ICC U-19 World Cup: India defeats Australia, through to semifinals

Catch the live score, commentary and more from quarterfinal match of the ICC Cricket U-19 World Cup between India and Australia at the Senwes Park.

Kartik Tyagi (second right) took three wicket to give India a strong start against Australia.   -  Twitter/CricketWorldCup

Hello and welcome to the highlights of the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup quarterfinal match between India U-19 and Australia U-19.


Australia 159 all out, 43.3 overs Akash Singh rocks Matthew Willans' timber and that seals the 74-run win for the defending champion. India goes through to the semifinals.

Australia 156/9, 41.5 overs: OUT. Todd Murphy is bowled for a duck by Akash Singh. India now one wicket away from pulling off a win.

Australia 156/9, 41.4 overs: OUT. Another wicket falls and this time Sully (5) is run out by wicketkeeper Jurel.

Australia 156/9, 41.3 overs: OUT. Akash Singh gives India the crucial wicket by taking out Fanning, caught behind for 75.

Australia 149/6, 40.1 overs GONE! Bishnoi gets the breakthrough and Scott walks back. Scott attempts a cut but was beaten for spin. Keeper takes a catch and the 81-run partnership comes to an end.

Australia 149/5, 40 overs We're into the final ten overs and it's now-or-never territory for Australia. The Aussies have their back against the wall, needing 85 runs from 60 balls.

Australia 139/5, 38 overs A boundary and six have come in the last two overs, off Kartik Tyagi and Siddhesh Veer. A welcome relief but Australia needs many more of those.

Australia 118/5, 35 overs Kartik Tyagi has done extremely well today. The four wickets aside, he has conceded only fifteen runs. And he still has four overs left!

Australia 105/5, 33 overs Fanning and Scott have built a good aprtnership here but there's need to be more urgency in their play. Fanning gets his half century (51*) but has taken 105 balls to get there. That's not the scoring pace Australia needs from its opener.

Australia 101/5, 31 overs Fanning takes a single down to third man to bring up the team 100. And clatters into Akash Singh while he took that run much to the irritation of the bowler.

Australia 92/5, 28 overs The last five overs have yielded only 16 runs. India was in a similar place at the same stage in the first innings. It was the late knocks from Atharva and Ravi Bishnoi that took it to 233.

Australia 87/5, 26 overs Fanning (42*) beats the third man at boundary to get into the 40s. With the run-rate at 6.21 now and the currnt run-rate a little over 3, the Aussies will be hoping that he converts this into match-winning knock.

Australia 80/5, 24 overs The asking rate is steadily creeping up now. It is almost 6 an over now. Fanning has stayed put in the middle but he will need to play with the handbrakes off before it climbs any further.

Special mention to Bishnoi who has been a livewire on the field. Very athletic and good with the throws. Reminds me of Ravindra Jadeja, actually.

Australia 72/5, 21 overs Good captaincy from Priyam Garg. India needed to break the partnership and Kartik Tyagi, who gave India the explosive start, came back and did that. Overpitches the last ball of the over and gives away a boundary in what was otherwise a very good over.

Australia 68/5, 20.1 overs Fanning and Rowe put up a 50-run partnership and Kartik Tyagi, brought back into the attack, ends their resistence. Rowe tries to defend a ball that's moving away from him and he ends up getting a thick edge. Dhruv Jurel behind the stump gathers it with ease.

Australia 60/4, 17 overs India had a terrible start in the first innings. The batsmen were slow to get the runs, didn't rotate the strike well and lost wickets easily. Despite all that, at the same point, India was 63/3. More runs and one less wicket than Australia. Impressive from India or the Aussies making a worse start?

Australia 52/4, 15 overs A much-needed drinks break comes for the Aussies. Fanning and Rowe have batted through after the four quick wickets. If they can time their chase well, this is an achievable one for them. 182 runs needed from 210 balls.


Australia 47/4, 13 overs Two huge shouts from Ravi Bishnoi, one for leg-before and another for a supposed edge that carried to the first slip. Sam Fanning was the batsman for both instances and he survives. 

