England vs Pakistan 3rd Test Day 3 Highlights: England enforces follow-on, Pakistan 310 behind

England vs Pakistan 3rd Test 2020: Catch the live score streaming updates, ball-by-ball commentary updates of England vs Pakistan decider game at Southampton.


James Anderson celebrates after Asad Shafiq nicks one to first slip. - AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the third England vs Pakistan Test at Rose Bowl, Southampton.



Some fightback from Pakistan today, but England is still on top in this contest, with a huge lead of 310. Can Pakistan perform better in the second innings? We'll find that out tomorrow.

Join us, for Day Four, at 3.30pm IST. Goodbye.

. The follow-on has been enforced and Pakistan will bat again. The umpires have taken out their light meters. Joe Root has a word with the umpires. The England team is there on the ground.

The players are walking back. Azhar Ali and Babar Azam had come out to bat, they return to their dressing rooms.

That's stumps. We stop half-hour early because of bad light.

. That was Anderson's 598th wicket. An excellent innings from Azhar Ali but he didn't much support from the other end except for Mohammad Rizwan. The big question is: will the follow-on be enforced? England has a first-innings lead of 310 runs.

. Anderson bowls his 23rd over. A gentle shout for lbw, not given. It was going down the leg side probably. Naseem Shah, the No. 11, was the batsman. He smiles as he lets a delivery outside off go by, there's not too much width there, he did well not to get his bat too close to the ball.

And finally, Anderson strikes. Another edge, flies low to third slip, where Dom Sibley takes a good catch, going to his left. Naseem is dismissed for a duck. Pakistan is bowled out for 273.

James Anderson and Chris Woakes walk back after the dismissal of Naseem Shah. - REUTERS


. Jofra Archer into the attack now. Two singles taken. He bowls a short delivery to Azhar Ali and it's absolutely hammered to midwicket for a boundary. What a shot! 273/9.

. One from the over from Anderson. Azhar Ali wants to attack, but against such an accurate line and length, can do little. He eventually gets a single to fine leg to keep strike. 267/9.

. An excellent drive from Azhar Ali. Full and straight from Broad, and it's driven nicely through mid-on for a boundary. Azhar moves to 134. 266/9.

. Short of a length to Abbas, he tucks it behind square and picks up a single. Can Anderson get his 598th? He nearly does again! This is unbelievable. Stuart Broad at mid-on drops a simple chance after Azhar drives uppishly off a full delivery.

Broad picks up the ball after dropping it, and throws it down at the strikers' end to dismiss Abbas. A run out, but Anderson still doesn't have his wicket with the new ball. 261/9.

. After being nearly out twice, Azhar decides he isn't going to miss out on a short delivery. He pulls Broad for a boundary through square leg. The follow-up delivery is a short-of-a-length delivery outside off, it's cracked off the backfoot by Azhar. Full of confidence and disdain.

Yes, no, and nearly another wicket. Azhar taps the ball to the off-side and looks for a signal from his partner for a single. Abbas runs in, Azhar takes off, halts, then runs again, and then decides to return to his crease. He has to dive to get back, and Broad hits the wickets with the ball but Azhar had just made it. Only just. Azhar survives again. 260/8.

Stuart Broad tries to get Azhar Ali run out. - REUTERS


. Full and straight from Anderson, it's driven straight by Azhar. The ball bounces and hits Anderson on the boot. And a drop! Another near-dismissal for Anderson, but this one had to be taken by the slip fielder! Azhar drives at one, gets an outside edge, the ball flies to second slip where Rory Burns spills it. It runs away for four.

And dropped again! This time Mohammad Abbas edges one to third slip, where Zak Crawley makes a mess of it. Anderson cannot believe it, he holds his head in despair. 252/8.

. Mohammad Abbas is the new batsman. Another delivery down the leg side, Abbas doesn't edge it. 247/8.

. Another one strangled down the leg side! Broad gets one to angle across the left-handed Shaheen Afridi, it pitches on a good length, and Afridi just gets a tickle on that as the ball makes its way to the wicketkeeper down the leg side. Jos Buttler leapt full length on his right to pouch that one. And Broad doesn't hide his excitement.

Afridi departs for 3. Pakistan eight wickets down now. 247/8.

. A huge shout for lbw, and it looks out as well! But not given. Perfect line, perfect length from Anderson. Azhar Ali played all around that delivery and it hit his right thigh. But there's an outside edge, that's what saved him. England cannot review as no reviews are available. 247/7.

