"Our last two league matches are very important for us. We have to make sure that we play well and we win the matches. We are training well for the games. We have a chance of going through to the semifinals, and we are going to take it one match at a time," Kochi Blue Spikers' captain Karthik said on Monday ahead of the match against Ahmedabad Defenders.

"The team is in a positive mindset, and we'll make sure we'll go all out in our last two league matches," he said.

The central blocker said they have been missing a few crucial super points, costing them dearly.

"There have been times when we have attained a good lead, and then we have given it up in one crucial moment. The coaches and the management have noticed that, and we will try to hold on to our lead in the upcoming matches," Karthik said.

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For his part, Ahmedabad Defenders' L.M. Manoj said they were really happy to reach the semifinal.

"We are focussing on winning our match against Kochi Blue Spikers at the moment. We are not worried about whom we meet in the semis, we will give our best in the match. We are coordinating well on the court, and everyone has been supporting each other throughout the tournament," Manoj said.

The Defenders registered four wins in five matches in the tournament so far.

 "Our coaches have done a great job. Their efforts have helped us perform very well in this tournament. Both the head coaches - Dakshinamoorthy sir and Sajad sir have been great pillars for the team this season," Manoj explained.