World Cup 2019: Pakistan beats England by 14 runs - as it happened

ENG vs PAK, ICC World Cup 2019: Joe Root and Jos Buttler hundreds went in vain as Pakistan beat England by 14 runs.


Riaz double strike brought Pakistan back into the contest.   -  getty images

Highlights of World Cup 2019 match between England and Pakistan at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

Riaz has done. Pakistan have done. They've snapped a 11-match losing streak. Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir's fiery spells in the death overs, coupled with fine batting performances from Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez and Sarfaraz Khan powered Pakistan to a 14-run win over tournament favourite England. Credit to England though for the way it batted. Joe Root and Buttler getting centuries but not seeing the team home. In the end, what a win it was for Pakistan. That would be all from our side. Night!

Meanwhile, feast on these stats. Cheerio

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Rashid joins Archer. GONE! Amir gets a second wicket, gets Archer out caught by: guess who? Riaz! Nine down England. Excellent over that from Amir. Four runs and a wicket.

Riaz into the attack. DROPPED! Woakes has been dropped... and he gets two. Asif Ali the culprit there. Dot to follow it up. Woakes: is he going to be the hero tonight? Hammers a six over long-off. GONE! This time the fielder makes no mistake. Riaz has his man: Moeen departs. Archer is in next. And another one bites the dust; Woakes is caught behind. England needs 29 runs in 12 balls

Amir to continue. Woakes gets a two. Another two and that will take England to 300. There's that elusive boundary... edged and runs away to third-man for four. Two wides and a single. Still a very good over this. Moeen Ali, however, pulls the last ball for four. 15 off that. England needs 38 runs in 18 balls.

Chris Woakes comes to the crease. Seven runs and a wicket from that Amir over. England needs 58 runs in 30 balls. Hassan Ali to bowl out. Three singles and two dots: gold dust. Two to the end over. Just five from it. ENG 296/6 after 46 overs. England needs 53 runs in 24 balls

BUTTLER! What an innings from the keeper-batsman. Brings up his 100, and in the process keeps England in the hunt for a record run chase.  This is also the fastest 100 in the World Cup by an English batsman. Gets there with a boundary. GONE! Another batsman perishes after a hundred. Amir with the breakthrough!

Hassan continues. Buttler reaches 95 with a quick double. Moeen, at the other end, gets a three. Wahab Riaz puts in a spectacular effort near the ropes to save one. Buttler moves to 98 with two more. Buttler is on 99 and will be on strike next over.

Hassan Ali is back into the attack. Buttler collects a brace. Five from it. Shadab to bowl out. Buttler moves into the 90s with a brace. Five from the over. Shadab: 10-0-62-2.

Missed stumping chance. That should've been out. Sarfaraz fluffing an easy stumping chance off Moeen Ali. Shadab Khan concedes five off that over. ENG 263/5 after 41 overs. England needs 86 runs in 54 balls.

Riaz to continue. Buttler brings up the team 250 with a single. Buttler keeps chipping away: drives one through extra cover for four. 10 runs off the over. England needs 91 runs in 60 balls.

Shadab back into the attack. He gets rid of Root. He's gutted, is Root. He did so well to get to his 100 but has thrown it away. Shadab gets his second wicket. Moeen Ali joins Buttler. Only two runs and a wicket from it.

Hassan Ali to continue. Root moves to 97 with a glorious pull shot. 10 off that over. Five runs from that Amir over. Root on 99. Root gets to his 100 with a single off Riaz! Top knock. And another boundary square of the wicket. 10 runs from that over.

Good over from Shadab: just four singles off it. England needs 144 runs in 17 overs. Six runs from Hassan's over. Root into the nineties. Buttler continues to collect boundaries; this time off Amir. 100-run partnership is up with a boundary to long-off.  10 off it. ENG 221/4 after 35 overs. England need 128 runs in 90 balls.

Buttler reaches his fifty with a maximum over deep mid-wicket. 12 from that Shadab over. England cruising at the moment. Asif Ali has hurt himself near the boundary.  He seems to be fine. Root, meanwhile, brings up 200 with a single off Hassan Ali. Only two from the over. ENG 201/4 after 32 overs.

