The Cricket World Cup 2019 saw the first-ever Super Over in a 50-over game and that too, in the final. England and New Zealand couldn’t be separated on the big Sunday at Lord’s in London. Both the sides were locked at 241, which led to a tie-breaker — a common occurrence in T20 cricket, specially in the IPL.

This is how the Super Over panned out.

New Zealand pacer Trent Boult, who was instrumental in two run-out dismissals along with Jimmy Neesham and Mitchell Santner, started the proceedings for the Kiwis. As per rules, the team batting second gets to bat first in the Super Over.

World Cup final, England vs New Zealand| Scorecard and commentary

England sent its two in-form batsmen, Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes.

The Boult over

0.1 Boult to Stokes: Fuller delivery on the off side, Stokes gets an outside edge that flies over short third man. Three runs.

0.2 Boult to Buttler: Fuller length again, Buttler hits it hard towards deep square leg for a single.

0.3 Boult to Stokes: BOUNDARY! Four runs between mid-wicket and square leg.

0.4 Boult to Stokes: Full toss outside off, Ferguson cuts it and just one run.

0.5 Boult to Buttler: On the blockhole, Buttler gives himself room to steal a couple.

0.6 Boult to Buttler: Boult looks for the yorker but ends up bowling a low full-toss. Buttler finds four runs through the left of deep square leg.

England finished at 15, and then, skipper Eoin Morgan threw the ball at speed gun Jofra Archer. Martin Guptill and Neesham walked out to chase 16.

The Archer over

0.1 Archer to Neesham: Wide ball.

0.1 Archer to Neesham: Yorker length delivery outside off, Neesham steals a couple by hitting it towards long-on.

0.2 Archer to Neesham: In the slot and Neesham breaks free, whips it over the deep midwicket boundary.

0.3 Archer to Neesham: Archer bowls fuller. Neesham heads for a single but ends up running two, thanks to a misfield by Jason Roy at deep midwicket.

Five needed off three balls

0.4 Archer to Neesham: The batsman clips it to the right of deep midwicket and runs a two. Guptill makes his ground at the non-striker’s end just in time.

0.5 Archer to Neesham: Short ball and Neesham misses the pull; runs a single.

Two runs needed off the last ball

0.6 Archer to Guptill: Archer bowls to his toes. Guptill clips it towards deep midwicket for an easy one and a risky two. This time, he falls short.

England: 15 in six balls (Super Over)

New Zealand: 15 in six balls (Super Over)

According to ICC rules, in case of a tied Super Over, the side with the most number of boundaries wins the game. New Zealand fell short by nine boundaries to England's 26.

One can perhaps say that the Black Caps didn't lose this final, but England won it.