'I always looked for the poster'

P. V. Sindhu displays the medal she won at the 2013 Macau Open Grand Prix.   -  V.V.Subrahmanyam

Sportstar has always been a very nice magazine. I enjoyed reading it as a young badminton player.

Quite naturally, I eagerly waited for my turn to be featured in it. It was always a huge motivation for any young athlete to be featured in such a beautiful magazine which gave equal emphasis to all sports.

And, though, I don’t remember exactly the year and date the first time I was featured in The Sportstar, it was certainly a thrilling experience. As far as posters are concerned, I always looked for them especially of the big super stars whom we all admired. My joy knew no bounds when I was on the poster. My joy knew no bounds when I was on the poster. It is a privilege for any athlete to get such attention and more so from such an iconic magazine.

I am really glad that badminton is widely covered and there are excellent features on the achievers and also the special column — GenNext — on the promising players. This characteristic makes the magazine so special and different from others.

As I evolved as a player on the big stage, I think the magazine too kept pace with the changing times even while retaining the essential features like objectivity, in-depth coverage and treating all disciplines on par.

(As told to V. V. Subrahmanyam)

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