Deepak Chahar hat-trick seals 2-1 series win against Bangladesh

India vs Bangladesh, 3rd T20I: Live scores, updates and commentary from the third and deciding T20I at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur

Updated : Nov 10, 2019 22:50 IST

Deepak Chahar caused early damage to Bangladesh by picking up two wickets in the same over.
Deepak Chahar caused early damage to Bangladesh by picking up two wickets in the same over.

Deepak Chahar caused early damage to Bangladesh by picking up two wickets in the same over.

Deepak Chahar, you beauty: wraps up the Bangladesh innings with a hat-trick. He finishes with surreal figures of six for seven in 3.2 overs. Bangladesh are all out for 144 and India have fought back, after being 1-0 down in the series, to lift the trophy with a 2-1 margin. Emphatic comeback from India.


BAN 131/9 | 19 overs

 Aminul 1(3), Shafiul 1(1)


NINE DOWN AND FIFER FOR DEEPAK CHAHAR! After removing Shafiul Islam, he gets rid of Mistafizur Rahman. In the process, he has also picked up a five-wicket haul.

BAN 131/7 | 17 overs

 Aminul 1(3), Shafiul 1(1)

New batsman in: Shafiul Islam walks in at no. 9.

Mahmudullah 8(10) b Chahal

BOWLED HIM AND THAT SHOULD BE THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN! Chahal, after going for 38 off his first three overs, redeems himself by castling Bangladesh captain Mahmudullah. The last hope of the visitor has to walk back after charging down the track and attempting a lofted shot on the leg-side. But the googly from Chahal outdoes him as the ball hits the middle stump. Bangladesh requires 44 from 18 balls.

BAN 126/6 | 16 overs

Mahmudullah 5(6) , Aminul 0(2)

New batsman in: Aminul Islam walks in at no. 8.

Hossain 0(1) c&b Dube

Then, he gets rid of Hossain on the very first ball. It was soft dismissal. He digs it short and Hossain tries to make room to squeeze it for a single. However, the ball finds a thick top-edge and flies back Dube for a simple caught and bowled.


New batsman in: Afif Hossain walks in at no. 7.

81(48, 10x4, 2x6) b Dube

DOUBLE-WICKET OVER FROM DUBE! Dube sends the set batsman Mohammad Naim packing on 81 to dent Bangladesh's hopes of a victory. He clean bowled the batsman with a wonderful yorker as Naim was late to get his bat on time while trying to make room.

EQUATION: We are in for an exciting finish as Bangladesh requires 50 runs from 30 balls at a required run-rate of 10. Naim, the set batsman is nearing his 100 and the skipper Mahmudullah, who is new to the crease, can accelerate anytime. This is the partnership that can take Bangladesh home.

BAN 125/4 | 15 overs

Naim 81(47), Mahmudullah 4(4)

New batsman in: Mahmudullah walks in at no. 6.

0(1) b Dube

WICKET! Dube removes Mushfiqur Rahim for a golden duck and India is right back into the game! it was a short of length delivery that Rahim tried to steer down the third man for a single. However, he could only inside edge the ball onto the stumps.


New batsman in: Mushfiqur Rahim  walks in at no. 5.

ithun 27(29, 2x4, 1x6) c Rahul b D. Chahar

WICKET AND PARTNERSHIP BROKEN! Deepak Chahar is brought back into the attack and conceding just four runs off the first five balls, he breaks a 98-runs stand between Naim and Mithun by removing the latter. Mithun tries to clear the long-off fielder but flatters to deceive as the ball finds Rahul in the deep.

BAN 106/2 | 12 overs

Naim 70(39), Mithun 26(24)

RUNS COMING THICK AND FAST! Naim and Mithun are slowly snatching the game away from the host now. The two have now put on a  94-run stand for the third wicket and steered their team past 100.

Naim picked up a six and four off Chahal's third over as the pair scored 15 runs from his over.


BAN 91/2 | 11 overs

Naim 57(35), Mithun 24(22)

FIFTY FOR NAIM! He gets to his maiden T20I fifty with a boundary down the fine leg region. He guides a flatter delivery from Sundar on one leg past Khaleel at short fine leg. In the same over, Naim smashed Sundar for a six over long-off and another four through the fine leg.


BAN 74/2 | 10 overs

Naim 48(32), Mithun 17(19)

Naim moves into the 40s and and Mithun is joining the party. The two have brought up their 50-run stand and this partnership is looking very threatening for the host. In the last three overs, Bangladesh batsmen have hit three fours and one six.


BAN 45/2 | 7 overs

Naim 32(24), Mithun 4(9)

MOHAMMAD NAIM TURNING IT ON! He welcomes both Chahal and Dube by hitting consecutive boundaries in their respective overs. He hits Chahal for a hat-trick of boundaries and then follows it up by smashing Dube to the fence off his first two deliveries.

