Eng vs WI 3rd Test Day 1, Highlights: Buttler, Pope put England on top

Eng vs WI Live Score: Catch all the live score updates, ball by ball commentary from third test between England vs West Indies at Old Trafford, Manchester.

Updated : Jul 24, 2020 22:51 IST

England's Jos Buttler celebrates his half century with Ollie Pope.
England's Jos Buttler celebrates his half century with Ollie Pope.

England's Jos Buttler celebrates his half century with Ollie Pope.

Ollie Pope moves into the nineties with a sweetly timed shot through mid-on for four. Sadly he will have to wait until the start of day two to have a crack at his second Test hundred. The umpires are taking the players off due to bad light and that will be stumps on day one of the third Test, dominated entirely by the host after the early stutter. England have Buttler and Pope to thank for their century stand... Buttler will be pleased with himself after that half-century and will hope to turn it into a big one when play resumes on day two. West Indies, on the other hand, has plenty to ponder especially after it let England slip out of its grasp after having it four down for 130-odd. England finished the day's play on 258/4, Pope is batting on 91 and Buttler on 56.

- England 252/4 after 84 overs (Ollie Pope 85, Jos Buttler 56) Shannon Gabriel and Kemar Roach return to have yet another crack at the English batsmen, this time with the new ball. Buttler scored a streaky boundary off Roach while Gabriel started his new spell with a maiden.

- England 246/4 after 82 overs (Ollie Pope 84, Jos Buttler 51) Buttler gets to his 16th Test fifty - only second in last 12 Tests - with a brace off Chase. A very well-crafted innings from the wicketkeeper-batsman. This should take some pressure off his back. West Indies meanwhile have taken the new ball with eight overs left in the day.

- England 242/4 after 80 overs (Ollie Pope 83, Jos Buttler 48) Safe to say West Indies has squandered the advantage it gained by reducing England to four down for 130-odd at tea. Their bowlers have paid the price for repeatedly bowling a leg-stump line. The new ball is now available. But West Indies has decided against it.

- England 230/4 after 78 overs (Ollie Pope 73, Jos Buttler 46) Pope survives a tight call for lbw. West Indies reviewed the on-filed decision but replays showed the ball missing the leg-stump by a whisker. In the meantime, Buttler brings up the century stand with a single. He then moves to 46 with a boundary to deep extra-cover; sloppy work from Kraigg Brathwaite helping the Englishman. West Indies would be desperate to pick a wicket before the new ball becomes available.

- England 220/4 after 76 overs (Ollie Pope 70, Jos Buttler 39) Buttler plays out a maiden off Cornwall's bowling. Chase and Cornwall had put the brakes on the scoring before Buttler broke the shackles with a crisp cover-drive. Both batsmen will be wary of the new ball being available after 80 overs.

- England 215/4 after 74 overs (Ollie Pope 69, Jos Buttler 35) Rahkeem Cornwall  and Roston Chase bowling in tandem now. It will be interesting to see Buttler's tactics against Cornwall... especially after having hit him for two sixes earlier. Does Buttler bat for close of play or take his chances? He gets just a single off Cornwall's 17th over. Meanwhile, the partnership between Pope and Buttler is nearing 100.

- England 210/4 after 72 overs (Ollie Pope 67, Jos Buttler 32) Pope has looked really good out there and Buttler is growing in confidence. Menawhile, Holder has turned to Roston Chase who ended up bowling a maiden in just his third over of the day. Can Buttler get to his fifty today?

- England 205/4 after 70 overs (Ollie Pope 64, Jos Buttler 30) After a spell of leaking runs, Cornwall and Holder keep it down to just a single in 12 deliveries. This has been some fantastic counter-attacking cricket from these two but the key is to keep building on this advantage.

- England 204/4 after 68 overs (Ollie Pope 63, Jos Buttler 30) Jos Buttler flexing his muscles for the first time in this match with a brace of maximums against Cornwall. That should do his confidence a world of good. West Indies starting to feel the pressure?

- England 190/4 after 66 overs (Ollie Pope 61, Jos Buttler 18) West Indies has been conceding way too many boundaries for its liking. This partnership, now worth 70, is starting to take the attack to the visitor. Credit to Pope who has been the aggressor here but he needs to dig in and play a big one. Meanwhile, WI has turned to spin with runs coming too easily. Concedes just a single.

- England 184/4 after 64 overs (Ollie Pope 59, Jos Buttler 15) Ollie Pope has looked in complete control from the get go. Reaches his fifty with a fabulous drive through cover-point off Holder, his sixth hit to the fence; dealing in boundaries at the moment is Ollie Pope. Pope is throwing his hands at anything that has been wide... two more boundaries off Gabriel make it eight fours for Pope in this innings. Great intent from Pope.

