'Table tennis has played a huge part in my life'

Kamlesh Mehta in action during the men's singles of the table tennis championship in New Delhi. (circa 1993)   -  THE HINDU ARCHIVES

Being a table tennis player means the world to me. When I started playing, I knew it was going to be tough because so many played table tennis at school.

But I got hooked to the game very early and never looked back. For the past four decades and more I have been involved with table tennis — as a player, coach and administrator.

The game has played a huge part in my life. For any player of my generation, to find a mention in the Sportstar was a big achievement. We would compete fiercely so that we could excel and figure in the Sportstar, which gave a platform to every sport in the country.

The write-ups would do justice to our efforts on the court. I took great pride whenever Sportstar appreciated my performance.

(As told to Vijay Lokapally)

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