PVL 2023 Final, HIGHLIGHTS: Ahmedabad Defenders wins title, beats Bengaluru Torpedoes 3-2

Welcome to Sportstar’s highlights of the 2023 Prime Volleyball League final between Ahmedabad Defenders and Bengaluru Torpedoes.

Updated : Mar 05, 2023 22:30 IST

Ahmedabad Defenders (left) takes on Bengaluru Torpedoes (right) in the final of the 2023 Prime Volleyball League.
Ahmedabad Defenders (left) takes on Bengaluru Torpedoes (right) in the final of the 2023 Prime Volleyball League. | Photo Credit: PVL

Ahmedabad Defenders (left) takes on Bengaluru Torpedoes (right) in the final of the 2023 Prime Volleyball League. | Photo Credit: PVL

Welcome to Sportstar’s highlights of the 2023 Prime Volleyball League final between Ahmedabad Defenders and Bengaluru Torpedoes. This was Nihit Sachdeva taking you through the action as it unfolded at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Kochi.

REPORT: Ahmedabad Defenders beats Bengaluru Torpedoes in five-set thriller to clinch title

That’s it from this season of the Prime Volleyball League. Do join us next year for a new season!

And here’s the moment - Ahmedabad Defenders receive the winning trophy!

And now, Bengaluru Torpedoes give Ahmedabad Defenders ‘Guard of Honour’ as they go onto the stage to receive their winner’s medals.

Players of Bengaluru Torpedoes, the runner-up team, get a ‘Guard of Honour’ from Ahmedabad Defenders before receiving their medals.

Most Valuable Player of the Season - S V Guru Prashanth of Hyderabad Black Hawks, who scored over a 100 points.

Best Coach of the Season - Dakshinamoorthy of Ahmedabad Defenders.

Best Emerging Player of the Season - Ibin Jose of Bengaluru Torpedoes.

Best Spiker of the season - S V Guru Prashanth of Hyderabad Black Hawks.

Best Setter of the season - Mohan Ukkrapandian of Calicut Heroes.

Best Blocker of the season - Jose Sandoval of Calicut Heroes.

Best Libero of the season - Ramkumar Ramanathan of Chennai Blitz.

Ahmedabad Defenders’ Angamuthu, who scored 16 points, has been named the Player of the Match.

Presentation ceremony.

Ahmedabad Defenders will represent host nation India at the 2023 Volleyball Club World Championships to be held from December 6 to 10.



  • 15-10: And it is all over!!!! Ahmedabad Defenders are the Prime Volleybal League Season Two Champions!!!!
  • 14-10: Bengaluru saves and this was a Super Point.
  • 14-8: Ahmedabad lets the Bengaluru serve go and it is called ‘in’ and it is a Super Serve. However, the Defenders review it and the decision is overturned. Six championship points!!!
  • 13-8: Pankaj reduces the gap. Great spike once again from the Bengaluru skipper.
  • 13-7: A lucky Super Serve for Ahmedabad from Santhosh which hits the net and drops dead on the other side.
  • 11-7: Sethu hits one long and Defenders have a four-point advantage.
  • 10-7: Not this time, says Angamuthu. Another big spike to restore the three-point lead.
  • 9-7: Great block from Jishnu and Alireza to shut down Angamuthu.
  • 9-6: A successful review from Ahmedabad but the point will be replayed.
  • 9-6: Another fine diagonal spike from Santhosh.
  • 8-6: Sethu’s spike is not blocked properly by Ahmedabad.
  • 8-5: Danial gives Ahmedabad a three-point lead before the final technical time-out of this summit clash.
  • 7-5: Service error, this time from Nandagopal.
  • 7-4: Service error from Pankaj.
  • 6-4: Mujeeb with a lovely spike after a stunning save from the Bengaluru libero.
  • 6-3: Danial restores the three-point lead for the men in white.
  • 5-3: Nice deception from Pankaj on the left side at the net.
  • 5-2: The block from Alireza goes wide.
  • 4-2: Pankaj hits one wide.
  • 3-2: Angamuthu hits one that lands well inside the line.
  • 2-2: A superb spike from Jishnu, the middle blocker.
  • 2-1: Alireza hits the diagonal spike wide.
  • 1-1: Angamuthu equalises with a superb angled spike from the net.
  • 0-1: Bengaluru wins the opening point of this deciding fifth set.


