V. V. RAMANAN Questions:

1. Which English County is common to former India captains S. Venkataraghavan and Mohd. Azharuddin?

2. What is straight rowing?

3. Identify this player (pic, below) who was voted the Overall Player Of The Decade by the FA Premier League?

4. Which NBA's team mascot is/was The Gorilla?

5. Fill in the blanks in this sportsperson's full name: ____ ___ Ramlal Nikhanj.

6. Name the Formula One circuit at Longfield, United Kingdom.

7. How far is the attack line from the volleyball net?

8. Which is the second most successful team in the UEFA Champions League?

9. How many consecutive failures is a pole vaulter allowed before being eliminated?

10. Which woman has the most gold medals in Olympic history?

11. In which event is the `Lugano Trophy' given?

12. Which legend made this humble quote on humility: "It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am."?

13. Which great tennis player of pre-1950s played sporting a bandeau?

14. In judo, what is fusen gachi?

15. Where did the Olympic Rings officially debut?

1. Derbyshire. 2. It's another term for coxless rowing. 3. Alan Shearer. 4. Phoenix Suns. 5. Kapil Dev. 6. Brands Hatch. 7. Three metres from and parallel to the net in each team court. 8. AC Milan with six titles. 9. Three. 10. Larissa Latynina. 11. World Championship in road walking. 12. Muhammad Ali, of course! 13. Suzanne Lenglen. 14. Winning by default. 15. 1920 at Antwerp.