Lift the trophy, pocket a cool USD 38m (Rs. 260 crore)

The funding for the 21st edition of the World Cup was a steep 40 per cent increase from the last edition in Brazil.

The ultimate prize is accompanied by a hefty prize money for the winner.   -  AFP

For the 32 teams which qualified for the World Cup, stand to gain plenty of cash to go with the pride of representing the country and the fame players, teams and managers.

In terms of prize money, here's how much each team, depending on where it finishes, will take home.

The tournament winner will be awarded with $38m, with the runner-up getting a sum of $28m.

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The teams that finish third and fourth get $24m and $22m, respectively. Those sums are $8m and $6m more than what the teams that finish fifth to eighth will receive ($16m).


The teams that are placed 9th to 16th, get an equal sum of $12m each, while the 17th to 32nd-placed teams will get $8m each.

Fifa raised as much as $791m through funding and more than half of it ($400m) is earmarked for prize money alone. The total funding amount for the 2018 World Cup was 40 per cent more than what was raised at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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