Tokyo Olympics 2020, Kamalpreet Kaur's Discus Final: Kamalpreet finishes sixth, scores best throw of 63.70m

Valarie Allman won the gold medal while Kristin Pudenz bagged the silver and the bronze went to Yaime Perez. Kamalpreet Kaur finished an impressive sixth in the women's discus final.

India's Kamalpreet Kaur reacts after her throw during the qualification round of the women's discus throw at the Tokyo Olympics.

India's Kamalpreet Kaur reacts after her throw during the qualification round of the women's discus throw at the Tokyo Olympics. | Photo Credit: AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's Live coverage of the women's discus throw final where India's Kamalpreet Kaur will be in action at the Olympic Stadium on Monday at 4:30 PM IST.

  • Valarie Allman wins the Gold medal in the Women's Discus Final and the American finishes with a throw of 68.9m in her very first attempt.

  • Germany's Kristin Pudenz gets the silver medal with a personal best throw of 66.86m and the bronze was taken by Cuba's Yaime Perez who threw a distance of 65.72m.

  • Kamalpreet Kaur in her final attempt and the Indian fouls and throws it out of the radar and finishes sixth in the Olympic final.

  • Now, Allman for the Olympic gold medal and the American has hauled it to a distance of 66.78m.

  • Kristin Pudenz moves into the silver medal contention with a throw of 66.86m, the best ever by the German!

  • Kamalpreet Kaur gets it high and the discus lands at 61.37m in her penultimate throw.

  • Allman in action and after two fouls she throws a distance of 64.76m

  • Kamalpreet Kaul falters and that might cost the Indian a chance to make it to the medal competition

  • The Top 8 from reverse over

    Valarie Allman (8), Yaime Perez (7), Kristin Pudenz (6), Sandra Perkovic (5), Liliana CA (4), Kamalpreet Kaur (3), Shade Lawrence (2) and Marike Stinacker (1)

  • Right then here comes Kamalpreet Kaur, sitting in 9th place, and she hauls the discus to a distance of 63.70m and she stays in the competition. Wow
  • Sandra Perkovic in her third attempt and with a throw of 65.01m has moved into the medal contention.
  • Red flag! Allman falters in her second attempt but she remains in the lead with a throw of 68.98m.
  • The two official warm-up throws are over and we are ready to go with Valarie Allman starting proceedings.
  • The circle is almost dry and it's warm with the temperature ranging around 30 degrees. The break could have just broke the momentum but the top conditioned athletes will find a way to get into the groove.
  • The event has resumed after the rain break and the athletes are currently warming up for Round 3
  • According to the AFI, athletes have been permitted to go to Call room till the rains subsides.
  • Rain continues to fall at the Olympic Stadium and the event will become more tricky as the athletes will find it hard to grip the discus and the throwing circle is also pretty slippery. The women's pole vault qualifying competition is also affected by the rain.
  • Rain has delayed the Women's Discus final and we will resume shortly.
  • Valarie Allman is in the gold medal position with a throw of 68.98 followed by Yaime Perez at 65.72m and following her closely is Germany's Kristin Pudnez who improved after her first throw 63.07 to haul herself in the bronze medal position with an improved second attempt of 65.34.
  • The volunteers are wiping the throwing area and they need to make sure the area is dry so that the athletes don't slip while going for the spin.
  • It's raining and it is slippery and Valarie Allman slips and the conditions are harsh for the athletes
  • Kristin Pudnez is in medal contention as after a first attempt of 63.07 the German hurled the discus to a distance of 62.16m.
  • Kamalpreet Kaur in her second attempt got a red flag!
  • Sandra Perkovic in her second attempt has faltered and that is shocking as she hurls the discus into the side net!
  • Right then, Valarie Allman in her first attempt stuns with a throw of 68.98m and that's a Gold medal throw in round 1
  • Kamalpreet Kaur in her first throw hurls the discus to a distance of 61.62m
  • Sandra Perkovic in her first throw hurls the discus to 62.53m
  • Chen of China starts proceedings and she throws a metre of 61.57 to kick off the competition.
  • And now enters India's Kamalpreet Kaur and what a memorable stay the Indian athlete is having in Tokyo
  • Sandra Perkovic is the defending champion and will be aiming for her third Olympic gold medal.
  • Right then we are all set as the top 12 finalists are ready to hurl the Discus and all eyes will be on Kamalpreet Kaur.
  • Kamalpreet threw 65.06m during the Federation Cup in March to break the national record and become the first Indian to breach the 65m mark.
  • Then in June, she bettered her own national record with a throw of 66.59m during the Indian Grand Prix-4 to sit at world number six.
  • We are just moments away from the Discus final to start and it will be a golden moment for the Punjab athlete

Kamalpreet Kaur qualifies for women's discus throw final at Tokyo Olympics

India's Kamalpreet Kaur qualified for the women's discus throw final with a 64m throw on Saturday. Kaur and Valarie Allman (66.42) of the United States were the only two throwers to automatically qualify for the medal event.

Women's Discus Throw Final Start List


The 25-year-old Kaur, competing in qualification B, sent the discus to a distance of 64m in her third and final attempt to be one of the only two automatic qualifiers for the final round, the other being American Valarie Allman (66.42m).

The Indian ended ahead of defending gold-medallist Sandra Perkovic (63.75m) of Croatia and reigning world champion Yaime Perez (63.18) of Cuba. Perkovic qualified at third and Perez at seventh.

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