India A vs New Zealand A HIGHLIGHTS, 1st ODI: Samson, Patidar power IND to seven-wicket win

IND A vs NZ A HIGHLIGHTS, 1st ODI: Catch all the updates and commentary from the first ODI between India and New Zealand in Chennai.

Updated : Sep 27, 2022 10:29 IST

Sanju Samson’s India A beat New Zealand A by seven wickets in the first ODI.
Sanju Samson’s India A beat New Zealand A by seven wickets in the first ODI. | Photo Credit: RAGU R

Sanju Samson’s India A beat New Zealand A by seven wickets in the first ODI. | Photo Credit: RAGU R

Welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the first ODI between India A and New Zealand. This is Lalith Kalidas and Ayan Acharya bringing you the updates from the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.


Result: India A beats New Zealand A by seven wickets

Brief scores: New Zealand A 167 in 40.2 overs (Michael Rippon 61, Joe Walker 36, Shardul Thakur 4/32, Kuldeep Sen 3/30) lost to India A 170/3 in 31.5 overs (Rajat Patidar 45 n.o., Ruturaj Gaikwad 41, Rahul Tripathi 31)

INDIA A 170/3 in 31.5 overs
Sanju Samson (29*), Rajat Patidar (45*)
Last Wicket: Rahul Tripathi 31 (40) b Logan Van Beek


IND A 170/3 (31.5) beats NZ A 168 all out (40.2)

Sanju Samson finishes things off in style. A huge SIX over long-on as India A beats New Zealand A by seven wickets.

IND A 161/3 in 31 overs

Patidar pumps two boundaries down the ground off Walker as India A waltzes towards the finish line.

IND A 152/3 in 30 overs

150 up for India A as Sanju Samson steps out to Rachin Ravindra and smacks him over mid-on for FOUR.

IND 148/3 in 29 overs

Walker goes short and Samson smacks him over wide long-on for a huge SIX.

IND 130/3 in 26 overs

Fisher drops short and Patidar hammers the ball over mid-on for FOUR. Fisher strays to the pads and Patidar glides it down leg for FOUR more.

IND 120/3 in 25 overs

Samson has been watchful after hitting a six off just his third delivery. He has backed Patidar to take on the bowling and play his shots. India 48 away from the target at the half-way mark.

Sanju Samson and Rajat Patidar in action for India A.
Sanju Samson and Rajat Patidar in action for India A.

Sanju Samson and Rajat Patidar in action for India A.

IND 103/3 in 21 overs

Logan Van Beek to Rahul Tripathi, OUT! Cleans him up with a straight delivery as Tripathi attempts a flick down the leg-side. Rajat Patidar is in at 5.

IND 97/2 in 20 overs

Rippon to Ruturaj, OUT! Gaikwad misses his half-century as he chips the ball straight back to the bowler and falls for 41. Sanju Samson in at 4. He gets off the mark with a magnificent SIX down the ground off the third ball he faced.

R D Gaikwad 41(54) ct & b Michael Rippon

IND 88/1 in 18 overs

A cracking short-arm jab from Ruturaj Gaikwad as he welcomes Michael Rippon with a SIX over mid-wicket. Tripathi attempts a paddle and is nearly caught in front off Rippon. The umpire denies an lbw. Rippon overpitches and Tripathi digs out past cover for FOUR.

IND 63/1 in 14 overs

Tripathi gets his first FOUR with a beautiful cut through point off Fisher.

IND A 49/1 in 12 overs

India has slowed down considerably post Shaw’s dismissal. Ruturaj and Tripathi have opted to take a watchful approach as Fisher and Ravindra have skimmed through a couple of tight overs.

IND A 37/1 in 8 overs

Mathew Fisher replaces Sean Solia. Fisher to Shaw, OUT! Up in the air and caught at square-leg. Shaw goes for an instinctive pull on a ball that rose towards his shoulders. He departs for 17 as Rahul Tripathi walks in.

Prithvi Shaw 17(24) ct Logan van Beek b Matthew Fisher

IND A 35/0 in 7 overs

Van Beek drops one in the slot and Shaw slams the ball down the ground for SIX.

IND A 26/0 in 6 overs

Sean offers a hint of room and Ruturaj slaps the ball through point for FOUR. He follows up with five dots.

IND A 22/0 in 5 overs

Van Beek sends in a steep bouncer to Shaw from the far end. He follows up with a slightly fuller delivery and Shaw whips it over mid-wicket for two runs.

Ruturaj Gaikwad in action.
Ruturaj Gaikwad in action.

Ruturaj Gaikwad in action.

IND A 20/0 in 4 overs

Sean angles a bouncer towards the shoulder and Gaikwad gloriously pulls it over deep mid-wicket for SIX.

