Athletics Commonwealth Games 2022, Highlights: Eldhose Paul, Aboobacker on podium in triple jump; Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem wins javelin gold

Indians Live in Athletics, CWG 2022: Get all the updates, results and highlights of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Sunday.

Updated : Aug 08, 2022 07:24 IST

India’s Eldhose Paul went past the 17m mark for the first time in his career.
India’s Eldhose Paul went past the 17m mark for the first time in his career. | Photo Credit: REUTERS

India’s Eldhose Paul went past the 17m mark for the first time in his career. | Photo Credit: REUTERS

That was it from out side. Thanks for tuning to Sportstar’s LIVE coverage of track and field events from the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham on Sunday.

Men’s Javelin Throw Final
Final Result: 1. Arshad Nadeem (Paksitan) 90.18m 2. Anderson Peters (Grenada) 88.64m 3. Julius Yego (Kenya) 85.70m
India’s D.P. Manu (82.28) and Rohit Yadav (82.22) end in fifth and sixth places.
Peters fails to better 90.18m in his last attempt and that seals the podium places. Nadeem wins the javelin throw final.
Yego finishes third with a best of 85.70m.
Keshorn Walcott ends in fourth place with best of 82.61m.
D.P. Manu is also done for the day. He ends with a best of 82.28m.
Rohit Yadav manages his best throw at the last attempt. He ends his campaign with 82.22m.
Both Nadeem and Peters have one attempt remaining. It’s game on!!
Nadeem is having the competition of his life. He has absolutely smashed his throws.
The Pakistan athlete throws 90.18m and breaks the Games record. This is his third personal best tonight.
Nadeem manages a 90m+ throw!!!! Absolute scenes!!!!
AND THE WORLD CHAMPION ARRIVES!!! Anderson Peters gets 88.64m and snatches the first place from Pakistan’s Nadeem.
Keshorn Walcott is still fourth.
D.P. Manu’s penultimate attempt is again short of 82.28m.
Rohit Yadav’s fifth throw lands short of 80m. He gets 79.41m.
D.P. Manu has completed his fourth throw but is yet to better his 82.28m throw.
Rohit Yadav with a fourth attempt of 80.80m and he stays in the sixth place.
The half way mark in the competition. All athletes have completed three throws. The top eight will get to make three more throws.
Rohit Yadav fails to cross 80m with his third throw. He stands sixth with a best throw of 80.66m.
After three attempts, Julius Yego ends with a best throw of 85.70m. He sits comfortably in second place.
Peters from Grenada throws 81.02m on the third attempt. His best attempt of 82.74 is enough to keep him in third place.
Arshad Nadeem with a massive massive throw of 88.00m. Another personal best for the Pakistan athlete and he extends his lead.
D.P. Manu with a third throw of 78.79m. He stays in fifth place.
After the first two throws, both Indian athletes are in the top eight places and will move to the second round of final.
A disappointing throw of 77.74m by Rohit Yadav on the second try.
Kenya’s Yego with an invalid throw while Keshorn Walcott gets to 80.70m
Anderson Peters reaches 82.74 and betters his first throw. He still sits in third place.
On the second attempt, Arshad Nadeem is nowhere near his first throw so he steps over the line to register an invalid throw.
D.P. Manu with a massive throw of 82.28m on the second go. He moves into fifth place.
India’s Rohit Yadav with an opening throw of 80.66m. He crosses the 80m barrier.
Keshorn Walcott from Trinidad & Tobago manages a first throw of 82.61m and moves into third place.
Kenya’s Julian Yego goes second in the standings with a throw of 85.70m.
The world champion Anderson Peters also gets underway with his attempts. He throws 82.30m first up.
Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem with a massive throw of 86.81m.
D.P. Manu throws 79.04m on the first attempt.

The action is about to begin on the track and India will be competing in the men’s 4x400m relay race. India had qualified with a timing of 3:04.41

Men’s 4x400m Relay Final
Update: Jamaica has been disqualified from the final result. This propels India one position higher into sixth.
India ends in seventh place with a timing of 3:05.51.
Botswana finishes in second place while Kenya complete the last podium place.
Trinidad & Tobago wins the race!!
India is in the eighth spot after the second change of baton.
They are fifth at the first turnover.
India has a clean handover at the first turnover.

12:11 AM - We are moments away from the evening session of athletics on Day 10 of the Commonwealth Games 2022. For India, D.P. Manu and Rohit Yadav will be in action in the men’s javelin throw final while India’s team will also feature in the 4x400m men’s relay final.

12:10 AM (Aug 8): Men’s javelin throw final - Rohit Yadav, DP Manu
1:00 AM (Aug 8): Men’s 4x400m relay final - India
1. Eldhose Paul - 17.03m
2. Abdulla Aboobacker - 17.02m
4. Praveen Chithravel - 16.89m
3. Sandeep Kumar - 38:49.21s
12. Amit - 43:04.97s
3. Annu Rani - 60.00m
7. Shilpa Rani - 54.62m
5. India (Hima Das, Dutee Chand, Jyothi Yarraji, Srabani Nanda) - 43.81s
India finishes fifth in 43.81 seconds. Nigeria wins the gold in 42.10s. England takes silver with 42.41 and Jamaica settles for bronze with 43.08.
Himas Das, Dutee Chand, Srabani Nanda, Jyothi Yarraji in action soon in the 4x100m Women’s Relay final.


