Oliver Kahn

GERMAN goalkeeper Oliver Kahn pleaded with journalists for more respect after another day of front-page headlines over his private life in the country's biggest-selling newspaper.

"I think we should treat each other again with more respect and dignity," Kahn said outside the Bayern Munich team hotel. The 34-year-old was speaking after the mass circulation Bild newspaper reported he had been banned from his father-in-law's home following the break up of his marriage.

"It hurts me to read things like that in the newspaper in the morning," Kahn said.

Bild quoted Kahn's parents-in-law as saying they no longer wanted to feel ashamed in front of others, and that Kahn was not welcome to their home.

Kahn said there was no truth in the story. His parents-in-law had assured him he was still welcome. He had decided to raise the issue "so that we can again find a basis" for cooperation.

Bild has been reporting regularly on Kahn's split with his wife Simone, 33, which occurred shortly before she gave birth to their second child. The paper also covered his liaison with girlfriend Verena, 21, described invariably by Bild as a "party girl" or "disco girl".