  • 13-15: A Super Serve from Mujeeb. We are going all the way!!!!
  • 13-14: A clutch block from Bengaluru to deny Angamuthu and earn a set point.
  • 13-13: Sethu mishits and the ball goes well wide.
  • 12-13: A magnificent spike from skipper Pankaj to take Bengaluru ahead.
  • 12-12: Easy spike for Angamuthu this time. Scores level.
  • 11-12: Ahmedabad goes for a Super Point but Angamuthu spikes it wide! Bengaluru leads!
  • 11-10: Mujeeb with the spike, Manoj’s block is not strong enough.
  • 11-9: Tsvetelin makes a service error.
  • 10-9: Another clutch block from Ahmedabad. Bengaluru have asked for a review. And it is successful!!! The block did not touch Pankaj before going out.
  • 10-8: Double block from Santhosh and Manoj to seal the point.
  • 9-8: Angamuthu with a stunning block which finds the open back court.
  • 8-8: Rally of the match and it is Bengaluru that comes out on top as Santhosh’s block goes wide
  • 8-7: The see-saw battle continues. Alireza wins this point to reduce the gap to one again.
  • 8-6: Danial is pumped and why not! A big spike from the big man before the technical time-out.
  • 7-6: Out of nowhere, Sethu comes and hits one brilliant spike. Torpedoes staying close.
  • 7-5: Alireza caught off guard with a powerful spike from Santhosh.
  • 6-5: Torpedoes reduce the gap to one point.
  • 6-4: Angamuthu’s effort hits Sethu’s hand before going out. Point to Defenders.
  • 5-4: Battle of the Iranians, Alireza with the spike, Danial with the block and it is Alireza who wins the point.
  • 5-3: Pankaj Sharma just manages to find the line with his spike.
  • 5-2: Angamuthu with another winning diagonal spike.
  • 4-2: Great spike from Pankaj.
  • 4-1: However, Defenders keep their foot on the gap. Manoj wins the point.
  • 3-1: Torpedoes open their account in this fourth set.
  • 3-0: Ideal start for Defenders. Angamuthu’s spike could not be stopped.
  • 2-0: Alireza hits one long.
  • 1-0: Angamuthu wins the opening point of the fourth set with a diagonal spike.


  • 18-20: Bengaluru comes back from the brink of defeat to win the third set as Santhosh hits one wide!!!! The final will go on.
  • 18-19: Service error from Nandagopal. Set point for Torpedoes.
  • 18-18: Danial with another winning spike. The Iranian simply does not give up.
  • 17-18: Set point to Bengaluru. Will they convert this chance?
  • 17-17: A cheeky hit from the Torpedoes to save yet another championship point. Clutch.
  • 17-16: A thunderous spike from Danial to earn another Championship Point.
  • 16-16: This time, Bengaluru saves the championship point as Danial makes the error on the block.
  • 16-15: Pankaj hits one wide. CHAMPIONSHIP POINT FOR DEFENDERS.
  • 15-15: Second set point saved from Defenders. Winning spike from Angamuthu.
  • 14-15: Another set point for Bengaluru. Alireza’s spike hits Nandagopal’s hand and goes out.
  • 14-14: Great spike under pressure from Santhosh.
  • 13-14: Set point for Bengaluru as Angamuthu hits one wide.
  • 13-13: Mujeeb with a winning spike to keep Bengaluru’s hopes alive. Scores level.
  • 13-12: A wayward spike from Sethu and Defenders are two point away from the title.
  • 12-12: Sethu levels the score as his spike hits Muthusamy’s right hand and goes out.
  • 12-11: Bengaluru going for a Super Point. And yet again, they fail to convert it. Can you believe it!!!! Defenders in the lead as Bengaluru blocks one wide.
  • 10-11: Excellent spike from Santhosh after some great defensive work from his teammates.
  • 9-11: Spike from Danial. Gets the point. Two-point gap.
  • 8-11: Service error from Nandagopal.
  • 8-10: Danial with a winning spike. Still, the Torpedoes are ahead by two points.
  • 7-10: Not for long though. Big and powerful spike from Jishnu.
  • 7-9: Defenders bring the gap down to two.
  • 6-9: Angamuthu makes amends for his error in defence with another lovely diagonal spike.
  • 5-9: Pankaj with the spike, Angamuthu with a failed block. Back to four-point advantage for Torpedoes.
  • 5-8: Angamuthu with a winning spike yet again.
  • 4-8: Clinical block from Alireza. Four-point lead for Bengaluru as we go into the technical time-out.
  • 4-7: Alireza does not make any mistake this time. Lovely spike into the center of the court.
  • 4-6: Spike gone long from Alireza. Bengaluru has asked for a review, saying there’s touch from either Manoj or Nandagopal but it is unsuccessful.
  • 3-6: Defenders reducing the deficit quickly.
  • 2-6: Pankaj tries to be cheeky but he puts the ball wide.
  • 1-6: First point of the set for Defenders and it is Nandagopal who wins it with a beautiful spike.
  • 0-4: Make it four straight points! The Torpedoes are not going down without a fight.
  • 0-3: Another big serve from Sethu to win third point on the trot for the Torpedoes.
  • 0-2: Great serve from Sethu.
  • 0-1: It’s time for the third set, a must-win one for Torpedoes. And they begin on the right now. First point to Bengaluru.


