My life in sport began as a kid when I used to go the Madras Cricket Club in Chennai, with my dad, Anjan Chinappa, who introduced me to squash. I played many sports growing up, however, I liked squash the best!

The sport has made me live my dream as well as challenge myself everyday to be a better athlete. It has given me everything I have today, so I am very grateful for that.

I have wonderful memories associated with Sportstar. I started reading it from the time I was really young and had just started playing squash. I would always run into the library while waiting for my time on the court and read Sportstar. I loved seeing all the pictures and interviews of sports people I looked up to, but my favourite was the poster that came with the magazine. I always took it back home with me even though it belonged to the MCC. But the librarian was kind enough to let me have the poster.

Sportstar has always supported my career and I have been featured in the magazine several times. I would like to wish Sportstar a very happy 40th! And wishing it another 40!

(As told to K. Keerthivasan)