IND A 10/0 in 2 overs

Solia hits a back of a length channel. Gaikwad and Shaw negate the bounce by dropping to the backfoot. Three runs from the over.

Sean Solia from the opposite end

IND A 7/0 in 1 over

Logan Van Beek takes the new ball. Shaw is off the mark with a single down to deep backward point. Ruturaj is off the blocks with a cover drive for two runs. Logan strays to the pads and Gaikwad flicks it down leg for FOUR.

Back for the chase. The umpires have walked out and so has the New Zealand side. Prithvi Shaw and Ruturaj Gaikwad open the innings for India.

New Zealand A 167 all out in 40.2 overs

Top performers
Michael Rippon - 61 (104b, 4x4)
Shardul Thakur - 8.2-1-32-4; Kuldeep Sen 7-0-30-3
NZ A 167 all out in 40.2 overs

Shardul to Rippon, OUT! Rippon goes for the slog but mistimes it to Rishi Dhawan at long-off. An excellent knock nevertheless and the Kiwis have managed India’s time out in the heat.

Michael Rippon 61(104) ct R R Dhawan b Shardul

NZ A 164/9 in 39 overs

Shardul Thakur is back into the attack. Low full toss and Walker smashes it straight back. The ball bursts through Shardul’s hands for a FOUR down the ground. Rippon slaps the ball to deep cover and Rajat Patidar’s excellent throw from deep cover is complemented by Shardul’s effort to flick the bails at the non-striker’s end. The umpire referral deems Joe Walker is short of his crease and India has its ninth wicket.

Joe Walker 36(49) Run Out Rajat Patidar

NZ 155/8 in 37 overs

Joe Walker slams his third boundary as New Zealand crosses the 150-run mark.

NZ A 144/8 in 35 overs

Rahul Tripathi into the attack, interesting. Michael Rippon brings up his half-century off 82 balls with four boundaries.

NZ A 134/8 in 34 overs

Kuldeep Sen has returned to the attack as Michael Rippon nears his half-century.

NZ A 115/8 in 29 overs

First SIX of the match as 10th man Joe Walker slog-sweeps Shahbaz Ahmed over deep mid-wicket.

100 up for New Zealand A in 26.3 overs as Michael Rippon cuts Shahbaz Ahmed behind point for FOUR.

NZ A 90/8 in 25 overs

Shahbaz Ahmed into the attack, replacing Kuldeep Yadav. Five runs from his first over as New Zealand crawls to the halfway-mark of the innings.

NZ A 81/8 in 22 overs

Umran Malik seals a maiden over as he sprays a slew of deliveries in the blockhole and Joe Walker just about gets away.

NZ A 75/8 in 19 overs

Kuldeep Yadav to Logan Van Beek, OUT! All too easy at the moment for the Indians as Logan nicks one straight to Prithvi Shaw at first slip. Samson also places a leg-slip for the new batter, Joe Walker.

Logan van Beek 1(3) ct Prithvi Shaw b Kuldeep Yadav

NZ A 71/7 in 18 overs

Shardul to Robert O Donnell, OUT! A superb diving catch from Sanju Samson as his counterpart nicks one fine down leg. Seventh wicket down as Shardul strikes in his second spell.

Robert O Donnell 22(39) ct Sanju Samson b Shardul

NZ A 64/6 in 17 overs

Kuldeep Yadav has come close to picking two wickets in as many overs as the Kiwis have made the mistake of rocking back to the backfoot as the left-armer slid in a couple of quicket deliveries off length.

First spell of spin as Kuldeep Yadav replaces Umran Malik.

NZ A 50/6 in 13 overs

FIFTY up for New Zealand in the 13th over. Skipper O Donnell is slowly going about rebuilding the innings as Umran and Rishi Dhawan set into their spell. A run-out referral for a throw from Rishi Dhawan from square leg and it’s OUT! Sean Solia falls for 4.

Sean Solia 5(10) Run Out R R Dhawan

NZ A 33/5 in 9 overs

Umran Malik replaces Shardul. A short ball from Umran and O Donell upper cuts the ball over the slips for FOUR.

NZ A 27/5 in 8 overs

Kuldeep Sen to Tom Bruce, OUT! There goes another one as Bruce nicks a fuller delivery to first-slip. He falls for nought and the Kiwis are five down.

Tom Bruce 0(3) ct Prithvi Shaw b Kuldeep Sen

NZ A 26/4 in 6 overs

Kuldeep Sen to Joe Carter, OUT! Kuldeep rushes one onto the pads and traps Carter plumb in front for 1. New Zealand is in some early trouble here. Skipper O Donnell gets off the mark with a single. Kuldeep to Ravindra, OUT! Edged and taken by Sanju Samson. Kuldeep gets two in the over and NZ stumbles further down.

