ZIM vs IND Highlights, 1st T20I: Zimbabwe pulls off shock win vs India in series opener

ZIM vs IND: Follow for all Highlights from the 1st T20I between Zimbabwe and India which happened in Harare on Saturday.

Updated : Jul 06, 2024 20:07 IST

ZIM vs IND: Follow for all Highlights from the 1st T20I between Zimbabwe and India which happened in Harare on Saturday. 

  • July 06, 2024 20:03
    Match Report

    ZIM vs IND, 1st T20I: Zimbabwe stuns India by 13 runs to win opener

    Zimbabwe pulled off a shock win over a second-string India in the first T20I in Harare on Saturday.

  • July 06, 2024 20:00
    Zimbabwe wins by 13 runs

    16 runs for India, one wicket for Zimbabwe. Tendai Chatara looks to defend it for his team. Sundar takes two runs after the pushing the ball at the fine leg. Zimbabwe’s fielded beautifully here to save a boundary on the third ball. They have the match. India’s all out at 102. Zimbabwe’s won the match. Amazing scenes from Harare!

  • July 06, 2024 19:56
    IND 100/9 after 19 overs

    Muzarabani is the man for Zimbabwe. Four balls, no runs for India, that also includes a wide. Muzarabani’s length deliveries are working for him to keep Sundar quiet. Khaleel survives the last ball.

  • July 06, 2024 19:53
    IND 98/9 after 18 overs

    Jongwe to bowl this crucial over. A couple of outside-off deliveries to Sundar, tries to build pressure. Sundar dispatches the ball to the mid-wicket and then hits a four. He’s got answers to Jongwe’s deliveries. A happening over for India. 

  • July 06, 2024 19:47
    IND 86/9 after 17 overs.

    Tight over from ZIM. It is just one wicket away.

  • July 06, 2024 19:45
    WICKET! IND 9 down! Mukesh Kumar b Raza 0(3)

    Raza throws some outside-off deliveries, gets one wide. Zimbabwe review for stumping, gets it wasted. Just the next ball, gets Mukesh Kumar. Bowls him!

  • July 06, 2024 19:41
    IND 84/8 after 16 overs.

    Mukesh Kumar and Sundar out in a middle. Wicket for ZIM in the over and some runs for IND.

  • July 06, 2024 19:39
    Trouble for India! Masakadza gets Avesh! Avesh Khan c Raza b W Masakadza 16(12) [4s-3]

    Wellington Masakadzacomes back into the attack, gets hit for two boundaries by Avesh Khan. India looks to release pressure. Asking rate is 7 now, with 4 more overs to go. Masakadza gets Avesh to the long-off!

  • July 06, 2024 19:34
    IND 75/7 after 15 overs.

    Captain Raza continues from the other end, in search of a wicket. Bowls it on a leg stump, Sundar finds two runs. Avesh and Sundar take singles to keep the scoreboard going.

  • July 06, 2024 19:32
    IND 69/7 after 14 overs

    Jongwe continues from the other end, India on a back seat. Some risky singles in the over to get off the striker’s end by Avesh Khan. Jongwe gets hit through the mid-wicket and mid-on by Avesh for a boundary.

  • July 06, 2024 19:27
    IND 61/7 after 13 overs

    Bishnoi hit a boundary over extra cover but got out in the over. Seven down for India. Avesh Khan comes to the crease!

  • July 06, 2024 19:26
    Wicket! Raza gets Bishnoi! Ravi Bishnoi lbw b Raza 9(8) [4s-2]

    India reviews it but it goes to waste as Bishnoi has to go back. He tries to play the sweep shot but has to go back to the pavilion. 

  • July 06, 2024 19:22
    IND 54/6 after 12 overs

    Jongwe bowls a silent over, with Washington Sundar facing four dot balls. Pressure builds up for India.

  • July 06, 2024 19:18
    IND 53/6 after 11 overs

    Ravi Bishnoi comes to the crease, hits a four just on his second ball. A 10 run over for India that also includes its captain’s wicket.

  • July 06, 2024 19:15
    Wicket! Gill departs! Huge blow for India!

