gets an outside-edge to point. Sharper delivery on length and Lanning dabs it straight to cover. Four dots. Lanning finally opens her account with a dab to point for a single.

  • March 26, 2023 19:28
    Game On

    Harmanpreet Kaur’s side takes the field as Meg Lanning and Shafali Verma walk out for the Capitals.

    Sportstar on Instagram: "One does not need a reason to love Meg Lanning, but if you still insist on one, here it is. Smriti Mandhana shares what happened when Meg checked in on her during #WPL2023 . #TATAWPL | #WednesdaysWithWV @wvraman1, @smriti_mandhana @meglanning7"

    176 likes, 5 comments - sportstarweb on March 23, 2023: "One does not need a reason to love Meg Lanning, but if you still insist on one, here it is. Smriti Mandhana shares what happened when M...".

  • March 26, 2023 19:25
    National Anthem time

    Harmanpreet Kaur and Meg Lanning lead their respective sides out to the field for the national anthem.

  • March 26, 2023 19:23
    Yastika Bhatia

    (On partnering Hayley Matthews at the top) Opening with her is fun and lots of sixes to watch from the other end. She is very supportive and backs my game. Tells me to play proper cricketing shots. She complements my style. We can really dominate the bowlers. (Working on wicketkeeping with Kiran More) Definitely helped a lot. I have been training with him for the past one year. He has helped with my movement and collection, he mentors me so it’s been very nice.

  • March 26, 2023 19:18
    Jemimah Rodrigues speaks ahead of the title clash

    Cricket is a different game every day. Whoever does well on the day will win. We will try to stick to our process and execute it. (On Harmanpreet and Lanning’s captaincy styles) Both are very different but very passionate and love their cricket. Harman di is aggressive, she loves to take charge and makes sure the girls are charged up. Meg likes to back the players. Contrasting captains but very efficient. (Jess Jonassen’s influence) She is an influence on me. I didn’t know she could dance so well. It is so good to enjoy so much, great to express ourselves.

  • March 26, 2023 19:05
    Playing XIs

    Mumbai Indians XI: Yastika Bhatia(w), Hayley Matthews, Nat Sciver-Brunt, Harmanpreet Kaur(c), Melie Kerr, Pooja Vastrakar, Issy Wong, Amanjot Kaur, Humaira Kazi, Jintimani Kalita, Saika Ishaque

    Delhi Capitals XI: Meg Lanning(c), Shafali Verma, Jemimah Rodrigues, Marizanne Kapp, Alice Capsey, Jess Jonassen, Arundhati Reddy, Taniya Bhatia(w), Radha Yadav, Shikha Pandey, Minnu Mani

  • March 26, 2023 19:03
    Toss Update

    Delhi Capitals won the toss and opted to bowl first.

    Harmanpreet Kaur: We were looking to bowl first, so the toss is not going to affect us. I think the wicket will swing, it looks hard. We need to stay positive, the last game was important and we got a lot of confidence after that. They have a good batting line-up, we need to bowl well tonight. We are going with the same XI.

    Meg Lanning: We are going to bat. It looks a good wicket, we are backing ourselves tonight. We had a good time, relaxed for a few days. We are up against Mumbai tonight. Spin has played a big role here. The bowlers have been effective througout the tournament. Minnu Mani comes in for Poonam Yadav.

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