Another edge; this time it's Buttler and the ball evades the stretched hands of Sarfaraz and runs away for four. Riaz at the receiving end again. Another edge and this one falls just short of first slip, but runs away for four more. 11 from the 30th. ENG 187/4

EDGED AND FOUR! Riaz induces an edge off Root's bat but no slip means the ball races away to the fence for four. That also brings up the 50-run stand between Buttler and Root. Shadab Khan continues. Traps Buttler on the pads. Pakistan reviews for a lbw but replays show the ball missing the stumps. ENG 176/4 after 29 overs.

Riaz back into the attack. Root brings up the 150 with a single. Buttler means business: collects a boundary each off Riaz and leggie Shadab. 18 runs from the last two overs. England needs 183 runs to win.


WHACKED! Buttler has hammered that down the ground for four... Malik overpitched and paid the price. Boundary and a single to end the over. Buttler takes on Hafeez: deposits him over deep mid-wicket for six. Now Root. He goes big over long-off. 15 from that over. ENG 148/4 after 25 overs.

GONE! Shoaib Malik removes Stokes. This is a big one. Pakistan now well and truly in the driver's seat. England four down. Jos Buttler is in next. Two runs from the over.  Hafeez continues: that one kept low, but Root has still managed to pull that away for four. Eight from it. ENG 128/4 after 23 overs.

Hafeez to continue. 50 up for Joe Root with a single. Another tight over from Hafeez. Only three coming off it. Shoaib Malik into the attack. Three dots and a single so far. Two more singles to end the over. Hafeez is running through his overs: just four from this one. ENG 118/3 after 21 overs.

Hassan to continue. Five from the over. Hafeez, from the other end, continues to keep a lid on the scoring: no boundaries, just five singles off it. Root remains unfazed though. Gets room and cuts it, cuts it fine for four... into the 40s. Stokes wraps up the over with a well-timed straight drive for four. ENG 108/3 after 18 overs.

Hafeez brought into the attack. Short ball and Root pulls it to backward square leg for four.  Seven from his first over. Hassan to continue. Short. Wide. Four. Root's quietly moved to 34. Five off the over. DRINKS! Hafeez to continue. TIMBER! Big wicket for Pakistan: Hafeez cleans up Morgan with a straighter delivery. Ben Stokes comes to the crease. PAK ENG 86/3 after 15 overs.

Amir to continue. Excellent over that: only two runs off it. Start of Powerplay 2. Four runs off that Riaz over. Change of bowling: Hassan into the attack. Good start until that top-edge that races away to third-man for four. Seven from it. ENG 73/2 after 12 overs.

Root takes England past 50 with a boundary square of the wicket. Amir's being targeted by both batsmen here. Eight runs coming off the eighth over. Too full, too wide from Wahab and Bairstow has smacked that square of the wicket for four. GONE! Edged and taken: Wahab snaps up Jonny. England two down. ENG 60/2 after 9 overs. Eoin Morgan in at 4.

Wahab Riaz into the attack. On the pads, and Bairstow has flicked it away for four. Nearly gets his man next abll, but the inside edge races away for four. Nine from Wahab's first over. ENG 46/1 after 7 overs.

Amir starts with a sharp bouncer; Root sways out of the line. Next ball: almost chops on, but gets two instead. Four given. DROPPED! Root's been given a life; first slip grasses a chance. Nine off that eventful over.

Amir to continue. Four from the over. Shadab, from the other end, sends down three dots. Bairstow responds by hitting the fourth one over the bowler's head for six. The ball has to be changed... the old one's been damaged by the impact. Dot to end the over. PAK 28/1 after 5 overs.

GONE! The ploy to give the new ball to the leg-spinner has worked. Shadab gets Roy out lbw. The batsman reviews but replays show three reds, and England have lost their first wicket.  Root's in next. He wraps up the over with a boundary. Six from it.

Short and wide, cut away for four by Roy. Another rank long hop, and Roy smacks it for four more. Eight from the first over. Amir from the other end. JAFFA! What a ball first up. Pacy inswinger and Bairstow doesn't get bat on it. SHOT! What a way to get off the mark in the World Cup: pummelled it through covers. Four from it. ENG 12/0 after 2 overs.

Pakistan to start with leg-spin. Shadab Khan with the new ball. Roy and Bairstow to start proceedings.


Fakhar and Imam put on an 82-run opening stand to get Pakistan off to a solid start. Fifties from Babar, Hafeez and Sarfaraz then propelled Pakistan over 300 before cameos by Hassan Ali and Shadab Khan took thenm to 348/8. England needs 349 to win.