    Sikandar Raza gets captain Gill! Zimbabwe skipper bowls him over! Shubman Gill b Raza 31(29) [4s-5]

  • July 06, 2024 19:11
    Jurel departs!

    Luke Jongwe into the attack. Three singles to start the over with. Length from Jongwe. Jurel crashes it through covers for a four. Jongwe keeps it outside off. Jurel goes for a cover drive again. Lofted this time. Caught at short extra cover. 

    Dhruv Jurel c Madhevere b Jongwe 6 (14b 1x4 0x6)

    IND 43/5 in 10 overs

  • July 06, 2024 19:06
    IND 36/4 in 9 overs

    Masakadza up against Gill. Spins one away from the Indian captain. Beaten. Nudges the next one to leg side to get off strike. Jurel on strike. He is unable to get going, again. 

  • July 06, 2024 19:04
    IND 34/4 in 8 overs

    Muzarabani with his third. On the pads from the pacer. Clicked away for a four by Gill. But only six runs from the over as Zimbabwe continues to put India pressure. 

  • July 06, 2024 18:59
    IND 28/4 in 7 overs

    Chatara nips one away from Jurel. Strikes him high on the back pad. Zimbabwe burns a review in hopes for another breakthrough. Jurel finds it hard to get going. Maiden over for Chatara. 

  • July 06, 2024 18:50
    IND 28/4 in 6 overs

    Oh it gets worse. Muzarabani jags one back in to strike Gill on the front pad. The umpire gives it out. But the Indian skipper succesfully overturns the decision with a review. Gill punches one past point to get a double. Gill manages to subside the pressure with an elegant flick off his pads for a four. 

  • July 06, 2024 18:48
    Deeper trouble!

    Rinku looks to get off the strike with a pull shot. Top edge. Easy, easy catch for 

    Rinku Singh c Bennett b Chatara 0 (2b 0x4 0x6)

  • July 06, 2024 18:44
    Good company to be fair!

    ZIM vs IND: Abhishek Sharma becomes the 4th Indian to get out on a duck in T20I debut

    India batter Abhishek Sharma became the fourth Indian to be dismissed for a duck on his T20I debut during the first T20I against Zimbabwe in Harare on Saturday.

  • July 06, 2024 18:41
    India in trouble!

    Gill breaks the shackle by lofting Chatara back over his head for a four. A single brings Parag on strike. He looks to chip one over mid off. No timing there. Good low catch. 

    Riyan Parag c & b Chatara 2 (3b 0x4 0x6)

  • July 06, 2024 18:36
    Gaikswad back in the hut!

    Blessing Muzarabani with his first over of the day. Gill drives one uppishly through the off side. Three runs added there. Muzarabani angles one in outside the off stump. Gaikwad has a poke at it. Outside edge and gobbled up at first slip. 

    Ruturaj Gaikwad c Kaia b Muzarabani 7 (9b 1x4 0x6)

    IND 16/2 in 4 overs

  • July 06, 2024 18:34
    IND 12/1 in 3 overs

    Chatara with the third over. Full and wide outside off. Gaikwad leans onto the cover drive and pierces the in field. FOUR!! Indian chase gets some momentum. 

  • July 06, 2024 18:28
    IND 4/1 in 2 overs

    Spin from both ends. Left-arm spin of Wellington Masakadza. Three dot balls to start with. Short and wide. Gill slices it past point for a four. First runs on the board for India. The only runs from the over. 

  • July 06, 2024 18:23
    Early wicket!

    Abhishek Sharma on strike. Bennett refrains from pushing it full early on. Three dot balls to start the over. Short from Bennett. Abhishek fails to latch onto the pull shot. Easy catch for Masakadza. 

    Abhishek Sharma c Masakadza b Bennett 0 (4b 0x4 0x6)

    Maiden over to start with. 

    IND 0/1 in 1 over

  • July 06, 2024 18:22
    Indian chase begins!

    Indian openers Shubman Gill and Abhishek Sharma are out in the middle. Zimbabwe to start with spin. Brian Bennett with the ball. 

  • July 06, 2024 18:13
    ZIM 115/9 after 20 overs

    Madande plays a crucial knock of 29(25) to help his team go past 100.