Change in bowling: Yuzvendra Chahal and Shivam Dube have been introduced into the attack.


BAN 12/2 | 3 overs

Naim 3(8), Mithun 0(1)


New batsman in: Mohammad Mithun walks in at no. 4.

arkar 0(1) c Dube D. Chahar


New batsman in: Soumya Sarkar walks in at no. 3.

as 9(8, 2x4) c Sundar b D. Chahar

DOUBLE-WICKET OVER FOR CHAHAR! First, Liton Das is brilliantly caught at deep mid-wicket b Washington Sundar, who almost pulls of a split while completing the catch. Chahar digs it short and Das tries to pull it, but he doesn't get the power and elevation and is caught by the boundary rider. Next ball, Soumya Sarkar falls after a reckless shot off his first ball. He tries to loft the length delivery over mid-off, but is caught by Shivam Dube.

Change in bowling: Deepak Chahar has been introduced into the attack.

BAN 11/0 | 2 overs

Das 9(7), Naim 2(5)

Decent first over the spinner as he gives away just three runs.

There is a lot of dew on the ground. In the last over the previous innings, Mustafizur slipped while trying to turn and get a direct hit at the non-striker's end. The ball will be harder to grip and the Indian players are out with their towels. Deepak Chahar can be seen rigorously trying to dry the ball with his orange colour towel.

Washington Sundar is sharing the new ball with Khaleel.

BAN 8/0 | 1 overs

Das 8(6), Naim 0(0)

Liton Das starts with two boundaries. He gets off the mark with a boundary on the third ball of the over. He manages it to chip it just over the mid-wicket fielder. The ball was full on middle and leg and he had timed it well enough to clear a jumping Dhawan. He capped off the over with a beautiful drive down the ground past the mid-off fielder. Once again, Ahmed paid the price for gifting a juicy half volley to the batsman.


Khaleel Ahmed to Liton Das and here we go!

Liton Das and Mohammad Naim walk out to open the innings for the visitor. Khaleel Ahmed will open the proceedings for India.


Right, then! Bangladesh has a huge task at hand. It need 175 from 20 overs at a required run-rate of 8.75 to win the series.


After Rohit was dismissed cheaply, Dhawan smashed four boundaries before being sent back to the pavilion. Iyer and Rahul walked out to bat and changed turned the tide in their team's favour. Aminul dropped Iyer on duck and that cost the visitor 62 runs. Rahul smashed a lovely fifty and departed soon after. Iyer's innings also followed suit as he was dismissed soon after his maiden T20I fifty. Manish Pandey with a flurry of boundaries in the last three overs helped India to a commanding total.


IND 174/5 | 20 overs

Manish Pandey 22(13),Shivam Dube 9(8)


Mustafizur Rahman bowled the last over. Manish Pandey smashed the yorker-gone-wrong full-toss with all his might and managed to pierce the gap between log-off and mid-wicket fielder to perfection for four. Dube and Pandey pinch two runs off the last ball and that's the end of the first innings

In the next over, Aminul dropped yet another catch and this time, it was of Dube. The full-toss was mistimes by Dube to deep mid-wicket. Aminul had gotten into good position, but failed to grab the ball.

Manish Pandey takes charge now! He smashes Shafiul Islam for two consecutive boundaries as the pair pick up 13 runs from his over. He cleared his leg and smashed the length delivery through mid-wicket for four. The next ball, he waited on the short ball and arched back to ramp it over the third man fielder for four.


IND 144/5 | 17 overs

Manish Pandey 1(3),Shivam Dube 0(0)


New batsman in: Manish Pandey walks in at no. 6.

ant 62(33, 3x4, 6x5)) c Das b Sarkar

WICKET NO.2 OF THE OVER FOR SARKAR! And it's the set batsman, Iyer who is caught in the deep by Liton Das. Once again, the lack of pace does the trick for Sarkar. Iyer takes on the log-off fielder but miscues the lofted shot. Das takes a sharp catch in the deep.


New batsman in: Manish Pandey walks in at no. 6.

ant 6(9) b Sarkar

CLEAN-BOWLED! Soumya Sarkar castles Rishabh Pant with a slower delivery. Pant dances down the track and tries to hit over mid-wicket. However, he was through with the short early and missed the ball completely. India four down.

IND 139/3 | 16 overs

Iyer 58(31), Pant 6(8)

MAIDEN FIFTY! Shreyas Iyer smashes Afif Hossain for three consecutive sixes before nudging the sharply dipping ball off his pads to leg-side for a single. Coming to the sixes, the first one was angles across and Iyer simply stood tall and hit it comfortably over long-on.