Hafeez: "We all knew that we can handle any situation but we couldn't do it on that day (against West Indies. Some poor shots cost us but we were confident. To be very honest, the pitch is not the same, it's holding up a bit and helping spinners. Sticking a bit onto the track too. There is some help for the seamers as well. (On what worked for him today) Positive intent always, wanted to play the situation and just kept going. Wanted to just attack the bowlers and it worked."


Hassan launches Archer over long-off for six. Archer today: 10-0-79-0. Woakes to bowl the last over. Malik is caught first ball. Pakistan eight down. Short ball again but this time the edge off Shadab Khan runs away for four. Follows it up with a brace. He finishes off on a high, with a boundary. Pakistan ends on 348/8.

Shoaib Malik is in next. He's playing his first World Cup match after 12 years. Six runs from that Wood over. Woakes is back into the attack, and strikes straightaway. Sarfaraz commits harakiri, departs for 55. Pakistan six down. Wahab is in next. He gets a boundary before becoming Woakes' second victim of the match. Pakistan seven down. Hassan at the crease. PAK 326/7 after 48 overs.

Sarfaraz brings up 300 with a brace off Archer. Mid-off inside the circle, no extra-cover and Sarfaraz has hit that for four. He reaches his 50 off the next ball thanks to four overthrows. GONE! Asif Ali perishes trying to up the scoring rate: second wicket for Wood. PAK 311/5 after 46.1 overs.

Archer to continue. Slow, wide from Archer and Asif Ali has put that away for six. Change of pace not working there. 113 kmph has been smacked away. 13 runs from it.  Wood continues. Five from it. PAK 297/4 after 45 overs.

Hafeez has holed out to Woakes (what a day he is having in the field) for a breezy 84. Asif Ali joins his skipper. PAK 279/4 after 43 overs.

Ben Stokes into the attack from the Radcliffe road end. FOUR! Hafeez drives through extra cover for four. Eight runs from it. Woakes to continue. Sarfaraz brings up the 250 with a fierce hit for four. 50-run partnership between the two. Nine from it. PAK 252/3 after 40 overs. Umpires signal the start of third powerplay.

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Wood continues. Five runs coming from the over. Moeen continues. England's been sloppy in the field today. Good over that: just three in the over. Woakes back into the attack. Starts with a length ball, and Sarfaraz gets it away for four. Erratic over that from Woakes, nine off it. PAK 235/3 after 38 overs.

SHOT! Hafeez growing in confidence: pulls a Wood short ball for four. Good use of the pace and the angle. Hafeez brings up his 50 with a delightful straight-drive for four. Moeen to continue. Sarfaraz ends the over with a sweep shot for four. PAK 218/3 after 35 overs.

WATCH: Woakes plucks a blinder

Mark Wood back into the attack. Hafeez begins by haring back for two. Seven from it. Moeen Ali back into the attack, and strikes straightaway. Babar Azam falls for 63,and it's Woakes again with a sharp catch. Pakistan three down. Hafeez single brings up the team 200. Sarfaraz Ahmed, right handed bat, comes to the crease. PAK 200/3 after 33 overs.

Archer continues. England are overdoing the short stuff here. Review for run-out sent upstairs. Azam's home. A single to end the over. Six from it. Rashid into the attack.  A loopy delivery, and Hafeez accepts the gift with a might six. Follows it up with a googly, and Hafeez hits it for a four.  13 from it. Rashid's going at 8.6 runs an over. PAK 189/2 after 31 overs.

Archer back into the attack. Fifty partnership up between the two off just 44 balls. Babar gets to his fifty with a single. Fine innings! Five from the over. Rashid to continue. Azam's driven through the extra cover but a fine effort from Bairstow saves a certain boundary. Five from it. PAK 170/2 after 29 overs.

DROPPED! Oh Dear! After the Woakes stunner, Roy has dropped a sitter, and Hafeez survives. Disappointment for Rashid. Good bowling from the leggie: nagging line and length, not letting the duo ease up. Seven from it. Stokes continues to concede the ones and twos, five from his over. Meanwhile, Babar brings up the team 150 with a boundary off Rashid before smashing the next ball over long-on for six. Moves to 49 with yet another boundary. 14 from it. PAK 160/2 after 27 overs.