The quick qickets aside, India has come back in the second innings with intent. The bowlers have been very consistent and the field has been almost impeccable. If they continue to hustle a bit more, the Aussie batman will start taking risks when the required run-rate goes up.

UPDATE: Liam Scott has replaced Corey Kelly in the Australian team after the latter got injured while fielding in 49th over of the first innings. Kelly underwent a concussion test and did not pass it. A like-for-like replacement, with one all-rounder replacing another. It's also the first concussion substitue of this tournament.

Australia 30/4, 8 overs If the Australia bowlers can use the pitch to their advantage, Sushant Mishra and Ravi Bishnoi are showing that they can too. A tight line, good movement on the ball and aggressive bowling have seen the Australian batsmen stay on the backfoot as they look to rebuild after the shock collapse at the start of the innings.

The Rajasthan Royals camp is visible excited at what's unfolding in the second innings.


Australia 23/4, 5 overs A dream start for India and a horrow onw for Australia. India's bowlers have taken the momentum away from Australia. Fanning and Rowe are doing what the Indian batsmen had done for the majoirty of the their innings — stay cautious and not meddle with delivers that are moving too much.


Australia 17/4, 2.3 overs One must feel for opener Sam Fanning, who, in a matter of three overs, has seen four of the non-strikers depart. Oliver Davies is the victim now, as Tyagi returns for blood in his second over. A full and fine outswinger sees Davies resort to a passionate drive, but the ball takes the edge and finds Yashasvi at first slip.

Australia 5/3, 1 over THAT'S THREE IN AN OVER! Kartik Tyagi hands India the finest of starts. Opener Sam Fanning, Mackenzie Harvey, and Lachlan Hearne have been made to take the long walk back to the pavilion in the very first over. A mix-up in the very first ball saw Dhruv Jurel whip the bails off at the 'keeper's end, as the batsmen tried to complete a quick single, to gift India the first wicket. Three balls later, Tyagi waved his magic, trapping Harvey plumb in front. However, he wasn't done still, castling Hearne off the penultimate ball of the over.


233/9, 50 overs India ends its innings at 233, a score that looked difficult to get after 38 overs were done. Atharva Ankolekar's 55* helped India to a competitive total after Yashasvi Jaiswal (62) was the onl batsman in the top order to contribute. Ravi Bishnoi's contribution was also importa nt, forming a good partnership with Atharva at a time when Australia looked in full control. THe momentum might not have swung India's way but it isn't looking that easy for the Aussies now.


Atharva Ankolekar has showed the world what he can do with the ball but this is another dimention to his game. India put up a below-par total in the 2019 Asian Cup final against Bangladesh and on that day Atharva delivered with the ball to help his side to the title. Click here to read all about the left-arm spinner's heroics.


Atharva Ankolekar's contribution at the end took India to a competitive total against Australia.   -  Getty Images


229/8, 49.3 overs Half century for Atharva and a well deserved one. 220 was said to be the score that India should be aiming for and he has played a big part in that. A run-a-ball fifty when India needed him to dig in and contribute. That's also his first in U19 cricket.

215/8, 48.3 overs Sushant Mishra walks back, dismissed in the second ball he has faced. He sends it over cover but Mackenzie Harvey,running from extra cover, kept his eyes on the ball to take an easy catch.

209/7, 48 overs Bishnoi and Atharva have hustled well to take india past the 200 mark. And Sam Fanning breaks the partnership with good awarness to get the ball to Patrick Rowe and run out Bishnoi. His team acknowledges his efforts as he walked back to the pavillion. A slightly competitive total on the board now.

Sushant Mishra comes in and finds the boudnary off his first ball, and the last of Sully's over.

190/6, 46 overs A 47-run partnership between Bishnoi and Atharva but one that will not trouble the Aussies much. At least the lower order pair have stuck in there and is dragging India to the 200 mark.

171/6, 43 overs India's painfully slow innings continues. Only 27 runs have come off the four overs since Siddhesh Veer fell. Fifteen dot balls! Struggling to get out of first gear.