. A short and wide delivery from Broad, it's lofted over point for two runs by Azhar. A half-shout from England when Broad's delivery hits Azhar's thigh; there was likely an inside edge on it and may perhaps have missed the stumps anyway. 246/7.

. Azhar Ali gets a delivery on his legs from Anderson and works it away for one run to move to 114. Shaheen has a waft at a full and wide delivery outside the off-stump, manages to avoid an edge. 244/7.

. Shaheen Afridi is the new batsman. He is off the mark with a couple, clipping one off his legs. A successful over from Broad. 243/7.

Stuart Broad celebrates after the dismissal of Yasir Shah. - GETTY IMAGES


. Stuart Broad to bowl the 82nd over. Pitches on a good length, comes in with the angle, Yasir didn't know how to negotiate that one; the ball touches the edge of his bat and flies to Joe Root at first slip. Yasir departs after scoring 20 (24b, 2x4).

. James Anderson back into the attack. The second new ball has been taken as 80 overs are up. He gets the ball to shape away from the right hander when he bowls on a good length outside off-stump, it's left alone by Yasir. A tempter for Yasir; he tries to steer it to point but is beaten.

Then a short delivery from Anderson, on Yasir's thigh. He lifts one leg up and plays a nice pull for a boundary. 241/6.

. Full and straight from Woakes, it's on-driven past the bowler for three runs by Yasir. Enterprising innings this so far from him. Full and wide from Woakes, square driven for a boundary through cover by Azhar, who moves to 113. 236/6.

. A boundary from Yasir but it's a streaky one! Full, outside off, from Dom Bess; Yasir gets an edge and it goes through the gap between keeper and the first slip. He played a sweep a delivery earlier to pick up two runs. Two more singles taken in the over. 228/6.

. Yasir gets a short-of-a-length delivery on his hips and he tucks it away for a single. Short and wide from Woakes and it's cut fiercely by Azhar, but it goes straight to the point fielder. No run. Azhar missed out on that one. 220/6.

. Bess bowls a full delivery to Yasir, outside the off-stump, from around the wicket. Yasir steers the ball to backward point and picks up two runs. Three runs from that over, including a single. 218/6.

. Yasir Shah is the new batsman. Back of a length from Woakes, there's width, and Yasir cuts to pick up two runs through cover-point. 215/6.

Mohammad Rizwan is dismissed caught behind. - REUTERS


. Rizwan gets a delivery on his hips and gets a tickle through to a diving Jos Buttler down the leg side! A wicket out of the blue for England! That wasn't a wicket-taking delivery; if anything, it should have been put away for runs backward of square. Rizwan, instead, gets an edge. He doesn't take the review, and departs after scoring 53. 213/6.

. Dom Bess bowls from around the wicket. Three singles taken in that over. 213/5.

. Azhar Ali defends most of the deliveries from Chris Woakes in the latest over, the 74th of the innings. Six dots. It's a maiden over, and it's time for drinks. 210/5.

. Dom Bess comes on to bowl his 15th over. A single taken on the first delivery from Rizwan to give his skipper the strike. The fourth delivery of the over is full, he drives through extra cover and picks up four runs. That's his hundred.

Misbah, Younis and others in the dressing room applaud and smile as he soaks in the moment. A fighting knock from Azhar. 210/5.

. Azhar plays a straight drive but the ball hits the stumps at the other end. He gets one on his hips from Woakes and works it away to square leg for a boundary to move to 99. And then he nearly edges behind! A short of a length delivery from Woakes, and Azhar didn't have a clue about that one. 204/5.

Azhar Ali celebrates after scoring his century. - GETTY IMAGES


. Rizwan comes down the track to Dom Bess, out of the blue, and smashes the ball to long-off for six. That brings up his 50. It pitched on a good length but Rizwan came down to the pitch of the ball and neatly deposited it beyond the boundary. Excellent shot. 200/5.

. Short of a length from Archer, punched off the backfoot to mid-on by Azhar. A single taken. He moves to 94. Archer bowls only short or short of a length in that over. 193/5.

. Rizwan makes room for himself and cuts the ball off his stumps to pick up three runs through cover. Azhar Ali comes forward to defend a couple of deliveries, and then gets a full delivery, he square-drives to pick up three runs and keep strike. 192/5.

. Three short deliveries to Rizwan from Archer in that over. Rizwan ducks under them. He gets some width outside off and steers the ball to point to pick up a single and keep strike. 186/5.