  • 15-10: Torpedoes had to go for a Super Point and they are. Can they convert it? No, they can’t Brilliant spike from Angamuthu. Defenders lead 2-0!
  • 14-10: Service error from the Torpedoes. Four set points.
  • 13-10: The block from the Defenders goes wide.
  • 13-9: One of the easier spikes for Angamathu who finds the middle of the court.
  • 12-9: The lead is back to three for Defenders after yet another failed block, this time from Pankaj.
  • 11-9: A magnificent spike from Pankaj to reduce the deficit to two.
  • 11-8: Well, he can do it in attack. And defence too. Superb block from Santhosh.
  • 10-8: A sizzling spike from Santhosh and the Torpedoes blockers had no chance to control it.
  • 9-8: Service error from Danial.
  • 9-7: Second set resumes and Defenders stretch their lead.
  • 8-7: Service error from Vyshak. Just before the technical time-out.
  • 7-7: Defenders try their best but Tsvetelin Tsvetenov eventually wins the point for Torpedoes.
  • 7-6: Faulty block from Torpedoes.
  • 6-6: “That’s how you do it!” spike from Mujeeb. Excellent.
  • 6-5: Tsvetelin hits one fairly long.
  • 5-5: First proper rally of the match and Defenders, somehow, win the point.
  • 4-5: Another brilliant block from the Torpedoes, this time denying Angamuthu.
  • 4-4: Scores level. Great block on the right side from Vyshak.
  • 4-3: Service error from the Defenders.
  • 4-2: Angamathu’s spike is blocked by Torpedoes but it goes wide.
  • 3-2: Error from the Ahmedabad blockers this time after Ibin’s spike.
  • 3-1: Defenders are roaring. Another point.
  • 2-1: Santhosh’s spike takes a touch off Pankaj’s hand and finds the court. Point for the men in white.
  • 1-1: Jishnu equalises with a spike finding the middle of the court on Defenders’ side.
  • 1-0: Sethu makes a service error in the opening point of a crucial second set for Torpedoes.


  • 15-7: Superb service from Danial to wrap up the first set.
  • 14-7: Bengaluru is going for a Super Point. But it is the team in white which converts it! Manoj’s spike is blocked but the block goes wide. Seven set points for Defenders.
  • 12-7: Nicely set up point and Danial provides the finishing touch with a perfect spike.
  • 11-7: Service error from the Defenders.
  • 11-6: Foot fault during serve from Pankaj.
  • 10-6: Powerful spike from Jishnu to stop a seven-point streak of Defenders.
  • 10-5: Five-point lead for Defenders now. Pankaj is protesting about something but the point has been awarded to the opponents.
  • 9-5: Diagonal spike from Pankaj goes wide.
  • 8-5: Defenders are running away with the set now. Stunning block from Iranian powerhouse Danial Moatazedi again. Defenders lead at the halfway mark.
  • 7-5: Some miscommunication on the Torpedoes side. Alireza not in a position to spike at all.
  • 6-5: Angamuthu hammers one down the line.
  • 5-5: Redemption for Danial. Blocks Alireza.
  • 4-5: Angamuthu with a strong spike.
  • 3-5: Jishnu and Alireza block Danial’s cheeky effort at the net.
  • 3-4: Another failed block on Pankaj’s spike from the Defenders.
  • 3-3: Ibin’s spike hits Danial’s hands and goes behind Point for Torpedoes.
  • 3-2: Service error from the Torpedoes.
  • 2-2: Torpedoes captain Pankaj is off the mark with a spike down the middle.
  • 2-1: Nandagopal and Manoj combine to produce a decent block.
  • 1-1: Manoj levels things up from the net.
  • 0-1: First point to the Torpedoes with a brilliant spike from Sethu.

