Irani Cup HIGHLIGHTS MP vs Rest of India Day 2: Dubey, Gawali propel Madhya Pradesh to 112/3; RoI leads by 372 runs

Irani Cup HIGHLIGHTS, Day 2: Catch the score and match updates from Day 2 of the Irani Cup between Madhya Pradesh and Rest of India at the Captain Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior.

Updated : Mar 03, 2023 08:35 IST

FILE PHOTO: Yash Dubey in action.
FILE PHOTO: Yash Dubey in action. | Photo Credit: MURALI KUMAR K

FILE PHOTO: Yash Dubey in action. | Photo Credit: MURALI KUMAR K

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of Day 2 of the Irani Cup. This was Lalith Kalidas bringing you the updates.

MP 112/3 in 43 overs - STUMPS

Dipak: Yash Dubey cuts Navdeep Saini, his 11th boundary of the day to get to his half-century. Dubey and Harsh Gawli, who is on 47, have ensured MP has recovered from a poor start of 15/3. They have added 97 runs for the unbroken fourth wicket stand. MP 112/3 at stumps on day 2. Still 372 behind, nonetheless MP will be happy with the day

The morning session on day three could be crucial but crucially for MP, Rest of India has a 43-overs old ball. Should help things for the home team. Rest of India ahead, but MP are not out of this yet..

MP 112/3 in 42 overs

FIFTY for Yash Dubey. Fraction wide from Saini and Dubey slashes past backward point for FOUR. Dropping from his usual opening role, Dubey has done well to resurrect MP’s innings.

MP 100/3 in 38 overs

100 up for Madhya Pradesh with a stroke of fortune. Pulkit Narang drifts one in and clips the inside-half of Dubey’s bat before the ball zips past the leg-stump.

MP 91/3 in 35 overs

Saurabh slides one in and Yash Dubey moves into the 40s as he tucks the ball through square-leg for FOUR.

MP 82/3 in 31 overs

Saurabh darts in a quicker delivery and a faint outside-edge from Gawali trickles past first slip for FOUR.

MP 74/3 in 29 overs

Runs have not come at command but Gawali and Dubey will be content with their effort so far. MP would hope the two can see the team off stumps.

MP 67/3 in 25 overs

Dipak: A crucial 50-run stand between Harsh Gawli and Yash Dubey. At 15-3, it was vital MP got a partnership going. Both batters have looked comfortable. Done nothing flashy. Gawli played some glorious on-drives, just gentle extension of the forward defense while Dubey has punished anything when pitched up and given width to drive through covers. Both batters have hit 5 boundaries each.

MP 56/3 in 21 overs

Atit overpitches and Gawali leans into a superb straight drive for FOUR past the bowler.

MP 50/3 in 19 overs

FIFTY up for MP as Yash Dubey drives Atit for a couple of runs through cover.

Third session begins. Saini continues as Dubey and Gawali return to the middle.

MP 43/3 in 17 overs - TEA

Innings so far

Dipak: After losing three wickets quickly, MP has steadied things with Yash Dubey and Harsh Gawli looking solid so far. Both batters have driven well to collect boundaries down the ground and through covers to keep the scoreboard moving. Still a long way to go, so it is important the MP batters dont go into a shell. 43/3.

MP 36/3 in 15 overs

Dubey stays late on an incoming delivery from Atit Sheth and guides it down third for FOUR.

MP 24/3 in 12 overs

Saini continues to trouble the batters with some extra bouncer as the ball maintains a very tight line outside the off-stump.

MP 15/3 in 8 overs

Shubham has been patient with deliveries outside the off-stump. Saini extracts a response with a short delivery that tails in. Shubham rocks back and drives solidly towards cover. Saini to Shubham, OUT! Gone this time! A superb delivery from Saini.

Dipak: Saini strikes again. brings one in to Shubham Sharma sharply and the ball keeps low as well. Hits the batter on the back leg. Saini doesn’t even look at the umpire. As plumb as it gets. the pitch has suddenly in the last half hour been up and down especially from the end Mukesh Kumar is bowling. but this time Saini got one to keep low. MP in trouble 15/3

Shubham Sharma 4(17) lbw Navdeep Saini

MP 11/2 in 4 overs

Saini angles one in a little too much and Shubham flicks it front of square for FOUR.