  • July 06, 2024 18:11
    Four by Madande!

    He mistimes the last ball, but still manages to get a boundary on the last ball!

  • July 06, 2024 18:10
    Four! Straight drive from Madande!

    Madande wants to accumulate as many runs as possible, plays and misses on multiple occasions. The crowd looks happy and cheerful. Madande finally connects and plays a straight drive!

  • July 06, 2024 18:08

    Madande plays it over the fine leg!

  • July 06, 2024 18:07
    ZIM 103/9 after 19 overs

    Mukesh Kumar to Madande, he takes two runs, shows his aggressive intent. 100 up for Zimbabwe. Mukesh Kumar bowls a slower delivery, Madande still manages to take two runs. A single and a dot ball to end the over.

  • July 06, 2024 18:02
    ZIM 98/9 after 18 overs

    Avesh Khan comes to finish his quota of overs, India looks for the one last wicket. Madande plays two dot balls as his team is in the pressure and looks to play all the remaining overs. Third ball, cuts it through the deep backward point for four. Takes another valuable two runs for his team. Last ball, one run to the third man.

  • July 06, 2024 17:57
    ZIM 91/9 after 17 overs

    Sundar into the attack. First ball, Madande takes a single. Bowls outside off, a tossed-up delivery, Chatara doesn’t take a run. Sundar keeps the new batter quiet in this over.

  • July 06, 2024 17:55
    ZIM 90/9 16 overs

    A very crucial over for India. New batter Tendai Chatara walks in. Plays two last deliveries, doesn’t score a run.

  • July 06, 2024 17:53
    Wicket! Bishnoi gets Muzarabani

    Bishnoi bowls a googly the umpire gives out to Muzarabani. The batter reviews it and gets a life. Can’t survive another blow, Bishnoi gets him this time! Muzarabani b Ravi Bishnoi 0(2)

  • July 06, 2024 17:49
    Wicket! Bishnoi gets Jongwe! Jongwe lbw b Ravi Bishnoi 1(3)

    The player reviews it but it goes to waste, 8th wicket down for Zimbabwe!

  • July 06, 2024 17:46
    ZIM 90/7 15 overs

    Zimbabwe is 7 down. Madande and Luke Jongwe in the middle. Sundar bowls a flatter delivery to the new batter, no run. The next delivery, a little quicker from Sundar Jongwe takes a single. 

  • July 06, 2024 17:43
    Wicket! Sundar gets Masakadza!

    Another blow to Zimbabwe. Sundar gets the left hander batter.

  • July 06, 2024 17:41
    Sundar gets Myres!

    Washington Sundar bowls a beautiful delivery and then claims the wicket!

  • July 06, 2024 17:40
    ZIM 87/5 in 14 overs

    Bishnoi bowls a wide and full, Myres drives it through covers! Three singles and one double in this over. Zimbabwe stitches its partnership carefully.

  • July 06, 2024 17:36
    ZIM 77/5 in 13 overs

    Sundar comes back, Myres plays it to mid-wicket for a single, now Myres and Madande building a partnership as Zimbabwe avoids a collapse.

  • July 06, 2024 17:35
    Run out! Campbell goes!

    A bad mix-up costs Campbell his wicket! He backed out too late and that costs the host its fifth wicket!

  • July 06, 2024 17:31
    Avesh Khan takes Raza!

    Avesh Khan returns to attack, Myres takes a single on the first ball. Raza on the strike, plays three dot balls, the pressure builds on Zimbabwe. Avesh gets Raza on a short ball, Bishnoi takes the catch.

  • July 06, 2024 17:23
    ZIM 73/3 in 11 overs

    Washington Sundar into the attack, Sikandar Raza takes a single. Myres plays 2 dot balls. On the 4th delivery, he takes a double. Last ball, pushed over to third man.

  • July 06, 2024 17:20
    ZIM 69/3 in 10 overs

    Sikander Raza with the best shot of the day, so far. Pitched up by Avesh Khan and Raza lofts it straight over the umpire with a clean shot. Raza and Myers keep it moving with a few singles. 