7:23PM - Ahmedabad Defenders won the toss and chose side.

7:20PM - Here we go. The two teams step onto the court now. First up, it is Ahmedabad Defenders followed by Bengaluru Torpedoes.


Ahmedabad Defenders: Muthusamy (Setter), Santhosh (Attacker), Danial Moatazedi (Middle Blocker), LM Manoj (Middle Blocker), Angamuthu Ramaswamy (Universal), T Srikanth (Libero), Nandagopal Subramaniyam (Attacker)

Bengaluru Torpedoes: B Midhun Kumar (Libero), Pankaj Sharma (Attacker), Jishnu PV (Middle Blocker), Mujeeb MC (Middle Blocker), Ibin Jose (Universal), TR Sethu (Attacker), Renjith Vyshak (Setter)

Here’s what coach David Lee had to say about his team Bengaluru Torpedoes’ semifinal performance


Ahmedabad Defenders

Muthusamy Appavu, Shon T John, S Santhosh, Danial Moatazedi, Andrew Kohut, L M Manoj, Angamuthu, Aswath, Nandhagopal S, Harsh Chaudhary, Parth Patel, T Shrikant, T Ragul, Mohammed Iqbal

Head Coach - S. Dakshinamoorthy

Bengaluru Torpedoes

Pankaj Sharma, B Midhun Kumar, Vinayak Rokhade, Alireza Abalooch, Sebastian Giraldo, Sethu TR, Ibin Jose, Jishnu P V, Mujeeb MC, Nisam Muhammed A, Sudheer Shetty, Gokulnath, Tharun Gowda, Srajan

Head Coach - David Lee

PREVIEW (By Netra V)

Bengaluru Torpedoes will take on two-time finalist Ahmedabad Defenders in the Prime Volleyball League season two final at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium here on Sunday.

The Torpedoes led by Pankaj Sharma shocked the defending champion Kolkata Thunderbolts 3-1. Coincidentally, the Defenders also defeated Calicut Heroes 3-1 in the two semifinals.

Pankaj, who was quiet throughout the league matches, picked up his rhythm and was awarded the player of the match for his splendid performance against the Thunderbolts. “We were not nervous, but were focused on our plan and what the coach told us,” said the 29-year-old outside hitter.

Thanking his head coach David Lee for supporting the team and encouraging them when the team went through ups and downs, Pankaj told, “Our coach encouraged us and got our confidence so high that we came back so well in the tournament. He didn’t let anyone’s confidence go down when we were losing, and we owe this to him.”

Despite the number of service errors, Pankaj is confident of bouncing back to form after practice before the finals.

While talking about his team’s strategy, he explained, “We have a plan for every zone and player, which includes where a player will serve, who will block where, where to stand as a defender, and this leads us to a successful performance.”

The last time Bengaluru crossed Ahmedabad’s path, it was beaten 2-3 by the latter. Defenders universal Angamuthu Ramaswamy does not want this result to get to his head and is focused on correcting the negatives from that match.

After being rendered speechless post the semis win, the 28-year-old is grateful to have proved himself after being picked during the auctions.

“I’m speechless (on reaching consecutive finals). I was not retained in the PVL 2 auctions, I thought I would be with another team and start from scratch. However, I would have liked to be selected by this team, but the coach did just that and gave me a chance. I have proved myself. I have known the coach for close to 13 years, so we have a different comfort level.”

Angamuthu felt that the notetaking by Lee would not make much difference. “No matter how many pointers you take, it all comes down to your performance on the court.”

When asked if consecutive matches would affect his team as it did to the Thunderbolts, he sounded optimistic and said, “We are used to playing consecutive matches, so it won’t affect us.”

When and where to watch?

The 2023 Prime Volleyball League final between Ahmedabad Defenders and Bengaluru Torpedoes will be telecast live on Sony Sports Ten 1 (English), Sony Sports Ten 3 (Hindi), Sony Sports Ten 4 (Tamil & Telugu) & Sony Sports Ten 2 (Malayalam) channels and streamed on SonyLiv from 7:30PM IST onwards.

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