. Two runs from the over from Dom Bess. Azhar Ali sweeps to deep square-leg to pick up a couple, and defends in the rest of the over. 185/5.

. An interesting stroke from Rizwan. A short delivery from Archer; Rizwan waves the bat above his head, connects, and sends the ball to the boundary behind the slip cordon. He gets a good-length delivery outside off-stump and squirts the ball past the diving slip fielder to pick up two runs. 183/5.

. Broad tests Rizwan out with a short delivery. Rizwan tries to pull it hard but doesn't time it; picks up a single through midwicket. 177/5.

. Archer resumes. He gets the ball to move away off the seam after pitching, it's a wide delivery and left alone by Azhar. The batsmen play the ball behind square when they get it on their legs to pick up a single each. An upper cut to finish the over; it's a short delivery, head height, Azhar nicely chips it over the slip cordon for a boundary. He moves to 88.

That brings up the 100 partnership between the two. 176/5.

Azhar Ali plays the upper cut. - AP


. Broad attempts a yorker. Azhar Ali plays all around it but it's going down the leg side. A loud shout for lbw but not given. A single from the over, taken by Azhar. 170/5.

. Short and wide from Archer, cut nicely for a four through backward point by Rizwan. Full and straight from Archer, it's driven straight behind the bowler for another boundary. Rizwan drives again off a full delivery, but it's slightly wider and the ball goes to the mid-off fielder. No run. 169/5.

. Broad bowls full and straight, it's straight-driven by Rizwan but stopped by the bowler. Another one that's full, Rizwan plays the drive through extra-cover and picks up a single. Broad bowls one on Azhar's legs and he picks up a single. Rizwan gets one on his legs, too. Another single. 161/5.

Stuart Broad addresses his team-mates in the huddle as they return to take their positions. 

. Full delivery outside off from Bess, defended off the front foot by Rizwan and a single taken. Azhar Ali calmly defends the next few deliveries before nearly edging behind. It was a good delivery from Bess; Azhar shaped to defend it from his crease, the ball narrowly evades the edge, Buttler spills it. Bess has his hands on his head.

That ends the post-lunch session. A good one for Pakistan; the partnership between Azhar and Rizwan is 83 now. We'll be back in about 15 minutes.

. Woakes bowls in the corridor in that over. Azhar gets a short-of-a-length delivery just outside off-stump; he opens the face of his bat and steers it to the third man boundary. Four more. 157/5.

. A good-length delivery from Dom Bess, width on offer, and Azhar nicely steers it to third man for three runs. Another single taken, and Azhar is back on strike. He sweeps hard and picks up four more through square leg. The 150 is up for Pakistan. 152/5.

Azhar Ali pulls. - AP


. Woakes bowls a slower delivery but sprays it down the leg side. One more down the leg side; it's a yorker-length delivery. There's a short mid-on in place so they're going to make him play. Azhar gets one on his pads again and picks up a single. 144/5.

. Dom Bess comes on to bowl his ninth over, replacing Archer. Rizwan defends one from his crease and takes a single. Azhar gets one on his legs, works it away to midwicket for one more run. 143/5.

. Chris Woakes back into the attack. He gets one to come in with the angle to Azhar; there's a loud shout for lbw. Not given. England has no review left so it stays not out. Two runs from the over: a no-ball and a single taken. 141/5.

. A short ball from Archer, directed at Azhar's ribs. Azhar pulls it hard to square leg for a boundary. Full of confidence and resolve is Azhar Ali at the moment. Seven runs from Archer's over; Rizwan got three when he got width and played the cut. 139/5.

. A languid cut stroke from Azhar Ali fetches him four more. It was a disdainful stroke: with width on offer, he positioned himself in his crease and sliced the ball to third man. A top shot.

What should have been a single turns out to be four runs due to an overthrow. The ball was played to point and the fielder coming around to deep point throws the ball over the keeper's head; there was no backup and so the batsmen run three more. Archer, fielding the ball the second time, also throws it over the keeper's head, but there's a man standing behind Buttler this time so no further trouble. 132/5.

. A short delivery from Archer and BANG! It hits the helmet on the grille as Rizwan shapes to turn away from the delivery at the last moment. Rizwan receives some medical attention, but resumes batting quickly. And Archer continues to test him with the short delivery; he ducks under it. Archer bowls full, Rizwan drives but fails to pierce the off-side field. And the final delivery is shortish, he defends it. 122/5.