- England 168/4 after 62 overs (Ollie Pope 47, Jos Buttler 12) 150 comes up for England. Runs starting to flow off the bat of Pope, who collects three boundaries off Gabriel  and Roach as the lights begin to take effect in Manchester. It has gotten very dark. Meanwhile, all eyes will be on Buttler who has been under some pressure with runs having dried up.

- England 151/4 after 60 overs (Ollie Pope 31, Jos Buttler 11) 150 comes up for England. A leading edge from Pope fell just short of a diving Roston Chase, who ran from mid-wicket and just got his finger tips before the ball fell short. Gabriel almost got Pope there.

- FOUR- Poor ball from Gabriel as he bowls short, down the leg and Buttler pulls it to the fine leg boundary.

- Shannon Gabriel back into the attack

- England 145/4 after 59 overs (Ollie Pope 30, Jos Buttler 7) Dowrich continues to be under pressure as he fails to gather one, allowing the batsmen to take three.

- England 142/4 after 58 overs (Ollie Pope 30, Jos Buttler 7) Buttler gets going with a boundary after playing a dozen of dot balls and that should give him some confidence.

-FOUR- Buttler breaks away from the shackles and drives Holder down the ground for a welcome boundary. 

- England 138/4 after 57 overs (Ollie Pope 30, Jos Buttler 3) Pope continues to flirt with deliveries outside the off and has been lucky. Needs to be patient.

- FOUR- Pope flashes and flashes hard. Full from Roach and Pope throws his hands away and ball flies over the gully region for a boundary.

- England 134/4 after 56 overs (Ollie Pope 26, Jos Buttler 3) Buttler has been positive, although the West Indies has dried up the scoring opportunities. Buttler plays out a maiden.

- England 134/4 after 55 overs (Ollie Pope 26, Jos Buttler 3) Roach manages to snare an outside edge but luckily Pope plays with soft hands and the ball falls just short of first slip.

- England 131/4 after 54 overs (Ollie Pope 24, Jos Buttler 2) Holder starts with a maiden after Tea.

- We are back for the final session of play and West Indies would like to end the day with a few more wickets. Meanwhile, Buttler and Pope have a chance to exhibit their batting prowess and see England through without further hiccups.

Tea, Day 1 - England 131/4 after 53 overs (Ollie Pope 24, Jos Buttler 2) Fine session for the West Indies as they got Ben Stokes and most importantly a well-set Rory Burns, who worked hard for his fifty but failed to convert into a big one. Ollie Pope is looking good in company of Jos Buttler and West Indies would like to snare a couple more, given the form Buttler is in. Will be back in 20 minutes for the final session. 

- England 128/4 after 52 overs (Ollie Pope 22, Jos Buttler 1) Crucial for Buttler to get a good knock and West Indies know he is under pressure. Holder spot on with his lengths as he mixes his deliveries and keeps Buttler guessing. 

- England 127/4 after 51 overs (Ollie Pope 21, Jos Buttler 1) Buttler is off the mark with a single but Shane Dowrich has been nervous behind the stumps. His keeping needs to be up for the task.

- England 125/4 after 50 overs (Ollie Pope 20, Jos Buttler 0) Holder is trying is variations as he drags his length a touch shorter against Pope but allows Pope to rotate strike by going full. Two from the over.

- Jason Holder is back into the attack

- England 123/4 after 49 overs (Ollie Pope 18, Jos Buttler 0) Jos Buttler is yet to get off mark and Gabriel has an opportunity to get hims name in the wickets column.

- England 122/4 after 48 overs (Ollie Pope 18, Jos Buttler 0) Roston Chase breaks the stand and he gets the prized wicket of Rory Burns.

- Jos Buttler, struggling for runs, is the new man in. Golden opportunity for the wicket-keeper to make it count.

- WICKET- There it is, Chase with the breakthrough and that's a massive wicket for the West Indies. Burns departs for 57 and what a catch from Cornwall. Full, bit of bounce, Burns goes for the cut, gets an outside edge and Cornwall at first slip reacts sharply as he takes a one-handed stunner to his right and then gets his left hand to ensure the ball remains in his grasp.

- England 122/3 after 47 overs (Rory Burns 57, Ollie Pope 18) The partnership between Pope and Burns is steadily growing and West Indies need to break the stand. There is turn but no movement.