  • July 06, 2024 17:16
    ZIM 60/3 in 9 overs

    Wide from Abhishek and Myers gets enough bat on it to put it past the slip for a four. Sharper line from Abhishek for the rest of the over. Just four runs from the rest of the over. 

  • July 06, 2024 17:11
    One more for Bishnoi!

    Bishnoi continues. Starts with a leg-side wide. Jurel attempts to stump Madhevere. He is just back in. Madhevere brings out the paddle sweep to get a single and bring up Zimbabwe’s fifty. 

    Flatter and quicker from Bishnoi. Madhevere goes for a sweep, but can only under edge it to the stumps. 

    Wessly Madhevere b Ravi Bishnoi 21 (22b 3x4 0x6)

    ZIM 52/3 in 8 overs

  • July 06, 2024 17:06
    ZIM 49/2 in 7 overs

    Abhishek Sharma gets an over on his debut. Madhevere with a single to the off side to get the over underway. Pushed full. Raza sweeps it for a four to the square leg fence. Couple of singles to close off the over. 

  • July 06, 2024 17:01
    Bishnoi strikes!

    Ravi Bishnoi into the attack and he strikes straight away. Doosra first ball. Gets the ball to clip the stumps. The right bail just comes off. Another wicket for India. 

    Brian Bennett b Ravi Bishnoi 22 (15b 5x4 0x6)

    Zimbabwe batters finding it hard to deal with Bishnoi. Wicket maiden for the Indian leg spinner. 

    ZIM 40/2 in 6 overs

  • July 06, 2024 16:55
    ZIM 40/1 in 5 overs

    Bennett gets lucky again. Khaleel draws another edge from the right-handed batter and it flies over the slips again for a four. Khaleel forces another mistake from Bennett. Goes high. Avesh has a go at it from deep point. But he can’t hold onto the catch. FOUR!!! Madhevere too breaks free. Short from Khaleel and the Zimbabwe opener flat-bats it over mid wicket for a four. Zimbabwe finally breaks free. 

  • July 06, 2024 16:47
    ZIM 23/1 in 4 overs

    Sharp bounces for Mukesh. Hits Madhevere on his helmet. The team physio is out to have a look at the batter. He is good to continue. Couple of singles to get the game back on. Another quiet over for India in the PowerPlay. 

  • July 06, 2024 16:43
    ZIM 19/1 in 3 overs

    Khaleel continues. Short from the left-arm pacer and Madhevere has a swing at it. Beaten. Back of a length from Khaleel now and Bennett lofts it over covers for a four. Cracking shot!! Khaleel closes the over well. Just five runs from it. 

  • July 06, 2024 16:41
    ZIM 14/1 in 2 overs

    Brian Bennett is the new batter for Zimbabwe. He gets going with a square drive, which runs away for a four. No width from Mukesh for the rest of the over as he keeps Bennett down. Mukesh squares up Bennett with one that swings just enough away. EDGED!! Flies over slip for a four. 

  • July 06, 2024 16:38

    Mukesh angles it in first ball. Inside edge from Kaia. BOWLED!! Early blow for Zimbabwe.

    Innocent Kaia b Mukesh Kumar 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)

  • July 06, 2024 16:32
    ZIM 6/0 in 1 over

    Full first ball from Khaleel and Wessly Madhevere drives it on the up for a four. Khaleel pulls the length back. Edged by Madhevere to deep third for a couple. No other scoring shots from the rest of the over. 

  • July 06, 2024 16:31
    Zimbabwe innings begins!

    Tadiwanashe Marumani and Innocent Kaia are the openers for Zimbabwe. Khaleel Ahmed with the ball for India. 

  • July 06, 2024 16:25
    The three debutants!
  • July 06, 2024 16:24
    Match to start soon

    The players of both sides have come out for the national anthems and the game will start soon. 

