CoA to appoint supervisory committee for Bihar cricket

A three-member committee will look after the cricketing affairs in Bihar and provide help in conducting elections.

Representative Image: The Cricket Association of Bihar and the Bihar Cricket Association have been at loggerheads for a long time. Photo: Reuters

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) has decided to appoint a three-member supervisory committee to look after the cricketing affairs in Bihar and provide help in conducting elections.

Though there has not been any official word on it, Sportstar understands that the committee will be chaired by Alok Kumar, while Alwin Gaekwad and Sandeep Wagle will be the other two members.

The decision comes after the two warring factions —  Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) and Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) — met the BCCI CEO, Rahul Johri, a couple of weeks ago.

'Allegations of wrongdoings'

Under the directive of the CoA, top BCCI officials had interacted with the representatives of both the associations. “There were allegations of wrongdoings by both the parties. We heard versions from both the associations. Our ultimate target is to ensure that the players don’t suffer and the committee will ensure that things are taken care of,” one of the top BCCI officials told Sportstar.

Last week, BCA president Jagnnath Singh had written to the CoA saying that the disqualified committee of the BCA — led by Gopal Bohra and Rabi Shankar Prasad Singh — are still calling the shots in all matters related to the BCCI. In his letter to the CoA, he has asked the panel to take immediate action.

“The CoA took note of all the matters and it was decided that a supervisory committee should be formed to improve the situation,” a BCCI official said.

With the domestic season beginning from September 24, the players from Bihar are most likely to play under the aegis of the BCCI in the Board-approved tournaments, something that has been happening in Rajasthan since 2014. There, an ad-hoc committee looks after the cricketing affairs.

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