MP 3/2 in 2 overs

Navdeep Saini from the opposite end.

Navdeep to Mantri, OUT!

Dipak: Make it 2. Skipper Himanshu Mantri is caught at 2nd slip. Navdeep Saini strikes with good low catch from Yash Dhull at second slip.

Himanshu Mantri 1(3) ct Yash Dhull b Navdeep Saini

MP 1/1 in 1 over

Mukesh Kumar takes the new ball. Sharp movement from Mukesh against the left-handed debutant, Arham. He shapes the ball sharply past the outside-edge to Upendra Yadav who does well against the ball as it keeps low.

Mukesh to Arham, OUT!

Dipak: MP gets off to a poor start. Debutant Arham Aquil is given out caught behind to Mukesh Kumar. The Batter wasn’t impressed with the decision and stood there shocked. The bowling team was very confident and a late call from the umpire. 1/1

Shubham Sharma walks in at 3.

Mohd Arham Aquil 0(5) ct Upendra Yadav b Mukesh Kumar

Madhya Pradesh innings begins

Captain Himanshu Mantri and Arham Aquil walk out to open the MP innings after a long haul in the field.

ROI 484/10 (121.3)

Yashasvi Jaiswal 213, Abhimanyu Easwaran 151, Yash Dhull 55

MP bowling: Avesh Khan 23.3-6-74-4

RoI 484 all out in 121.3 overs

Navdeep slaps Avesh across the line and he finds a FOUR through mid-wicket.

Avesh to Navdeep, OUT!

Dipak: Avesh Khan gets his 3rd wicket. Navdeep Saini slogs one and gets a leading edge. A good catch by Kumar Kartikeya running in from 3rd man. ROI 484/9

Avesh to Mukesh, OUT! ROI bowled out for 484. Avesh digs one in and Mukesh Kumar neither ducks or moves away from the delivery. it hits the gloves and then the shoulder before lobbing up to the keeper

Navdeep Saini 9(10) ct Kumar Kartikeya Singh b Avesh Khan; Mukesh Kumar 0(1) ct Himanshu Mantri b Avesh Khan

RoI 469/8 in 119 overs

Kartikeya to Dhull, OUT!

Dipak: Kumar kartikeya strikes immediately after lunch and has Yash Dhull trapped leg before. MP would have done exceedingly well if they restrict ROI to less than 500

Yash Dhull 55(71) lbw Kumar Kartikeya Singh

RoI 469/7 in 118 overs

Pulkit Narang joins Dhull after the break and gets off the mark with two runs.

Second session begins.


RoI 467/7 in 117.3 overs - LUNCH

Anubhav to Atit, OUT!

Dipak: And MP gets another in the last over before lunch. Anubhav Agarwal strikes again for his 2nd wicket to remove Atit Sheth for 0. a similar delivery to the one with which he got Indrajith. Outside the off-stump that straightened a bit after pitching and also bit of extra bounce. ROI 467-7 at lunch. MP’s session.

30.3 overs, 86 runs and four wickets from the session.

RoI 466/6 in 117 overs

Kartikeya to Upendra, OUT!

Dipak: Kumar Kartikeya finally strikes uprooting Upendra Yadav’s middle stump. huge gap between bat and pad and Kartikeya gets one to go with the arm through the gap. ROI lose sixth wicket, 5 mins before lunch. 466/6.

Atit Sheth walks in at 8.

RoI 457/5 in 113 overs

FIFTY for Yash Dhull as he reaches the mark off just 65 balls.

Dipak: Yash Dhull, who had a sub-par Ranji Trophy season, gets to his 50 with a nice boundary whipping Kumar Kartikeya off the backfoot

The former u-19 skipper has looked good so far and has tried to look positive playing his shots. He was lucky to survive a half-chance at the start of the innings but has since then quickly got to his 50 off 65 balls with seven boundaries. He started with some streaky boundaries, hitting in the air but also played some cracking shots like a controlled pull, a backfoot punch and an gorgeous looking on-drive.