  • July 06, 2024 16:13
    Playing XIs

    India - Shubman Gill(c), Abhishek Sharma, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Riyan Parag, Rinku Singh, Dhruv Jurel(w), Washington Sundar, Ravi Bishnoi, Avesh Khan, Mukesh Kumar, Khaleel Ahmed

    Zimbabwe - Tadiwanashe Marumani, Innocent Kaia, Brian Bennett, Sikandar Raza(c), Dion Myers, Johnathan Campbell, Clive Madande(w), Wessly Madhevere, Luke Jongwe, Blessing Muzarabani, Tendai Chatara

  • July 06, 2024 16:07
    Zimbabwe captain Raza after the toss!

    I don’t mind batting first. The wicket looks good. Zimbabwe cricket has trusted me with this transition phase. I look for young boys to come out and fight. It is humbling to lead this bunch. Sean has retired. It is a young side. Ervine will have a role in future.

  • July 06, 2024 16:06
    Indian captain Shubman Gill after the toss!

    We will field first. I think it looks like a good surface. It won’t change much later. It has been long coming. We won an ICC event after 11 years. You always have some expectations from yourself. We have three debutants. Sharma, Jurel and Parag make their debuts.

  • July 06, 2024 16:03
    Toss Update

    India wins the toss and elects to field first. 

    Three T20I debutants for India - Abhishek Sharma, Dhruv Jurel and Riyan Parag.

  • July 06, 2024 15:43
    All H2H stats

    ZIM vs IND head-to-head: Zimbabwe vs India overall stats, top performers, records ahead of T20I series

    ZIM vs IND, T20I series 2024: Here are all the head-to-head stats, records and key numbers ahead of the Zimbabwe vs India First T20I match in Harare.

  • July 06, 2024 15:34
    Head-to-head: ZIM vs IND in the T20IS.

    Matches played: 8

    India: 6

    Zimbabwe: 2

    Last result: India won by 71 runs (Melbourne; 2022)

  • July 06, 2024 15:28
    Predicted eleven of both teams.

    Shubman Gill (C), Abhishek Sharma, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Riyan Parag, Rinku Singh, Dhruv Jurel (WK), Washington Sundar, Ravi Bishnoi, Avesh Khan, Khaleel Ahmed, Mukesh Kumar


    Tadiwanashe Marumani, Milton Shumba, Innocent Kaia, Wessley Madhevere, Sikandar Raza (C), Luke Jongwe, Clive Madande (WK), Wellington Masakadza, Blessing Muzarabani, Richard Ngarava, Tendai Chatara

  • July 06, 2024 15:26
    Three players added in India’s squad recently for the first two T20Is.

    IND vs ZIM: Sai Sudharsan, Jitesh Sharma, Harshit Rana replace Samson, Dube, Jaiswal in India’s squad for first two T20Is

    The trio of Sai Sudharsan, Jitesh Sharma and Harshit Rana was on Tuesday named as replacements for Sanju Samson, Shivam Dube and Yashasvi Jaiswal in the Indian squad for the first two matches of the T20I series against Zimbabwe.

  • July 06, 2024 15:13
    Gill confirms these players who might fill spots of Rohit-Kohli.

    ZIM vs IND: Shubman Gill eyes opening slots left vacant by Kohli, Rohit

    Shubman Gill understands how tough it is to replicate the imposing feats of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, but the young batting star wants to ease himself into the role of a T20I opener

    ​This will be the first T20I upon the retirement of India’s star duo Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli.

  • July 06, 2024 15:08
    Shubman Gill confirms the top-order.

    “Abhishek Sharma will open with me and Ruturaj Gaikwad will bat at No.3,” said Gill on the eve of the game.

  • July 06, 2024 14:55
    Andy Flower is looking forward to the ZIM vs IND T20I series!
  • July 06, 2024 14:52
    Live streaming info

    How to watch ZIM vs IND First T20I match live on TV in India?

    The first T20I match between Zimbabwe and India will be telecast on the Sony Sports Network. The match will also be available from streaming through the SonyLiv app and website.

  • July 06, 2024 14:35

    India tour of Zimbabwe: Shubman Gill faces acid test as skipper, India eyes clean sweep

    India will be seeking to build on last weekend’s triumph, Zimbabwe needs to start again after failing to qualify for the recent global event.

  • July 06, 2024 14:30

    Welcome to Sportstar’s Live Blog of the 1st T20I between India and Zimbabwe. 

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