'Will enjoy playing chess till my last day'

Grand Master Dibyendu Barua in action during the Indian Independence Golden Jubilee Grandmaster Chess Tournament at Kozhikode on March 15, 1998.   -  THE HINDU ARCHIVES

Chess is everything to me. Whatever I have received from life — call it name, fame or recognition — it is all due to chess. I won’t be exaggerating if I say I owe my existence to chess. I am lucky to pursue the sport even at this age (52) because of the nature of it. Unlike other disciplines that demand peak physical fitness, one can play chess for long.

Without chess, Dibyendu is zero. Dibyendu and chess go together… they are inseparable. I hope to enjoy playing chess till my last day.

As a sportsman, for me, Sportstar’s contribution to the world of sports is unparalleled. They are the No. 1 in their field. Being a quality publication, Sportstar’s contribution to sports and society is absolutely fantastic.

In times like these when the younger generation does not take ‘no’ for an answer and shows their rebellion streak by involving in unpleasant activities, the role of sports in our society becomes all the more important. It teaches you to deal with defeat and prompts you to come back better prepared.

The way Sportstar continues to bring out the positives of the sportspersons, particularly Indians, serves as a great inspiration to those pursuing sports. In all these 40 years, the magazine has fulfilled its social duties well. I am sure it will continue to uphold its high standard and quality.

(As told to Rakesh Rao)

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