- Shannon Gabriel is back into the attack

- England 120/3 after 46 overs (Rory Burns 56, Ollie Pope 17) A single from Roston Chase over and he has the ability to produce something out of nowhere. Pope needs to be careful while stepping out.

- England 119/3 after 45 overs (Rory Burns 56, Ollie Pope 16) Gabriel runs in hard and pitches one short that Burns ducks. Burns is looking comfortable and West Indies needs a plan to get him. 

- England 116/3 after 44 overs (Rory Burns 54, Ollie Pope 13) Pope is growing in confidence, especially the way he is playing spin. 

- FOUR- Excellent from Pope as he gets to the pitch of the ball and clips Cornwall wide of mid-on and Gabriel gives off the chase as the ball crosses the rope.

- England 109/3 after 43 overs (Rory Burns 54, Ollie Pope 8) Gabriel is trying to purchase some movement from the crease but there hasn't been much. Burns on his part gets nicely behind the line of the ball and defends it.

- England 108/3 after 42 overs (Rory Burns 54, Ollie Pope 7) Cornwall has to cut short on his loose deliveries and has to bowl according to the field that Holder set. The captain himself was at silly mid-on but Cornwall kept bowling outside off and Burns was happy to put away.

- FOUR- Width from Cornwall and Burns cashes in with a cut in front of the square as the ball races away to the fence.

- FOUR- Width from Cornwall and Burns cashes in with a cut in front of the square as the ball races away to the fence.

- England 104/3 after 41 overs (Rory Burns 50, Ollie Pope 7) Excellent fifty from Rory Burns and it has been solid from the opener. He took his time, got his eye in and has shown great composure throughout. His half-century has come off 126 deliveries. Time for Drinks.

- Shannon Gabriel into the attack

- England 103/3 after 40 overs (Rory Burns 49, Ollie Pope 7) The 100 is up for England and Burns is a single away from his fifty.

- England 99/3 after 39 overs (Rory Burns 48, Ollie Pope 4) Pope was hit by a brute of a bouncer from Roach but he is alright and cleared a concussion test.

- England 96/3 after 38 overs (Rory Burns 46, Ollie Pope 4) Cornwall gives three from the over and Pope is handling the spinner by reaching to the pitch of the delivery and smothering the spin.


- England 93/3 after 37 overs (Rory Burns 46, Ollie Pope 1) Pope is off the mark and Kemar Roach has been brilliant with the line. A couple more could shift the momentum completely towards the West Indies

- England 92/3 after 36 overs (Rory Burns 46, Ollie Pope 0) Cornwall builds the pressure by bowling out a maiden.

- Ollie Pope is the new batsman

- England 92/3 after 35 overs (Rory Burns 46, Ben Stokes 20) Massive wicket for the West Indies as Kemar Roach dismissed Ben Stokes with a beauty.

- WICKET- Huge wicket and Roach has breached the defence of Stokes. There was absolutely no feet movement and the ball came back in sharply after pitching, goes past the defence and knocks down the off pole. 

- FOUR - Excellent pull from Stokes as he dispatches Roach to the boundary with a pull behind the square.

- England 88/2 after 34 overs (Rory Burns 46, Ben Stokes 16) Off-break and an arm ball, Cornwall is using his variations to good effect but Burns is up to the task. 

- Rahkeem Cornwall back into the attack

- England 86/2 after 33 overs (Rory Burns 45, Ben Stokes 15) Two runs from the over and Burns is swiftly moving towards is fifty.

- England 84/2 after 32 overs (Rory Burns 44, Ben Stokes 14) Burns and Stokes are slowly building a partnership, very vital from England's point of view.

- England 77/2 after 31 overs (Rory Burns 41, Ben Stokes 10) Burns has been solid and as he drives, he makes sure he gets his eyes underneath the ball and drives it down the ground. Moves into the fourties.

- England 75/2 after 30 overs (Rory Burns 39, Ben Stokes 10) Stokes is looking solid and is happy rotating the strike, while, Holder has been spot on with his length.

- England 73/2 after 29 overs (Rory Burns 39, Ben Stokes 8) Bit of extra pace from Roach and he is operating with two slips and gully, bowling from round the wicket. Successful as he beats Burns and keeps it tight.

- England 72/2 after 28 overs (Rory Burns 39, Ben Stokes 7) Rory Burns is away after Lunch and is looking comfortable against the pace of Holder. The pitch looks good for batting and both Stokes and Burns will look to build a partnetship.

-FOUR- Runs straightaway and Burns is away with a boundary. Short and wide and Burns opens the face of his bat and steers it through the point for a boundary.


We are back after Lunch and the sun out. Should be a good session with England eyeing to accelerate.

