Former world record holder Anjum Moudgil shot 1167 and missed the final by four points in women’s 50-metre rifle 3-position event in the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday.

Anjum shot 390 in kneeling, 395 in prone and 382 in standing positions, for a total that was 13 points below her personal best. She placed 15th, while former World Champion in rifle prone, Tejaswini Sawant shot 1154 for the 33rd spot.

Anjum had shot 1173 in the European Championship but had only recorded identical score of 1162 in the two World Cups in Delhi and Osijek this season.

Nina Christen of Switzerland shot an Olympic record 463.9 to clinch the gold, ahead of Yulia Zykova of the Russian Olympic Committee, after having qualified with a modest total of 1174. Yulia had topped qualification with 1182.

In mixed trap, Fatima Galvez and Alberto Fernandez of Spain beat Alessandra Perilli and Gian Marco Berti of San Marino 41-40 in the gold contest after the two teams had topped qualification with 148.

Madelynn Ann Bernau and Brian Burrows of the US won the shoot-off 3-2 against the Slovak team of Rehak Stefecekova and Erik Varga after they tied on 42 in the bronze match.

The men’s rifle 3-position event on Monday, will feature Sanjeev Rajput and Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar.

The results:

Women’s 50m rifle 3-position: 1. Nina Christen (Sui) 463.9 (1174); 2. Yulia Zykova (ROC) 461.9 (1182); 3.. Yulia Karimova (RoC) 450.3 (1177); 15. Anjum Moudgil 1167; 33. Tejaswini Sawant 1154.

Mixed trap team: 1. Spain (Fatima Falvez, Alberto Fernandez) 41 (148); 2. San Marino (Alessandra Perilli, Gian Marco Berti) 40 (148); 3. US-2 (Madelynn Ann Bernau, Brian Burrows) 42(3) 146; 4. Slovakia (Rehak Stefecekova, Erik Varga) 42(2) 146.