Hockey World Cup 2018 highlights: Spain 2-2 New Zealand

Hockey World Cup 2018: Spain vs New Zealand: New Zealand came from 2-0 behind to equalise through Hayden Phillips and Kane Russell after Albert Beltran and Alvaro Iglesias scored for Spain in the first half at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar.

New Zealand came from 2-0 behind to draw 2-2 against Spain on Thursday.   -  PTI

Welcome to Sportstar's minute-by-minute commentary of the Hockey World Cup 2018 Pool A match of Spain vs New Zealand.


FULL-TIME: Spain 2-2 New Zealand

Spain will hope that Argentina beats France in the next match as it would help them scrape through to the cross-over stages despite having two points from three matches.

Fourth Quarter

59' The Red Sticks skipped a beat there. Stephen Jenness finds himself completely unmarked on the right side as he unleashes a powerful reverse hit, but Cortes closes down the angle and the ball hits the sideboarding.

56' THE BLACK STICKS EQUALISE!  Spain offers too much space on the right side and NEw Zealand wins a penalty corner with the help of Kane Russell. The attackers takes the resultant dragflick and places it perfectly into the bottom right side of the goal to beat Quico Cortes.

54' Spain needs another goal in order to keep its chances for the cross-overs alive. Josep Romeu makes a good tackle on the left side and passes it to Pau Quemada, who is off at full pace. The veteran tries to get to the baseline from the right side, but loses control over the ball.

52' New Zealand shows urgency in search of the equaliser and sends in an 11th outfield player on to the pitch.

50' GOAL NEW ZEALAND! Right out of nowhere, the Black Sticks pull one back. Hayden Phillips receives a pass from Hugo Inglis on the left side and takes his time to smash it into the roof of the net.

49' Fantastic run from Xavi Lleonart. The 28-year old has been a thorn in the New Zealand defence over the past half an hour with his pace and he once carries the ball with one hand on bounce and reaches the penalty area. But New Zealand captain Blair Tarrant does well to avert the danger.

Trivia: Spain has one of the most experienced squad in the competition with Quico Cortes(270), Sergi Enrique (281), Mark Salles (201), Pau Quemada (235) all having more than 200 international caps.

Third Quarter

45' Lleonart is successful on his next attempt as he reaches the baseline with a dribble down the left side, his opposite Nic Woods shows great composure to clear the danger.

43' Xavi Lleonart tries to break through the centre, but Nic Woods dispossesses him on the edge of the circle.

41' Gonzalez tries to reach the penalty area from the right side, but Marcus Child comes up with a strong tackle to retain the ball from the Spaniard.

39' Josep Romeu makes a horrible backpass and Dominic Newman pounces on it immediately. The 22-year old is unable to latch on to it as it hits his leg and free hit is given to Spain.


36' Spain has been tenacious in the midfield as Arun Panchia is stopped by a double stick tackle by Pau Quemada and Vincenc Ruiz.

34' Gonzalez redeems himself as he tracks back to defend and brings out the ball from the feet of Quico Cortez.

33' Spain would have been 3-0 if not Enrique Gonzalez's miss, after Alvaro Iglesias threads a pass from inside the circle from the right side.


New Zealand coach Darren Smith analysis at half-time: "We should be using more counter-attacks and need more control of the midfield. We had some good chances in the first half."

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HALF-TIME: Spain 2-0 New Zealand

Second Quarter

27' GOAL SPAIN! A  defensive lapse by New Zealand on the right side gives Ricardo Santana to play on Alvaro Iglesias who is lurking at the near post among a crowd of black shirts. The 25-year old makes no mistake and finishes from close range. New Zealand under huge pressure now.


25' Spain is gifted a penalty corner due to an error on the left side. Spain goes for the variation and pass to Albert Beltran lurking at the near post, but the youngster is unable to trap the ball properly and the chance is wasted.

23' Ricardo Sanchez goes on a solo run down the left flank and reaches the baseline. His cut back, was not picked by Beltran inside the penalty area.

21' After a dull passage of play, Spain breaks through the right side and Diego Arana has a shot at the near post, but Joyce is positioned perfectly to block the attempt.

16' Most of Spain's attacks have come through the centre and right. Enrique Gonzalez bursts into the space in the middle but loses the ball on the edge of the cricle.

Stat Attack: Despite having 4 circle entries to New Zealand's 8, Spain has 13 turnovers to the Black Sticks' 8 which proves the Red Sticks have been better with their conversion.

First Quarter

15' Spain, started cautiously, but is dominating the match now. Meanwhile New Zealand, despite some good attacks, has failed find a reply.

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10' The Black Sticks almost got an equaliser there! Marcus Child flashes a reverse hit at the far post but there is no deflect it into the net.

9' GOAL SPAIN! Albert Beltran scores for Spain after New Zealand leaves huge space at the back as Quemada sends a through ball from the middle.


6' Hugo Inglis with another strike from close range but, Quico Cortes makes a routine save.

Stakes of this match: A win in this must for Spain in order to qualify for the cross-overs after losing to Argentina in the opening match and a drawn match against France. Check the points table here.

2' New Zealand start the game brightly with a shot from Stephen Jenness at the far post, but the shot flies safely over the goalpost.

1' We are underway for the final round of #HWC2018 matches with New Zealand beginning the proceedings.

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The players are on the pitch for the national anthem.

Head-To-Head record in World Cup: Total: 7 | Spain: 4 | New Zealand: 3