- Lunch, Day One- Fine session by the West Indies with the wickets of Dom Sibley and Joe Root but they need to be more disciplined with their lines, especially with Ben Stokes at the crease. Cornwall has been impressive with some turn but credit to Rory Burns for his stoic defence. Will be back in 45 for the second session.

- England 66/2 after 27 overs (Rory Burns 33, Ben Stokes 7) That will be Lunch on Day one

- England 63/2 after 26 overs (Rory Burns 30, Ben Stokes 7) Stokes gets into the act with a powerful drives through the mid-on and uses his feet well.

- England 59/2 after 25 overs (Rory Burns 30, Ben Stokes 3) Two runs from the over as Burns plays watchfully.

- England 57/2 after 24 overs (Rory Burns 29, Ben Stokes 1) Maiden for Cornwall

- England 57/2 after 23 overs (Rory Burns 29, Ben Stokes 2) Ben Stokes is off the mark.

- England 52/2 after 22 overs (Rory Burns 29, Ben Stokes 1) An important wicket that of Root and West Indies will believe they can have one more before Lunch

- Ben Stokes walks into the middle

-WICKET - Run out and Root is gone! Roston Chase finds Root short of the his crease and what a breakthrough for West Indies.

- England 47/1 after 21 overs (Rory Burns 25, Joe Root 17) Shannon Gabriel has to just get his length more fuller and keep the batsmen watchful.

- England 42/1 after 20 overs (Rory Burns 22, Joe Root 15) Turn for Cornwall as he gives four from the over.

- England 38/1 after 19 overs (Rory Burns 19, Joe Root 14) Excellent from Holder as he gives just a single.

- England 37/1 after 18 overs (Rory Burns 19, Joe Root 13) Five runs from the Cornwall over

- England 30/1 after 17 overs (Rory Burns 17, Joe Root 85) A couple to Root and West Indies has manages to keep a lid on the scoring.

- England 27/1 after 16 overs (Rory Burns 17, Joe Root 5) A thick outside edge gives Burns a couple but Cornwall draws him which is a sign that an outside edge is just round the corner.

- England 25/1 after 15 overs (Rory Burns 15, Joe Root 5) Excellent from Holder as he picks his third maiden.

- England 25/1 after 14 overs (Rory Burns 15, Joe Root 5) Cornwall purchases turn as he beats Burns defence. Two from the over.

Spin into the attack and it will be Rahkeem Cornwall

- England 23/1 after 13 overs (Rory Burns 13, Joe Root 5) Shannon Gabriel is back on the field as Holders gives just two from his over.

- England 21/1 after 12 overs (Rory Burns 12, Joe Root 4) An hour of play has passed and West Indies would be happy with the start. However, eyes will be on Gabriel who limped off the field. Time for Drinks.

- FOUR- First boundary of the day as Burns drives a full delivery from Roach, firmly through the covers and the ball races away.

- England 17/1 after 11 overs (Rory Burns 8, Joe Root 4) Top stuff from Holder as he almost gets Root. Lures Root for the drive and the ball beats the outside edge and misses the bat by a whisker.

- England 16/1 after 10 overs (Rory Burns 7, Joe Root 4) Two runs from the over. Roach is bowling in the right areas and on one occasion dropped a bit short.

- England 14/1 after 9 overs (Rory Burns 6, Joe Root 3) Yet another maiden for Holder and he has been excellent with his line.

- England 14/1 after 8 overs (Rory Burns 6, Joe Root 3) Kemar Roach finishes the over as West Indies sweats over the fitness of Shannon Gabriel.

-Problem for West Indies as Gabriel is walking off the field. He holds his calf muscle on his way back.

- England 11/1 after 7 overs (Rory Burns 3, Joe Root 3) Holder starts with a maiden and there is a hint of movement off the surface. Watchful from Root.

- Bowling change as Jason Holder comes into the attack

- England 11/1 after 6 overs (Rory Burns 3, Joe Root 3) A good over from Gabriel goes waste as he bowls a delivery way outside the leg that beats the keeper and runs away to the fence.

- England 7/1 after 5 overs (Rory Burns 3, Joe Root 3) Excellent from Roach as he gets a maiden. Good line and length, there was pace too but guess just needs to drag his length a little shorter.

- England 7/1 after 4 overs (Rory Burns 3, Joe Root 3) West Indies went for a review - LBW appeal against Joe Root that was turned down by the umpire. Replays showed the impact was outside off and Root survives. Review lost by West Indies.

- Just a reminder, the third Test between England and West Indies will be the last time the two teams compete for the Wisden Trophy.