. A full delivery outside off-stump from Anderson to Azhar, Azhar opens the face of his bat and steers it past the slips to the third man boundary. There was nothing wrong with the delivery, it was just expertly played by Azhar. Five runs from Anderson's 15th over: the boundary and a leg-bye. 122/5.

. Another short and wide delivery, this time from Jofra Archer, it's cut away by Azhar Ali to the third man boundary. Azhar is just two runs away from his half-century. Archer responds with a short delivery, the batsman ducks under it safely. And then a short of a length delivery on off-stump, defended. And then another short one, Azhar ducks again. And the final delivery is a bit of an anti-climax, Azhar works it away off his legs to collect a boundary through square leg.

That's the half-century for Azhar Ali. A patienty, gritty knock from the Pakistan captain. 117/5.

Azhar Ali raises his bat after reaching 50. - GETTY IMAGES


. A short and wide delivery from Anderson, it's slapped away to point by Mohammad Rizwan. That's his second boundary. He defends from his crease in the rest of the over. 109/5.

. Archer back into the attack. A short of a length delivery to Azhar Ali, he hangs his bat and steers it through backward point for a boundary. That takes him to 44 and 6000 career runs. 105/5.

. Rizwan is nearly dismissed caught behind! The ball doesn't carry. It goes low to Jos Buttler, who takes it on the bounce. It was a top delivery from Anderson; in the corridor, on a good length, Rizwan plays it from his crease and nicks it. That was nearly his fifth wicket. A maiden. 101/5.

. Azhar Ali steers a delivery off Broad to point and picks up two runs. Moves to 40. That also brings up the 100 for Pakistan. 101/5.

. Anderson back into the attack. Azhar plays a drive from crease and picks up a single. He gets one on his legs and works it away for a couple. Three runs from the over. 99/5.

. A drive to mid-off by Rizwan but he cannot clear the fielder positioned there, Jofra Archer, who dives full length to his right to stop the ball. A loud shout for lbw, the impact is outside, so given not out. It was a good-length delivery that came in with the angle to Rizwan, who tried to get his bat down on it but not in time to prevent the ball hitting his pads. Maiden over. 96/5.

. Azhar Ali pulls out his sweep when he sees a good-length delivery outside off-stump from Dom Bess and collects a boundary through square leg. The final delivery of the over is a short one, there's width, Azhar cuts and gets another boundary. Moves to 37. 96/5.

. Rizwan gets a fullish-length delivery outside off-stump from Broad and plays a drive. Cannot pierce the off-side field. He plays out a maiden. 88/5.

Mohammad Rizwan plays the sweep. - AP


. Flighted delivery from Dom Bess, pitches on a good length and turns in sharply. The ball goes through Mohammad Rizwan after touching the flap of his pad and beats Jos Buttler as well. Two runs. He gets a similar delivery and sweeps nicely to pick up four runs through fine leg. Rizwan gets a loose delivery and helps it along to long leg to pick up three more. An eventful, expensive over from Bess. 88/5.

. Stuart Broad back into the attack, to bowl his ninth over. Full and straight to Azhar Ali, flicked away to square leg for two runs.  And nearly edges behind! That was a top delivery from Broad; pitches on a good length just outside off-stump, Azhar shapes to defend and gets beaten. 79/5.

. Dom Bess bowls full deliveries outside the off-stump to Azhar Ali. Defended off the front foot. On the final delivery, the batsman gets a straighter one and works it away to midwicket for a single. 77/5.

. Azhar Ali confidently judges the deliveries from Chris Woakes and adjusts accordingly. Straighter ones are defended from the crease, and wider ones left alone. He gets a full delivery outside off for a change and drives to extra cover for a single. 76/5 after 38 overs.

. Fawad, for once, decides to come forward to negotiate a delivery from Bess, and gloves it to the wicketkeeper! That was a flighted delivery, pitches on a good length, Fawad comes forward to smother it, but the ball kisses the glove en route to Jos Buttler. Forward or back, that was the big question: Fawad decides to come forward after doing the opposite for all of Bess's last over and the first of this over. Pays the price. 75/5.

. Azhar Ali solidly defends from his crease in that over from Woakes, and when the opportunity arises, leaves it alone. The final delivery is an excellent one from Woakes; pitches on a good-length, just outside the off-stump, Azhar presses forward to defend but is beaten. 75/4.