RoI 450/5 in 111 overs

Dhull has settled into a rhythm and Upendra Yadav has gotten off to a start as Rest of India touches the 450-run mark.

RoI 447/5 in 110 overs

Avesh sends in a bumper and Dhull swivels to pull the ball in front of square for FOUR.

RoI 437/5 in 106 overs

Indrajith looks more settled with his leaves and defence now. Agarwal attempts to hit the channel outside off and Indrajith comfortably leaves deliveries on length. Agarwal strays to the pads and Indrajith nonchalantly flicks the ball through the on-side for FOUR.

Dipak: Anubhav to Indrajith, OUT! Indrajith’s difficult stay comes to an end as he is caught behind. Anubhav Agarwal gets one too straight and a bit of extra bounce does the trick. Indrajith didn’t look comfortable against the pacers all day so far. He just hit the previous delivery for a boundary through midwicket with a a nice flick.

Upendra Yadav is in at 7. He is off the mark with a gentle flick down leg for FOUR.

B Indrajith 19(72) ct Himanshu Mantri b Anubhav Agarwal

RoI 416/4 in 102 overs - DRINKS

Dipak: At drinks on day 2, ROI 416/4. a steady start with MP bowlers asking a lot of questions. The pacers have been very good but importantly for ROI, they have lost only the nightwatchman. With spinners in, Yash Dhull and Indrajith might heave a sigh of relief

Indrajith continues to stonewall and finally finds a boundary by opening the face of the bat past third-slip off Anubhav Agarwal for FOUR.

RoI 403/4 in 97 overs

Avesh strays to the pads and Dhull lifts it over the two short mid-wicket fielders for FOUR. 400 up for RoI as Dhull pumps a fuller delivery with a mere push down the ground for FOUR more.

Session so far
MP bowlers have been on the money so far in the first half-hour of play. Avesh Khan has continued to impress and has Indrajith in all sorts of trouble. He has the TN batter falling over on the off-side and squared him up a few times as well.
Runs have been hard to come by for Rest of India as both Avesh and Ankit Kushwah have been very tight. Kushwah had nightwatchman Saurabh Kumar bowled. The batter went for an expansive drive and dragged it onto the stumps.
MP could have had another had the short mid-off fielder held on to a half-chance from Yash Dhull. The fielder was brought in for that drive on the up and Dhull did just that. However, the fielder only could get only his left hand and it did not stick going away to the long off fence. For now, the ROI batters are surviving this challenging hour. 395/4.
- S. Dipak Ragav
RoI 395/4 in 96 overs

Indrajith is living dangerously at the moment. A packed on-side field in place and Indrajith plays a couple of streaky flicks through square-leg.

RoI 388/4 in 93 overs

LOUD APPEAL and denied! That looked absolutely plumb as Avesh seams one in sharply as Indrajith attempts a loose flick across the line. Seemed like the ball was hitting middle-and-leg but umpire Sadashiv Nair denies Avesh a breakthrough. A beauty o follow as Avesh moves the ball through Indrajith, whizzing past the inside-half and his body to the keeper.

RoI 386/4 in 91 overs

Avesh Khan has been a touch wide with his lines so far. He corrects it with a straighter delivery to the stumps that Dhull dabs to cover.

RoI 383/4 in 90 overs

Kushwah slides one in but an inside-edge saves Saurabh Kumar from a leg before.

Dipak updates from Gwalior: Kushwah to Saurabh, OUT! Ankit Kushwah strikes for MP in the third over of the day. He removes nightwatchman Saurabh Kumar bowled. The batter went for an expansive drive and drags it on to the stumps.

Yash Dhull walks in at 6. Kushwah attempts to get the ball in full but Dhull steps out to cover the line of the ball.

Saurabh Kumar 0(12) b Ankit Singh Kushwah

RoI 381/3 in 88 overs

Ankit Kushwah to open the attack for MP with Indrajith on strike. Fine line of attack first up from the seamer and Indrajith plays out a maiden.

Day 2 begins

The MP huddle takes shape before the players walk out to the field. Baba Indrajith and nightwatchman Saurabh Kumar to resume batting for Rest of India.