- England 6/1 after 3 overs (Rory Burns 3, Joe Root 3) Both Root and Burns are off the mark and Roach has hit the 133 kmph mark.

- England 3/1 after 2 overs (Rory Burns 3, Joe Root 0) Shannon Gabriel starts with three slips and a gully in addition to a short leg at place. Bowls a good first over keeping the ball on the off-stump channel.

- Joe Root walks in early at No.3

- England 1/1 after 1 over (Dominic Sibley 0, Rory Burns 1) Great start from West Indies as Kemar Roach has turned the luck after going wicketless for close to 83 overs in Test cricket. Poor start from England.

-WICKET - Success straightaway for Kemar Roach and what a start for West Indies. A century in the previous Test and now a duck!

- Rory Burns and Dom Sibley are out in the middle and it will be Kemar Roach to Burns.

- Overcast conditions greet the players as they along with the umpires and support staff take a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter.

- Playing XI

- England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Joe Root (C), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler (WK), Chris Woakes, Dominic Bess, Jofra Archer, Stuart Broad, James Anderson

- West Indies: Kraigg Brathwaite, John Campbell, Shai Hope, Shamarh Brooks, Roston Chase, Jermaine Blackwood, Shane Dowrich (WK), Jason Holder (C), Rahkeem Cornwall, Kemar Roach, Shannon Gabriel

- West Indies wins the toss and opts to bowl first

- Toss coming up

-   It's been 32 years since West Indies last won a Test series in England and the decider presents them a perfect opportunity to rewrite history. Cricket resumed after a three-month long hiatus owing to the Coronavirus pandemic and what a brilliant start this has been. Fans have been waiting for the game to resume and we have had two cracking Test matches that went all the way down to the wire. The West Indies won the first in Southampton and then England - all praise to one man- Ben Stokes who came up with an inspiration show to help the host level the series at Old Trafford. The third Test, at the same venue, presents both teams an opportunity to play some exciting cricket and get their hands on the Wisden Trophy. Plenty of permutations and combinations - as far as team selection goes. Archer comes back for England and in all likeliness will play and so as Jimmy Anderson. Whom will England leave out remains to be seen. For West Indies, Shai Hope is under the microscope and their fast bowlers - especially Shannon Gabriel has to lead the attack upfront.


- Good noon and welcome to the decider between England and West Indies at the Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester. Stay tunes as we bring you the Toss, playing XI and all the other updates.


The Preview

England faces seamers’ puzzle as both teams head into decisive Test

Host  England  has to make a tough call when picking the best seamers from six for the deciding Test against the  West Indies  at Old Trafford, starting Friday.

England named its squad on Thursday, and delayed showing its hand by picking all six of its seamers,  including Jofra Archer , who was dropped before the second Test for breaking health protocols through an unauthorized trip home.

Archer’s misdeed — which also cost him extra isolation, a 15,000 pounds (USD 19,000) fine and a written warning — won’t be counted against him for the three fast bowling berths in the playing XI, England says.


Jason Holder backs Shai Hope to fire

West Indies captain Holder will take a call on team selection for the third Test after looking at the pitch on Friday, but he feels Hope isn’t over yet.



Ben Stokes: I do everything the team asks of me

England skipper Joe Root said he isn't surprised by Ben Stokes' match-winning contribution in the second Test against West Indies at Old Trafford on Monday.

The all-rounder led the way with a match aggregate of 254 runs and three wickets, two on the final day, to earn England a 113-run win in Manchester.


Broad wants to emulate Anderson in career longevity

A“hungry”  Stuart Broad  wants to emulate his pace colleague  James Anderson  in terms of career longevity, saying he is fit enough to play for some more years.

After being ignored for the first Test in Southampton, the 34-year-old pacer returned to the side for the ongoing second game against the West Indies and handed  England  advantage late in the fourth day with his three-wicket burst.

What: England vs West Indies, 3rd Test

Where: Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester

Date and Time: July 24-28 03:30 IST


West Indies: Kraigg Brathwaite, John Campbell, Shai Hope, Shamarh Brooks, Roston Chase, Jermaine Blackwood, Shane Dowrich (WK), Jason Holder (C), Kemar Roach, Alzarri Joseph, Shannon Gabriel, Nkrumah Bonner, Rahkeem Cornwall, Raymon Reifer, Chemar Holder

England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Zak Crawley, Joe Root (C), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler (WK), Dominic Bess, Jofra Archer, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Chris Woakes, Sam Curran, Mark Wood

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's LIVE coverage of Day one of the third Test between England and West Indies at the Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.


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