Chris Woakes bowls. - AP


. It's a maiden over from Dom Bess but Fawad made room to play the cut on a number of occasions but couldn't get his timing or his placement right. They're good length deliveries but Fawad decided he would play them on the backfoot. It's drinks. 75/4.

. Chris Woakes darts one down the leg side, it's full as well, and worked away to fine leg by Azhar Ali. Two runs taken. Woakes bowled fuller in that over than in his previous over. 75/4.

. Azhar Ali plays a delivery to point, off the backfoot, and takes a single. That's the only run from the Bess's third over. 73/4.

. Chris Woakes replaces Archer. Two singles from the over. He is making the batsmen play, no width on offer. 72/4.

. Dom Bess is bowling a good length and so determining whether to go back or come forward to negotiate them isn't straightforward for the batsman. A single is picked up by Fawad off the final delivery; it's a delivery on his pads, and worked away. 70/4.

. Another testing over from Archer. He bowls a short delivery to Azhar, it bounces so high that Buttler can only get a glove to it as he leaps at full stretch. Archer bowls short deliveries to Fawad as well. The last delivery is also a short one, just outside off, Fawad pulls to midwicket and collects three runs. 69/4.

. Dom Bess, the off-spinner, into the attack now. The fourth delivery of the over is a short one, there's width on offer, and Fawad doesn't miss out on the opportunity. He cuts hard and collects a boundary through cover-point. That was the only loose delivery in that over. 65/4.

Fawad Alam cuts. - AP


. Short of a length, on leg-stump from Archer and it's worked away for a single by Azhar Ali. Archer tests Fawad out with a short ball, Fawad ducks under it. Then, a short of a length delivery outside off-stump squirted to point. And then another short delivery, Fawad is up to the task, he ducks again. Fawad gets a short delivery - below his chest - and it's tucked away awkwardly for a single.

A huge shout for caught behind and not given. That's a ripping delivery from Archer, a well-directed bouncer. Azhar jumps and awkwardly shapes to fend it away from his face. The review is taken by England and the third umpire confirms the ball hit the shoulder and not the gloves. Azhar survives.

An excellent over from Archer, who is bowling at express pace. 61/4.

. Azhar Ali gets one on his hips and he works it away for a couple. He gets a short delivery from Woakes and he pulls it to long leg for a single. 58/4.

. Archer bowls to Fawad from around the wicket. Fawad leaves four deliveries outside the off-stump. And then one comes into the batsman with the angle, it hits the batsman on the stomach. Fawad then leaves one alone down the leg side; it's too wayward from Archer. A maiden. 56/4.

. Woakes gets one to move away from the left-hander after pitching on a good length. It's followed by a slightly fuller delivery which is defended to leg for Fawad for a single; he closed the face of his bat purposely to allow for that single. Then Azhar gets one on his thigh; the ball hits his thigh and it's a leg-bye. Fawad, then, steers one through gully to take a couple of runs.  And an encore, this time it's an outside edge; it flies through to third man where Rory Burns dives and prevents a boundary. It's touch and go, but he does well. Three more. 56/4.

. Archer's first delivery is a bit too straight. It's short-of-a-length, on leg-stump, and it's flicked away by Azhar Ali to square leg for four runs. A shout for lbw, not given, and England decides not to take the review. It's a low full toss, on leg-stump, Azhar is surprised by that and brings his bat down but the ball instead thuds into his left pad. It would have been going down leg probably. 49/4.

Groundstaff on the pitch as rain stops play. - REUTERS


. Welcome back. Chris Woakes into the attack now. Woakes oversteps. He bowls a very full delivery to Azhar Ali, who bends his knee and plays a nice square drive. The fielder chasing the ball puts in a dive to prevent a boundary. Three runs taken. 45/4.

Play will begin at 1.10pm local time (1740 IST) as the rain has stopped.

Lunch has been taken. There are dark clouds around the venue at the moment in Southampton. We'll be back when there's some news.

Rain interruption once again. The players are walking off.

. Jofra Archer comes on to bowl. He gets his deliveries to angle across the left-handed Fawad from over the wicket. For the last ball of the over, he goes around the wicket, gets one to angle into Fawad. The ball hits his thigh, no damage done. 41/4.

. Fawad gets one on his waist from Anderson and he tucks it away to square leg for a single. An expert delivery to Azhar Ali to finish the over; full, on off-stump, moving away slightly, the batsman attempts the drive and misses. 41/4.