  • 5:24 PM Women’s 4 x 100m Relay - Final
  • 12:10 AM   (Aug 8) Men’s javelin throw finals- Rohit Yadav, DP Manu
  • 1:00 AM   (Aug 8) Men’s 4x400m relay finals- India
Annu Rani doesn’t register a legal throw in her final attempt and takes the bronze with 60.00m. Shilpa Rani finishes seventh with 54.62m.
Barber throws her best in the last attempt and it is 64.43m and she takes the gold. Her compatriot is close behind her with 64.27m.
Annu manages just 58.15m in her fifth throw but still holds the third spot in the standings. However, Canada’s Gleadle is close on her heels with a best of 59.79m and could give the Indian tough competition.
Annu Rani is now placed third and is in contention of a medal with a best throw of 60m. Shilpa Rani, however, is languishing in seventh place with a best of 54.62m.

Sandeep Kumar wins the bronze medal with a Personal Best of 38:49.21s in the Men’s 10,000m Race Walk. This is India’s 46th medal now at the ongoing Games.

India gets a top-2 finish from the triple jump pit. Eldhose Paul wins gold and Abdulla Aboobacker gets silver. Praveen Chithravel finishes an unlucky fourth. But it is an almighty effort from the Indian trio.

Men’s triple jump final- Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul, Praveen Chithravel - ROUND 6 LIVE

  • Williams begins the sixth round. Can he finally get a legal jump. No he can’t.
  • Kaiwan Culmer is the next go. Tame effort from him and to add insult to injury, it is red flagged.
  • Jordon Scott gets a legal jump. But it is not better than his 16.11m mark.
  • Praveen Chithravel with his last attempt. He gets to 16.28m . He ends outside the medals, but it was a gutsy effort from him.
  • Perichief is the only man standing between India and a triple jump gold. He can’t and India is assured of the top two.
  • Aboobacker leaps high and long but 16.82m for him. Gold assured for Eldhose Paul.
  • Eldhose Paul with the gold and his last leap doesn’t matter. He wins a gold.
Men’s 10 km race walk

Sandeep Kumar leads after 6000m mark

Men’s triple jump final- Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul, Praveen Chithravel - ROUND 5 LIVE

  • Ben Williams gets another red flag. he has just one legal jump so far.
  • Kaiwan Culmer too can’t get a legal jump in.
  • Jordon Scott of Jamaica is next. And another red flag. This is making life easier for the Indians.
  • Nathan Crawford-Willis comes and he goes. Couldn’t get his second leap right and fails to put in a mark.
  • Aboobacker reels in a huge jump. It is legal and it is brilliant. 17.02m. And he is Second.
  • Praveen Chithravel can land only 16.85m. He is fourth.
  • Pericnhief looks happy with his jump. It is 3cm in. But it clocks only 16.75m
  • Eldhose Paul with his penultimate jump. His landing went awry. Nevertheless he continues at the gold medal position.

Men’s triple jump final- Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul, Praveen Chithravel - ROUND 4 LIVE

  • Ben Williams begins the round 4. He fouls his attempt and continues at eighth.
  • Another red flag. this time from Kaiwan Culmer.
  • Yet another red flag. Jordon Scott is the culprit this time.
  • Nathan Crawford-Willis too gets a red flag. There are more red flags in this Triple Jump event than in the entire state of Kerala.
  • Aboobacker with his fourth attempt. He gets in a legal jump and gets to 16.70m.
  • Praveen Chithravel gets a good spring from the board. But he can’t go past his best. 16.68m for him.
  • Perinchief barely clocks 16m in his fourth attempt.
  • Eldhose Paul is back. Can he better his mark. His approach wasn’t as smooth as usual and he lands not so well. 16.43m for him this round.
10 km Race Walk

Sandeep Kumar leads the race after a brisk start.

Men’s triple jump final- Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul, Praveen Chithravel - ROUND 3 LIVE

  • Wanemut couldn’t get the desired elevation. Barely above 13m for him.
  • Kaiwan Culmer, who is fifth on the table right now, is next. He waits for the women’s 400m crowd to pass by and sets off. He can’t go past his best so far and settles for 15.12m in the third attempt.
  • Ben Williams gets his third turn. He has a personal best of 17.27m. He lands close to the 17m mark, but it is chalked off due to overstepping.
  • Andre Anura with a chance to finally get going. But he fails again. Third straight red flag for the Malaysian.
  • Abdulla Aboobacker with his third jump. Decent lift-off and he almost sticks the landing. 16.71m for him. He has been steadily improving his mark.
  • Peniel Richard too gets his third consecutive red flag. He sports a disappointed look.
  • Julian Konle is the next and he too fouls his attempt. Second red flag for him.
  • Eldhose Paul will be the next to jump. He knows he has a big jump left in him. Eldhose holds a personal best of 16.99m. He breaks through the 17m mark. 17.03m for him and he is first.
  • Praveen Chithravel gets his chance and he looks to have gone past the 17m mark. NOO!!!. 16.89m. He is third.
  • Nathan Crawford-Willis of Barbados is up next. 16.11m for him and it equals his Personal and Season best.