144/6, 38 overs Siddhesh Veer finally decideds to step up the pace. He gets two fours, wide of mid-wicket and wide of backward point, for some welcome runs. And then on the last ball of Corey Kelly's over, he tries to go for maximum and ends up in Murphy's hands at third man. There was extra bounce on that delivery and it has worked against India again.

Ravi Bishnoi is the new batsman in.

136/5, 37 overs India isn't dealing in singles and doubles, let alone boundaries. The pitch, supposedly a batsman friendly one, has worked very well for the Australian bowlers. Or have they made the pitch work for way? Either way, India is crawling to a projected score of 189.

125/5, 34 overs Time for a drinks break and an opportunity for Veer and Ankolekar to discuss strategies, if any. They need to step on the gas as everything has gone Australia's way from the morning.

114/5, 31 overs Dhruv Jurel's patience finaly runs out. He tried to take on Todd Murphy but makes a mess of the shot. It goes high up above his head and the keeper had all the time in the world to take the right position for the catch. He has looked edgy all innings and that shot was the perfect example of that.

Atharva Ankolekar comes to the crease with the run-rate at 3.71.


Yashasvi Jaiswal   -  Getty Images


106/4, 28 overs Australia is racing through the overs right now. India is still slowly picking up runs. At the current run-rate, India will reach 189 by the end of its innings.

102/4, 25.1 overs Yashasvi is gone! Sangha gets his revenge in the next over. He missed the pull shot, the ball takes an edge off his leg and bounces off his right leg before clattering the stumps.

Siddhesh Veer comes to the crease.

94/3, 23.3 overs Half century for Yashasvi Jaiswal! He has been the only batsman who has looked confident in the middle and its no surprises that he has gone past the fifty mark for the third time in the tournament. He smashed the ball over mid-wicket to get his fifty with a six.

Tanveer Sangha, the leading wick-taker in the World Cup, was expected to be the danger man for Australia but Yashasvi has handled him with ease.

He is third in the list of top scorers at this U19 World Cup. India will need him to build on this innings to get it to a competitive total.

75/3, 20 overs It has taken 20 overs for India start rotating the strike properly. Australia still has the momentum but Yashasvi and Dhruv have slowly kept the scoreboard ticking.

63/3, 17 overs Australia has been in control. India's cautious start soon became a slow one and then lost three quick wickets.

Dhruv Jurel gets two boudnaries, one off his bat and the other off his helmet. The batsman indicates that he is fine but the physio is on the field to get a proper check for concussion.


54/3, 15.2 overs The captain is dismissed! Sully is back into the attack and on the second ball, he makes it swin inside, finding the gap between the pad and the swinging bat to rattle the stumps. For probably the first time in the tournament India finds itself under real pressure.

Dhruv Jurel is the new batsman in.

48/2, 13 overs And Priyam Garg is off the mark with a boundary. He picked the gap beautifully with a drive down to deep extra-cover.


44/2, 12.5 overs It has been a cautious start from India. Yashasvi has been the only batsman who looked settled and off-spinner Todd Murphy, who was introduced this over, pickes up the second wicket. Tilak Varma's short stay in the middle comes to an end after he tries to defend a length ball but ends up sending it to Harvey at second slip.

Skipper Priyam Garg is the new batsman at the crease.

35/1, 10 overs Corey Kelly makes the breakthrough for Australia. The disciplined bowling pays off! Divyansh walks back after edging the penultimate ball of the over to Patrick Rowe behind the stumps. It is the first time in this tournament that India has lost a wicket in the first powerplay.

Jaiswal 14 (26) c Patrick Rowe b Corey Kelly

Tilak Varma in the new batsman in.

27/0, 7 overs Looks like Yashasvi has decided to deal only in boundaries today. After 3 fours and one six, he moves on to 18. At the other end, Divyaansh is happy to watch his opening partner pick the gaps. The Australian bowlers need to do more with the new ball here, otherwise the decision to bowl first doesn't make sense.

13/0, 5 overs It has been a cautious start from Yashasvi and Divyansh as the ball is swinging very vey well. Willans and Sully have been bowing a tight length too, not giving the batsmen any room to play their shots.

