Mohinder Amarnath: India-Pakistan match is one you look forward to

Mohinder Amarnath is looking forward to India winning Sunday's fixture against the arch-rival.

Mohinder Amarnath says performances against Pakistan, in particular, are memorable.   -  AFP

Mohinder Amarnath was not only technically accomplished but was among the bravest cricketers to represent India.

And the gutsy ‘Jimmy’ has figured in his fair share of matches against Pakistan. He relished the challenge.  

The man with both footwork and heart said to Sportstar on Saturday, “It’s one game you always look forward to, And play your best cricket.”

He said, “I am looking forward to the Indian team winning the World Cup game on Sunday. It’s a good team and we have to take one game at a time.”

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Mohinder added, “Any time you beat Pakistan, irrespective of the tournament, it is a great moment. Because of the intensity.”

The Man of the Match in the semifinal and final of World Cup ‘83 felt an India-Pakistan match brought into play plenty of elements. “A lot of things are connected to the game. Your emotions, love, affection. But I never felt any pressure or had the fear of failure.”

He observed, “When you perform well against Pakistan, people remember even more. Consequently, your mental, physical, preparation is greater,”

Although India defeated Pakistan in the WCC final down under in 1985, the side’s brightest moment arrived when it defeated Imran Khan’s side, defending just 125, at Sharjah the same year.

Mohinder, an integral part of the team, remembered, “That was fantastic. When you are defending a small total, the challenge is greater. You only need 10 deliveries to bowl out a side. Overcoming Pakistan in a thriller, the happiness is immense.”