World Cup: Demand for India-Pakistan match tickets refuses to die down

A day out from what is being billed as the biggest match of the World Cup, cricket fans continue to seek tickets for Sunday's match at Old Trafford in Manchester.

An India-Pakistan clash at any World Cup is the most sought after game for fans from both countries.   -  Getty Images

The weather forecasts aren't quite bright for Manchester on Sunday. With the skies opening up, there's a possibility that the much-awaited World Cup fixture between India and Pakistan could be curtailed, but that hasn't stopped the fans from seeing if they can still get tickets for the highly-anticipated clash.

Roam around the city centre and you are bound to come across Indian and Pakistan fans asking for tickets. "The tickets were sold out long ago and even now, there's a crazy demand for tickets. People have been calling up from different cities to ask if there are extra tickets available," one of the members of the tournament organising committee, said on Saturday.

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To ensure that there are no illegal ticket sales, the International Cricket Council (ICC) too is being careful. "The ICC has been constantly monitoring the online ticket sales process and in case there are complaints of any illegal transactions, they will seriously look into the matter," the organising member committee said.

Virat, ticket please...

With the demand of tickets sky rocketing, India captain was asked in the pre-match media conference on whether anyone has asked him for tickets? Kohli, who otherwise looked quite serious in the presser, smiled and said: "When you come for a tournament, you need to clear it out much in advance.

My friends too asked me, "Aa Jaye Kya? (Should we come?). I told them, don't ask me. Come if you want to, otherwise ghar me ache ache TV hai, aaram se dekho..." . Once you start organising for tickets or passes, then it's a never-ending process.

It gets circulated that you have tickets and then everyone starts asking, and we also get a limited number of tickets, so if the family members come, you need to accommodate them. So I hope that not many people ask me for tickets," Kohli said with a smile. Perils of the job, perhaps!

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