5/1, 2 overs First runs, first boundary and the first first six come off Connor Sully's over. Divyaansh took a single off the first ball and Yashasvi sent the ball to the boundary with a lovely straight drive. And on the last ball, he easily over clears the ball over the backward square leg for maximum.

0/0, 1 over A maiden over from Willans. Superb over from the Brisbane-born left-armer. The ball has some swing in it and Yashasvi is happy to let that over go without taking any risks. That's only the fourth maiden India has batted in this entire tournament.

The left handed pair of Yashasvi Jaiswal and Divyansh Saxena will be opening the innings as expected. Matthew Willans will be bowling the first over.


Dominic Cork and J. P. Duminy bring us the pitch report: The ball is gonna fly on this pitch, should be good for the batsmen. The pitch looks like a belter, with live grass. Historically this pitch has produced a run-fest, with an average score around 256. There could be little moisture in the first hour — depending on weather conditions.

TOSS Australia U-19 won the toss and has elected to field.


Indian wrist spinner Ravi Bishnoi’s repertoire of skills will meet a match in Australian Tanveer Sangha’s variations in a face-off between two talented tweakers during the quarterfinal of the ICC U-19 World Cup on Tuesday.

The white-ball cricket in recent times has seen wrist spinners emerge as an important cog and junior cricket is no different where Bishnoi, easily the tournament’s most impactful bowler, would like to give his team the advantage over the Australian side.

With 10 wickets from three games and game-changing 4 for 30 against a gritty New Zealand side, Bishnoi has proved why Kings XI Punjab has invested Rs 2 crore on him during the auction.

Statistically, even Sangha has been at his best with 10 wickets with 5 for 14 against minnows Nigeria. But there’s been a four-wicket haul against the West Indies and a wicket to show against England for the player of Indian origin.

On Tuesday, both the wrist spinners will be key to their team’s chances and Australia will look to improve its dismal record against India at the junior level.

In the last five U-19 encounters since 2013 (different teams have played though), India has won four with one game being abandoned due to rain.

As a team, India is way ahead — both in terms of quality as well as — temperament with the likes of Yashasvi Jaiswal (two half-centuries), his opening partner Divyansh Saxena and skipper Priyam Garg showing glimpses of their talent.

In the bowling department, lanky UP boy Kartik Tyagi, who breaches the 140 kmph barrier quite regularly, and left-arm seamer Akash Singh, moving the white ball back into the right-handers, are a heady combination.

And there is left-arm spinner Atharva Ankolekar, who came back brilliantly against the Junior Black Caps despite being attacked early on. He got three crucial breakthroughs but a finger fracture in his right hand could be an issue while fielding.

While Jaiswal, Garg, NT Tilak Verma and Saxena make India’s batting look strong, Australia skipper Mckenzie Harvey (nephew of former Australian all-rounder Ian Harvey) is a tough customer with the bat as he showed with an innings of 65 against England in their final group game.

Then there is Conor Sully, who bowls brisk medium pace and also has the ability to use the long handle to good effect.

Where and how to watch live coverage of India vs Australia U-19 World Cup?

The India U-19 vs Australia U-19 World Cup match will be aired live on Star Sports 3.

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The online streaming of the India U-19 vs Australia U-19 World Cup match will be available on Hotstar.

Teams (from):

India U-19: Priyam Garg (Captain), Akash Singh, Atharva Ankolekar, Shubhang Hegde, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Dhruv Jurel, Kartik Tyagi, Kumar Kushagra, Sushant Mishra, Vidyadhar Patil, Ravi Bishnoi, Shashwat Rawat, Divyaansh Saxena, Tilak Varma, Siddhesh Veer, Divyansh Joshi.

Australia U-19: Mackenzie Harvey (Captain), Cooper Connolly, Oliver Davies, Sam Fanning, Lachlan Hearne, Jake Fraser-McGurk, Corey Kelly, Liam Marshall, Todd Murphy, Tanveer Sangha, Liam Scott, Patrick Rowe, Bradley Simpson, Connor Sully, Matthew Willans