IND 109/3 | 14 overs

Iyer 31(22), Pant 4(5)

STAND AND DELIVER and India crosses the 100 mark. Iyer thwarts the fullish delivery that was right in the zone for a monstrous six over deep mid-wicket region. There was no real pace on the ball but Iyer threw the kitchen sink at it. Gave all he had and muscled it deep into the stands. What a hit!


IND 97/3 | 13 overs

Iyer 21(18), Pant 2(3)

New batsman in: Rishabh Pant walks in at no. 5.

hawan 52(35, 7x4) c Sarkar b Al-Amin

FIFTY AND GONE SOON AFTER! K.L. Rahul gets to his sixth T20I half-century by cutting a short and wide delivery by Soumya Sarkar to deep backward point for two. Two balls later, the leg-cutter from Al-Amin is hit straight up into the air by Rahul. He miscues the ball, that he was trying to tonk it over mid-off. In the end, it's caught by Soumya Sarkar.


IND 71/2 | 9 overs

K.L. Rahul 41(27), Iyer 8(11)

K.L. Rahul greets Rahman with two hits to the fence in his first over. The first ball of the over is cut past backward point for four. It was a short of length delivery. The fourth ball of the over, Rahul dispatches a pitched up delivery over mid-off for a boundary. He has moved into the 40s now.

Change in bowling: Mustafizur Rahman is introduced into the attack.


IND 54/2 | 8 overs

K.L. Rahul 27(19), Iyer 5(7)

Aminul conceded eight runs from his first over, including a boundary by Rahul. The quicker ball was pitched wide of off and Rahul rocked back and punished it by hitting it past backward point.

Sarkar concedes five runs off his first over.

Change in bowling: Aminul Islam and Soumya Sarkar have been introduced into the attack.

IND 41/2 | 6 overs

K.L. Rahul 18(12), Iyer 1(2)

DROPPED! Iyer survives! The ball holds up after pitching in the good length area and Iyer was early on the drive. The ball flies off the outside edge and flies to the point fielder Aminul, who jumps on time to get to the ball, but fails to hold on.

New batsman in: Shreyas Iyer walks in at no. 4.

hawan 19(16, 4x4) c Mahmudullah b Islam

OUT! Shafiul Islam gets his second wicket by removing the second opener in Shikhar Dhawan. The batsman dances down the track and try and tonk the ball over the leg-side boundary. However, he is foxed by the slower ball and ends up skying it. Skipper Mahmudullah does really well to cover a lot of ground, run backward and grab the ball.

IND 34/1 | 5 overs

Dhawan 19(15), K.L. Rahul 12(9)

Dhawan welcomes him with a boundary. It was just the second over of his spell and Dhawan has made his intention clear. The bowler pitches it short and the ball was angling in to the bowler. Dhawan rolls his wrist and helps himself to another boundary with a hit to the square leg fence. Dhawan caps off the boundary with a lovely cover drive. It was right in the slot for Dhawan. Full and outside off.


Change in bowling: Mustafizur Rahman has been brought on to bowl.

IND 25/1 | 4 overs

Dhawan 12(9), K.L. Rahul 11(9)

RAHUL JOINS THE PARTY! Aftr Dhawan smashed consecutive boundaries off the Al-Amin over, Rahul gets into the act with back-to-back hits to the fences off Shafiul Islam. The first ball of the over, which was a decent length delivery, is smashed over mid-off after Rahul walks out of his crease. The following boundary was even classier. A bit of width provided by the bowler and Rahul rocks back and finds the gap past the point region to perfection for four.


IND 13/1 | 3 overs

Dhawan 10(8), K.L. Rahul 1(4)

FIRST BOUNDARY OF THE MATCH! And it comes from the bat of Shikhar Dhawan. Al-Amin pitches it a tad short at mediocre pace. Dhawan moves back and slaps it through the square leg region for four. Next ball, Dhawan lofts a full-pitched delivery over mid-wicker on the front foot for another boundary. 10 off the third over.


IND 3/1 | 2 overs

Dhawan 1(3), K.L. Rahul 0(3)


New batsman in: K.L. Rahul walks in at no. 3.

Rohit 2(6) b S. Islam

BOWLED HIM! Shafiul Islam cleans up Rohit Sharma for two and the Indian skipper has to walk back. It was a short of length delivery from the bowler and there wasn't much movement. However, Rohit didn't move his feet much and stayed rooted to his crease. In the end, the ball found the inside edge and rammed into the leg stump. Maiden-wicket to start with for Shafiul.


Shaiful Islam is sharing the new ball with Al-Amin.