Hafeez gets a second boundary: this one's placed to backward square leg, bisecting the gap expertly. Nine from the over. Adil Rashid into the attack. Four runs coming off it. Stokes continues... has managed to keep the batsmen quiet. Just two from it. PAK 134/2 after 24 overs.

Ben Stokes into his second over. Three from it. Moeen into the attack. GONE! Woakes has grabbed a stunner near the ropes: Imam looks flabbergasted and rightly so; it's taken a brilliant catch to end his stay. Pakistan two down. Mohammad Hafeez at the crease. Hafeez steps out and lofts Moeen over mid-off for four. Strong intent. PAK 119/2 after 21 overs.

Moeen to continue. Good running between the wickets by these two. Pakistan into the nineties. Five from it. Ben Stokes has been brought into the attack. Babar brings up the 100 with a single. Five from it. Eight runs from Moeen's over: Babar ends it with a lofted strike over long-off for four. PAK 108/1 after 19 overs.

Wood concedes three in his third. Tight stuff from the express pacer. GONE! Moeen Ali outsmarts Fakhar with turn, and he has been stumped. Pakistan lose their first wicket. Babar Azam comes to the crease. Successful over from Moeen; three and a wicket.  Wood to continue. Welcomes Babar with a feisty bouncer. Three dots, three really quick, short balls. Babar responds by pulling one in between the two fielders in the deep. Four runs. 16 overs done, Pakistan 90/1. DRINKS!

Wood to continue. Two cutters to start the over. Third one's a quick bouncer. 89 mph that. Three runs from it. Moeen to continue. Great over : only three from it. PAK 79/0 after 13 overs.

Moeen Ali into the attack. Errs in line... and Imam gets a boundary to fine-leg. Good comeback from Moeen. Just four off the next five. Mark Wood into the attack. Just two off it in the end.  Moeen to continue. We are done with the first Powerplay. Four from that Moeen Ali. PAK 73/0 after 11 overs.

Wide ball from Woakes, and Zaman has smashed that through the off-side for four. Good start this. CHEEKY! Makes room and laps it over fine leg for four more. 12 from the over. 50 up for Pakistan as Imam tucks a full Archer delivery past mid-on for four. England have reviewed a lbw call against Imam. Bad review. Clear inside edge and Imam survives. Pacy, short stuf from Archer. Expensive over: 13 from it. PAK 62/0 after 8 overs.

SIX! An 81-metre hit from Imam; first signs of aggression and an outside edge off the next ball races away to the third man fence for four: no third-slip there. A dot to end the over. 11 off it. Short ball from Archer has been pulled away disdainfully by Zaman for four. Ohhhh! Outside edge found but lobs up over the gap for a single. Six from it. PAK 37/0 after 6 overs.

Woakes to continue. Four dots, and Imam's getting a bit restless here. And a maiden from Woakes. Archer continues: short and on the pads and Zaman dispatches it for four. A leg gully in place. Bouncer alert? A single to end the over. PAK 20/0 after 4 overs.

Imam gets off the mark with a single behind point. Zaman, at the other end, gets off the mark with a boundary: a misfield inside the circle allowing the ball to race away to the fence. And another one: handsome drive to end the over. Nine off it. Jofra Archer to share the new ball. Too straight from Archer and four leg-byes to Pakistan.  Cracking deliveries: on a good length, pacy ball with hint of away movement. Five from it. PAK 14/0 after 2 overs.

The players of both teams are walking out to the middle. National Anthem's up next. Pakistan first. Right, we are done with the anthems. Now to cricket. Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-Haq to start proceedings for Pakistan. Chris Woakes with the new ball.


TOSS UPDATE: England has won the toss and elected to field.

England (Playing XI): Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood

Pakistan (Playing XI): Fakhar Zaman, Imam-ul-Haq, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez, Sarfaraz Ahmed(w/c), Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Amir

Sarfaraz: "It looks a good batting pitch, so we're hoping to put runs on the board and defend. I think it's a one-off performance (getting out to short balls) and hoping to get things right today. Yes, we batted well against them (England) in the recent series and hopefully, that will continue."

Morgan: "We have one change - Wood comes in for Plunkett. Reason for this is the genuine pace that he provides. We're always looking to improve and striving to give a perfect performance. Of course you don't get near to it all the time but if you try to get there, you're in a good space."

Meanwhile, in CWC 2019 so far


PITCH REPORT| "This one's a belter" says Wasim Akram. "It's a lot drier and harder than the wicket Pakistan played on against West Indies. Plenty of runs on offer. Win toss and bat first."