Men’s triple jump final- Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul, Praveen Chithravel - ROUND 2 LIVE

  • Elstrom Wanemut begins the second round. He gets a legal jump but it is only 12. 84m
  • Kaiwan Culmer fouls his second attempt.
  • Ben Williams is up next. He messes up the takeoff. Foul by 21cm.
  • Malaysia’s Andre Anura too misses the mark. Huge foul for him. He is yet to open the account.
  • Jordan Scott thought he had the lead, but he had fouled by 7 cm. A lot of the jumpers are finding it really hard to get their the rhythm right.
  • Aboobacker is back and he takes his time to set himself up. And he is ready to go. He is gesturing his intent and he puts in a better jump. If he had landed better he could have taken the lead. 16.62m for him.
  • Julian Konle strides and stretches but he errs at the takeoff. Foul by 1 cm.
  • Eldhose Paul is up next. He would love to get alongside his compatriots. But he is not quite there yet. 16.30m for Eldhose and he is fourth on the table at the moment.
  • Jah-Nhai Perinchief looks like the most confident man on the field at the moment. He has the lead, but he can’t improve his mark in the second round.
  • Praveen Chithravel returns. He dropped off a little at the landing. Still, he gets to 16.45m. He is showing signs of pushing closer to the 17 mark, which he has done in the past.

Men’s triple jump final- Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul, Praveen Chithravel - ROUND 1 LIVE

  • Elstrom Wanemut starts off the proceedings, but he fouls his jump.
  • Bahamas’ Kaiwan Culmer gets the first legal jump. 16.04 for him.
  • Ben Williams of England messes up the landing. But he still gets to 16.03m
  • Andre Anura is next. The Malaysian can’t find his rhythm and has his effort red-flagged.
  • Jordon Scott of Jamaica gets a legal jump but it is not good enough to get into the top two. 15.37m for him.
  • Abdulla Aboobacker is the first Indian to jump today. He waits for the Women’s 100m hurdles to wind up. He steams in and leaps into the lead. Good takeoff and decent landing. 16.57m for him and he has the lead.
  • Australia’s Julia Konle gets his first jump in. Just 15.9m for the Aussie.
  • Eldhose Paul in action. Good runup from him, but he loses steam mid way through the second landing. Disappointing jump for him. 14.62m. ,
  • Jah-Nhai Perinchief sets the mark. Brilliant lift off and he bounces straight to 16.92m and he takes the lead.
  • Praveen Chithravel starts his challenge. Superb takeoff and he sticks a good landing. 16.75 for him and he is second.
  • Trinidadian Kelsey Daniel is the last to jump in the first round. He manages only 15.93m.
2:45 PM

The triple jump event is about to lift off. There are 14 jumpers to start off with. It is an open field with most jumpers coming under a very narrow strip of season bests. India has three jumpers to start with - Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul and Praveen Chithravel.

After Avinash Sable broke the Kenyan hegemony in the 3000m Steeplechase on Saturday to win a silver medal, Indian athletes will be out to bring the nation’s first gold medal from Athletics today.

A lot of India’s attention will be on the triple jump pit, where the nation has three jumpers - Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul and Praveen Chithravel - capable enough of finishing on the podium.

In the absence of Neeraj Chopra, who won the gold medal at Tokyo Olympics exactly one year ago, focus will be on DP Manu and Rohit Yadav, and Annu Rani and Shilpa Rani in the men’s and women’s javelin finals, respectively.

Indian medallists in Athletics at CWG 2022 so far

Athelte Event Medal
Tejaswin Shankar High Jump Bronze
M Sreeshankar Long Jump Silver
Priyanka Goswami 10km Race Walk Silver
Avinash Sable 3000m Steeplechase Silver
2:45PM Men’s triple jump- Abdulla Aboobacker, Eldhose Paul, Praveen Chithravel
3:50PM Men’s 10,000m race walk finals- Amit, Sandeep Kumar
4:05PM Women’s Javelin throw finals- Shilpa Rani, Annu Rani
5:24 PM Women’s 4 x 100m Relay - Final
12:10 AM  (Aug 8) Men’s javelin throw finals- Rohit Yadav, DP Manu
1:00 AM  (Aug 8) Men’s 4x400m relay finals- India

When and where to watch all the Athletics action from Commonwealth Games 2022?

All CWG 2022 athletics event will be telecast LIVE on the Sony Sports Network and streamed online on Sony LIV.

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