IND 3/0 | 1 overs

Rohit 2(3), Dhawan 1(3)

Rohit is happy to guide the first ball, which is short of length outside off, to the point fielder. Next ball, he drives the through the covers which is stopped by the a diving cover fielder but the openers manage to take a single. Rohit is off the mark. Dhawan scores his first run of the night by playing the length ball down to backward square leg. Al-Amin starts by conceding three singles.


First Ball: Al-Amin Hossain to Sharma and here we go!!

For Bangladesh, Al-Amin Hossain has the new ball in hand.

Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan walk out to open the innings.



Toss Update: Bangladesh captain Mahmudullah wins toss, opts to bowl first against India in the third T20I.



Team News:

  • Both teams have made one change for the series decider.
  • India : Manish Pandey comes in for Krunal Pandya.
  • Bangladesh : Mohammad Mithun comes in for Mosaddek Hossain.
  • India is going in with an extra batsman. Which means that Shivam Dube will have to bowl all four overs unless Shreyas Iyer has a bowl. Will the change work for India?


Here's what both the captains said at the toss:

Rohit Sharma: We would have bowled first as well. It's a great challenge for us to bat first and post a good total. Teams batting first have managed to defend scores because of the slowness. The records are not for taking. It's another day in the office, loving to play for my country. I have cherished it. We have got one change. Manish comes in for Krunal.


Mahmudullah: We'll bowl first. The wicket looks good. India is a good chasing team, we'll try to restrict them to a low score. We have considered dew factor as well. Int he middle-overs, the run-rate has to be there and we have keep wickets. Mithun comes in for Mosaddek


Average 1st innings score in Nagpur: 149/7

Pitch report: "The pitch won't be too much of an issue. There'll be a bit of turn. The grass has come off a bit. Once the ball keeps landing there, it'll turn more. Teams batting first have won more here; the captains would still want to chase. There's grass, but it doesn't look like the ones that bind the surface together. Overall, it's dry and crumby." The Pitch report was presented by Sunil Gavaskar and Murali Kartik on Star Sports


MATCH PREVIEW: Our reporter Shreedutta Chidananda writes about what to expect from both the teams in the series decider.


Rohit Sharma   seemed to have no quiet moments in Rajkot. During the Bangladesh innings, when India was again sloppy in the field, he cut an animated figure out in the middle, his irritation plain for all to see.

Later, he appeared to take all that annoyance out on Bangladesh, his brutal, unfiltered aggression with the bat a joy to behold. "I wanted to go for six in a row," he later revealed of his assault on Mossadek Hossain, having clubbed the off-spinner's first three balls of the evening for six.

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Mahmudullah Riyad admitted there was little his bowlers could have done to stop Rohit. It was an innings that killed off the second T20I as a contest, delivering India an emphatic win. What the nature of that victory means is that India will go into the series-deciding third T20I at the VCA Stadium here on Sunday firmly believing it has the upper hand.

The momentum has decisively shifted. As big as Rohit made the gulf between the sides feel on Thursday, India will be aware that it is far from perfect as a team. Khaleel Ahmed has been expensive in both games, and Rohit will have to decide how confident his left-arm seamer is and if he may be trusted to deliver under pressure.

Bangladesh will doubtless attack him. The absence of Jasprit Bumrah makes any Indian side vulnerable at the death. The key to restricting Bangladesh in this situation lies in taking wickets in the middle overs. Does India have reliable wicket-taking options beyond Yuzvendra Chahal? Does Rohit feel he can manage four quiet overs between Krunal Pandya and Shivam Dube?

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These questions remain but this series is an opportunity to look for answers. The Indian team that will take the field in the opening game of the T20 World Cup next year will most certainly look different -- Bumrah,  Virat Kohli  and Hardik Pandya will come straight in. The T20 internationals India plays in the lead-up are thus chances for the likes of K.L. Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, and Deepak Chahar to make an impression.

Rahul started well in Delhi but could not carry on. Shreyas has looked good in both matches, although he fell trying, unselfishly, to raise the tempo in the first T20I.

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Washington Sundar pointed out on Thursday that Bangladesh had perhaps felt more comfortable on a slow surface in Delhi than on a good batting track in Rajkot. He expected another batting-friendly surface at the VCA Stadium, confident it would work in India's favour.

The touring side had the chance to win the series in Rajkot -- a result that would have meant a great deal to Bangladesh cricket after the turbulent events of the previous month -- but failed. India perhaps does not see this T20I series as an end in itself, but it will not concede a single inch.



This is Shivansh Gupta and I will be bringing you all the live updates from Nagpur.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the third and deciding T20I between India and Bangladesh from the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur .



The match will be shown on the Star Sports network and can also be streamed live on Hotstar. The match will start at 7:30 PM IST.

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