Fawad Alam in his unique batting stance. - GETTY IMAGES


. A maiden over from Broad. The deliveries are either defended or left alone outside the off-stump by Azhar Ali. 40/4.

. Fawad gets some excellent deliveries from Anderson. Can't go forward or back, he gets his bat inside his body to prevent an outside edge. Thrice, the ball goes past his bat with little gap between the two. He gets one on his legs and picks up two. 40/4.

. Mohammad Rizwan is shadow practising on the dressing room balcony. Forward defence, and then on the backfoot. He knows a wicket could be around the corner. Azhar Ali gets an excellent delivery from Broad and again, there's nearly an edge. Two runs taken from the over; the first ball was defended to cover and the batsmen ran two. 38/4.

. A single from the over from Anderson. Azhar Ali plays one to cover on the fifth delivery and gives Fawad the strike. Fawad nearly edges behind. 36/4.

. Outside the off-stump, on a good length, Fawad executes an elaborate leave. And then slightly fuller, Fawad edges it! The ball falls short of third slip. A full delivery again, and it's defended. A delivery from Broad comes in with the angle, it's awkwardly negotiated but no harm done. He gets one on his waist and works it away for a single. A full delivery on middle stump to Azhar Ali, who defends the ball to leg and runs a single. 35/4 after 16 overs.

. Fawad gets a good length delivery and he taps the ball to cover and runs a single. Azhar Ali lets Anderson's deliveries go by outside the off-stump. 33/4.

Stuart Broad appeals for an lbw verdict against Azhar Ali. - REUTERS

. A single taken on the first delivery gives Fawad the strike. Broad bowls him a full delivery first up, he defends it off the front-foot. He gets one on his legs and helps it away to fine leg for a single. A full and wide delivery to Azhar Ali, who leaves it alone; there's some outward movement. Then one comes into the batsman, the ball hits him on the pad, a loud shout for lbw, it's not given. Review taken, but it's missing the wickets. Not out. No seam movement there, it just came in with the angle and Azhar Ali played all around it. 32/4.

. Fawad Alam is the new batsman. He defends Anderson's delivery and it's the end of the 13th over. 30/4.

Good news: the rain has passed. Play will begin again in 10 minutes, at 11.35am local time (1605 IST).

It's raining heavily now. The players come back to their dressing rooms. There will be a break, it is likely a passing shower.

. Gently tucked to leg for a single. Asad Shafiq got a good length delivery from Anderson, coming into him, and he closed the face of the bat as he played that one. Another single taken.

And Shafiq departs! A good length delivery outside off, did not swing, the batsman pokes at it and the ball flies off the edge to first slip, where the fielder - Joe Root - takes the catch at neck-height. Wicket No. 597 for Anderson, and the fourth of the innings. 30/4.

It's about to rain, it seems. One of the groundsmen rushes to take his position to get ready to come in and cover the pitch.

. Four slips in place for Stuart Broad. He bowls a full delivery outside off, Asad Shafiq bends his right knee and plays a square drive to take three runs. 28/3.

. Asad Shafiq, the new batsman, is off the mark. He takes a single off Anderson after edging one to point. 25/3.


In his comments on his YouTube channel, Inzamam-ul-Haq believes Pakistan's top-order batsmen have a defensive mindset, and can learn to be more enterprising like their English counterparts. He thinks England profited from this approach and Pakistan should look at this as well. It's a difficult scenario isn't it, when facing fresh English seamers, how can you look to make runs when you know you have to be cautious to avoid getting out?

We'll have to see what approach they adopt today.


What's the weather going to be like today? "Light rain and a moderate breeze," says the BBC, so there may be some interruptions through the day. "Through the day, patchy cloud will build with scattered showers breaking out, which could turn locally sharp in the afternoon. A moderate westerly breeze." We have flexible timings in this Test, so that shouldn't be a problem.

A difficult day ahead for Pakistan's batsmen, after losing three top-order wickets towards the end of Day Two. And the deficit? 559. Azhar Ali is still batting, and he'll have an enormous responsibility on his shoulders to hand his side a solid total.

Can England's seamers wrap the innings up quickly? The morning session will be key.

Here's the report of all the action from Day Two.

Where and when can you watch Pakistan vs England LIVE?

Pakistan vs England will be aired LIVE only on SONY SIX channels from 3.30 pm onwards. It will be available for live streaming on SONY LIV.