We are just half an hour away from toss. It's bright and sunny in Nottingham at the moment. Plenty of chatter about the England seamers testing Pakistan batsmen with the short deliveries. They were bundled for a 100-odd after the Windies pacers peppered them with bouncers, Can Pakistan come up with a solution for the short ball conundrum?

The 1992 World Cup finalists meet again in the big ticket event. Pakistan's World Cup journey started when it walked into a tournament — the first of its kind in the cricketing world in 1975 — with just three ODIs under its belt out of a total of 18 that had been played in the world| When Pakistan cricket was revolutionised

Pakistan expects to face plenty of bouncers from England after struggling against short-pitched fast bowling from the West Indies in its World Cup opener, coach Azhar Mahmood said on Sunday|  Bouncer tactics don’t bother Pakistan’s Mahmood

DID YOU KNOW: Trent Bridge, the venue for today's England vs Pakistan match, is the world’s second oldest cricket ground after Lord’s. More on it here| Spotlight Trent Bridge

England has disappointed the most at the World Cup. Three finals have been lost and, if you were being generous, each defeat could be seen as unfortunate in some way| England in World Cup: Never won the title, but favourite this time

England may change a winning World Cup side by recalling fast bowler Mark Wood when it faces Pakistan at Trent Bridge on Monday.

Here's today's Match Preview:

The ground is renowned as a batsman’s paradise, with England having twice set the world record for the highest score in a one-day international — 444 for three against Pakistan in 2016 and last year’s 481 for six — on the very pitch that will be used for Monday’s match at Trent Bridge.

But Pakistan’s batsmen had anything but an easy ride in Nottingham as they succumbed to a bouncer barrage from the West Indies that saw them slump to 105 all out and a comprehensive defeat in their opening match of the World Cup on Friday.

England, which launched its quest to win the World Cup for the first time with a 104-run rout of South Africa at the Oval in which fast bowler Jofra Archer starred may now, in the light of Pakistan’s problems against short-pitched bowling, unleash Wood in partnership with the Sussex speedster.


‘Roughed Pakistan up’

“We’re aware of what went on yesterday,” England assistant coach Graham Thorpe said Saturday. “It was interesting viewing.

“The West Indies bowled very well, they looked like they roughed Pakistan up,” the former England batsman added.

“I think it (drafting Wood) will be discussed, to be honest.

Wood has bowled a mere 13.1 overs since the start of the season amid fears his longstanding left ankle injury could flare up again.

But his ability, in common with Archer, to top speeds of 90 mph meant England thought he was worth the risk at the World Cup.

England has risen to the top of the ODI rankings since its woeful first-round exit at the 2015 edition mainly as a result of piling on the runs.

But it showed it was more than ‘flat-track bullies’ with a score of 311 for eight on an awkward surface at the Oval before an attack led by Archer overwhelmed the Proteas.

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Scoring 500 in an ODI was once viewed as impossible but, given its recent record-breaking exploits, England could go close if it bats first at Trent Bridge on Monday.

“It has generally always been a good pitch so we are looking forward to it,” said Thorpe.

“We didn’t quite unlock the door in terms of our batting at the Oval, being able to let go because we kept losing wickets at crucial times so we had to keep trying to put on those mini-partnerships again and that was really good.

“It’s the same thing coming here against Pakistan: if we get into a good position, we’ll try to score as many as we can. But at the same time if it doesn’t happen, you’ve got to put a competitive score on the board to put the opposition under pressure.”

Pakistan, which has lost its last 11 ODIs -- including a recent 4-0 series defeat by England -- is braced for short-pitched stuff with Wahab Riaz defiantly insisting: “If people want to bowl us bouncers, then we will have no problems with that.”

Monday’s match will also be an important test for what World Cup organisers insist will be improved procedures after thousands of frustrated fans were left queuing for hours on Friday, in some cases missing the entire Pakistan innings, as they waited to collect their match tickets.


England (From): Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood, Tom Curran, James Vince, Liam Dawson

Pakistan (From): Imam-ul-Haq, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Haris Sohail, Sarfaraz Ahmed(w/c), Mohammad Hafeez, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Amir, Shoaib Malik, Shaheen Afridi, Asif Ali, Mohammad Hasnain

The match will be streamed live on Hostar