Asiad Hockey: India thrashes Sri Lanka 20-0

Catch all the live updates from India's match against Sri Lanka at the Asian Games.

Can India register it's fourth win in a row in the tournament?   -  Getty Images

India ended its group stage with a resounding 20-0 victory over Sri Lanka. During the course of the group stage, India pulled off some huge wins, ending with an aggregate goal difference of 73. 76 goals scored with only 3 goals in reply, all three coming against Korea. Let's take a look at India's results:

India 17-0 Indonesia

India 26-0 Hong Kong

Japan 0-8 India

Korea 3-5 India

India 20-0 Sri Lanka

16:13pm: And the hooter goes for FULL TIME! India defeats Sri Lanka 20-0.

It's a resounding victory for India after running riot on Sri Lanka right from the start. It was not a surprising result though. Sri Lanka barely foraged into the opposition half and India controlled the match throughout, like it was a training game.

16:12pm: India makes it 20. And Lalit makes it three for himself on the day.  There's only a minute to go, maybe this is the last one.

16:10pm: Lalit gets the final touch as the ball rolls into the Sri Lankan goal for the 19th time. INDIA 19-0 SRI LANKA

16:09pm: GOAL no. 18 for India.

16:03pm: GOAL! 17-0 for India, equaling its scoreline against Indonesia.

16:01pm: GOAL! Rupinder Pal scores again from a penalty corner. The big man has an unstoppable drag flick.

15:58pm: GOAL! Rupinder Pal scores at the end of back-to-back penalty corners. INDIA 15-0 SRI LANKA.

15:54pm: There's a lull in proceedings after quite some time. It had been relentless right from the start. Five minutes into the final quarter and India hasn't scored yet.

15:48pm: The final quarter begins.

15:47pm: End of third quarter! India is 14-0 ahead. About time there was a break.

15:45pm: GOALL! That's goal number 14 for India as Mandeep Singh is on the end of a ball shot into the circle.

15:42pm: GOAL! Akashdeep scores India's 13th.

15:40pm: Another penalty corner for India. But this time they falter. India has won 14 penalty corner so far and has converted five of them.

15:37pm: GOAL! Amit Rohidas makes it 12-0. The rebound from a shot falls to him and he smashes it past the goalkeeper into goal.

15:35pm: We're seven minutes into the third quarter and India has scored four times since.

15:33pm: GOAL! 11-0 This time Harmanpreet tries something different from the penalty corner. He drag flicks it towards the side of goal, where Mandeep Singh is present to deflect it in.

15:28pm: GOAL! Harmanpreet converts a penalty corner again! He unleashes a powerful shot into the roof of the net. India reaches double figures for the third time this tournament. The first three updates of the second half have been goals. That tells you what kind of a match it's been.

15:26pm: GOAL! Akashdeep is on a roll. He scores his sixth of the game. Cleverly tucks it into goal between the keeper's legs.

15:23pm: The second half begins and almost immediately India scores. INDIA 8-0 SRI LANKA. Akashdeep's vicious shot is deflected in by Vikas Prasad.


After half an hour's play, India is in an unsurmountable position. It leads 7-0 against a Sri Lanka that's trying to keep the score as low as possible and do better than Hong Kong (Hong Kong lost 26-0 to India). Akashdeep scored five of the seven goals, he tomahawk-ed one of them.


3:09pm: The Sri Lankan goalkeeper is keeping the score down to single figures here as the Indians try to score from every chance they see.

3:07pm: Sri Lanka manages to get out of its own circle after quite a while. Lobs the free hit looking to find someone in yellow in India's half but it's intercepted.

3:02pm: GOAL! Akashdeep scores again! The ball awkwardly bounces in front of him, but he controls it and smashes it on the full into the goal. India leads 7-0. A Tomahawk, is what that shot is known as.

3:00pm: Goals, Goals Goals. That's all that's happening down here. Harmanpreet scores from a penalty corner to put India 6-0 up!

2:59pm: That's another penalty corner for India. The shot is saved well by the Sri Lankan goalkeeper.

2:55pm: GOAL! Akashdeep scores a hat-trick! He's in the right place at the right time, as he deflects a ball across goal into the roof of the net to give India's fifth of the game.

2:54pm: Second Quarter begins. Sri Lanka barely foraged into India's half in the first quarter. Can we see some changes this time?


               At the end of the first quarter, India leads 4-0. Could have been more if they managed to convert some of the chances that came by. So far, it's been one-sided and India will hope it stays that way.

2:49pm: Sri Lanka is finding it hard to keep up with India's pace in attack. The Indians are creating chance after chance, but the defense is keeping it out somehow.

2:45pm: GOAL! INDIA 4-0 SRI LANKA And it's Akashdeep yet again. He flicks it calmly into the goal at the end of a clever one-two between him and Lalit in the circle.

2:43pm: GOAL! Akashdeep scores! A poor clearance from the Sri Lankan defender gifts the ball to Akashdeep who easily converts.

2:40pm: Seven minutes down in the first quarter and it's been as easy as they come for India. Dominating possession and constantly on the attack, India isn't giving Sri Lanka time to breathe.

2:36pm: GOAL! Another penalty corner for India and another goal. Harmanpreet's drag flick takes a deflection off a Sri Lankan and beats the keeper.

2:33pm: GOALL! Rupinder converts the penalty stroke. Barely two minutes down and India is already in the leading. Who's surprised?

2:32pm: India already have a penalty corner and it's saved. But India is given a penalty stroke.

2:30pm: We're underway here!

In India's last group stage match, it'll be looking to go through to the semis with a perfect record. It doesn't seem to a tough task and it could only be question of how many goals India win by, considering its form and the size of the opponent.

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