Joe Carter 1(6) lbw Kuldeep Sen;Rachin Ravindra 10(11) ct Sanju Samson b Kuldeep Sen

NZ A 24/2 in 5 overs

Shardul Thakur to Dane Cleaver, OUT! Short from Shardul and Cleaver hooks it straight to Kuldeep Sen at fine-leg.

Dane Cleaver 4(6) ct Kuldeep Sen b Shardul

NZ A 22/1 in 4 overs

Ravindra gets a streaky edge past the point fielder for FOUR. There is good bounce on this wicket and the Kiwi batters are relishing it.

NZ A 17/1 in 3 overs

Shardul to Bowes, OUT! Cleans him up with a beauty that takes the leg-stump down. Dane Cleaver is in at 3. He gets a single off the first ball. Shardul drops short and Ravindra whacks it through square for FOUR.

Chad Bowes 10(12) b Shardul

NZ A 14/0 in 2 overs

First boundary of the day as Bowes cuts through point for FOUR. Kuldeep fends short and Bowes slashes it past point once again for FOUR. A single to follow. Short on length and Ravindra crunches it through point for another FOUR.

Kuldeep Sen from the opposite end

NZ A 1/0 in 1 over

A fine start for Shardul with the new ball. Chad Bowes gets the lone single with a flick down to fine leg.

Rachin Ravindra and Chad Bowes to open the batting for New Zealand. Shardul Thakur takes the new ball.

TOSS: India wins toss, opts to bowl

India XI: Sanju Samson (c/wk), Prithvi Shaw, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Rahul Tripathi, Rajat Patidar, Shahbaz Ahmed, Rishi Dhawan, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav Umran Malik, Kuldeep Sen

New Zealand XI: Rachin Ravindra, Chad Bowes, Tom Bruce, Joe Carter, Robbie O' Donnell (C), Michael Rippon, Dane Cleaver, Logan Van Beek. Joe Walker, Matt Fisher, Sean Solia


After the three-match unofficial Test series (four-day matches), India A and New Zealand A will fight for honours in a three-match one-day series starting at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium on Thursday.

The host won the multi-day series 1-0 with a 113-run win in the final match in Bengaluru. The first match, in Bengaluru, was drawn while rain played spoilsport during the second match at Hubballi.

Like in four-day matches, India A will go into the series as firm favourite even though the visitor put up a decent show in the red-ball series.

For India A, Prithvi Shaw and Ruturaj Gaikwad provide a solid front at the top of the order, with the middle order set to be taken care of by skipper Sanju Samson, Rajat Patidar and Rahul Tripathi.

The squad also has the likes of Tilak Varma, who impressed for Mumbai Indians in the IPL and pacer Raj Angad Bawa, a star of the last under-19 World Cup, apart from experienced all-rounders like Shardul Thakur and Rishi Dhawan.

Besides the challenge of going up against a strong Indian side, New Zealand has had only two days of practice to get used to conditions that are hotter than Bengaluru.

For the Kiwis, it is a chance to show what they can do here in sub-continent conditions with an eye to the 2023 World Cup here.

“The Indian team has changed across the formats. We have a whole new challenge with the white ball squad with a bit more experience coming in terms of players who have played for India. We are looking forward to testing our skills against (them). We are trying to make sure our skills are as good and sharp as possible to come out with a win,” said O’Donnell.

Where can you watch and follow the India A vs New Zealand A ODI series?

The India A vs New Zealand A ODI series will not be telecast or streamed online. You can follow all the live updates from the venue through Sportstar’s live coverage and blogs.

Schedule of India A vs New Zealand A

1st ODI: IND A vs NZ A, Chennai - September 22, 9:00AM IST

2nd ODI: IND A vs NZ A, Chennai - September 25, 9:00AM IST

3rd ODI: IND A vs NZ A, Chennai - September 27, 9:00AM IST

India A squad: Prithvi Shaw, Abhimanyu Easwaran, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Rahul Tripathi, Rajat Patidar, Sanju Samson (Captain), KS Bharat (wicket-keeper), Kuldeep Yadav, Shabhaz Ahmed, Rahul Chahar, Tilak Varma, Kuldeep Sen, Shardul Thakur, Umran Malik, Navdeep Saini, Raj Angad Bawa
New Zealand A squad: Tom Bruce (c), Chad Bowes, Joe Carter, Mark Chapman, Dane Cleaver, Jacob Duffy, Matthew Fisher, Cam Fletcher, Benjamin Lister, Robert O’Donell, Rachin Ravindra, Michael Rippon, Sean Solia, Logan van Beek, Joe Walker
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