Yashasvi Jaiswal on his 213

“Very important and I am happy, I enjoyed my innings. I was trying my best to take my innings long. Unfortunately, I missed the ball and got out. My understanding with Easwaran is very good. I have worked on my fitness and I wish to continue. I wish to give my 100 percent.

MP pins hopes on Avesh

Irani Cup, RoI vs MP Day 1 recap

As he did on his Duleep Trophy debut, Yashasvi Jaiswal got his name into the record books by scoring a sensational double hundred in his maiden Irani Cup appearance, slamming 213 (259b, 30x4, 3x6) here at the Captain Roop Singh Stadium on Wednesday.

Jaiswal and Abhimanyu Easwaran, who made an equally brilliant 154 (240b, 17x4, 2x6), powered the Rest of India to 381 for three against Madhya Pradesh at stumps on day one.

Rest of India skipper Mayank Agarwal opted to bat first on a pitch with generous grass cover and fell cheaply when Avesh Khan had him caught behind with a delivery that seamed away.

But the joy was short-lived for MP as Jaiswal, and Abhimanyu shredded the bowling attack apart, adding 371 runs for the second wicket, the highest ever in the Irani Cup.

In the morning, Abhimanyu was the aggressor picking six boundaries in the first hour with crisply timed flicks through the leg side.

At the other end, Jaiswal started cautiously, taking 22 balls to get off the mark before he displayed his full array of shots. He began by going after the spinners by stepping out to hit down the ground and used the sweep shot too effectively.

On a slow pitch, Abhimanyu used the crease well to punch off the backfoot and got to his hundred in style by lofting Saransh over midwicket for a six. Soon, Jaiswal got to his hundred with a boundary and then took off. The Mumbai batter got to his 150 with two of the best shots of the day, driving pacer Ankit Kushwah down the ground.

Even though there was not a lot of help for the bowlers, the hosts made it worse for themselves when Yash Dubey dropped Jaiswal twice in three balls when he was on 176 and 181 off Avesh and off-spinner Shubham Sharma respectively.

Jaiswal eventually got to his 200 when he cut a wide delivery from Shubham before Avesh broke through his defence with the second new ball, but not before he put his side in a commanding position.

- S. Dipak Ragav

Playing XIs:

Rest of India: Mayank Agarwal, Abhimanyu Easwaran, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Yash Dhull, Baba Indrajith, Upendra Yadav, Atit Sheth, Saurabh Kumar, Pulkit Narang, Navdeep Saini, Mukesh Kumar.

Madhya Pradesh: Himanshu Mantri, Yash Dubey, Shubham Sharma, Arham Aquil, Aman Singh Solanki, Harsh Gawali, Saransh Jain, Kumar Kartikeya Singh, Avesh Khan, Anubhav Agarwal, Ankit Singh Kushwah.

The squads:

Madhya Pradesh: Himanshu Mantri (c&wk), Yash Dubey, Harsh Gawli, Shubham Sharma, Akshat Raghuvanshi, Aman Solanki, Kumar Kartikeya, Saransh Jain, Avesh Khan, Ankit Kushwah, Anubhav Agarwal, Mihir Hirwani, Aryan Deshmukh, Arham Aqueel, Aryan Pandey

Rest of India: Mayank Agarwal (c), Sudip Kumar Gharami, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Abhimanyu Easwaran, Harvik Desai, Mukesh Kumar, Atit Sheth, Chetan Sakariya, Navdeep Saini, Upendra Yadav (wk), Shams Mulani, Saurabh Kumar, Akash Deep, B Indrajith, Pulkit Narang, Yash Dhull.

When and how to watch Irani Cup today?
When is Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023 final match?
The Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023 final will be start from on Wednesday, March 1.
Where is Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023 final match happening?
The Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023 will be played at the Captain Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior.
How and where to watch the live streaming of the Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023?
The Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023 will be streamed live on the Disney+ Hotstar app.
Which channel will telecast Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023?
The Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023 final will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network in India.
What time will the Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023 final will begin?
The Madhya Pradesh vs Rest of India, Irani Cup 2023 final will start at 9:20 am IST, from March 1 to March 5.
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