The Indian Premier League (IPL) Governing Council, on Wednesday, decided that the recently reinstated Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings will be able to retain players who had played for them in 2015, and those who were part of Rising Pune Supergiant and Gujarat Lions squads last season.

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Every team can retain up to five players by virtue of a combination of Player Retention (Pre Player Auction) and Right to Match (RTM) (applicable during the Player Auction). A maximum of either three retention or three RTM will be available at the discretion of the franchises.  If there is no retention before player auction then franchises can have up to three RTM.

A team can retain up to three capped Indian players, two overseas players, and two uncapped Indian players, for a total of five players allotted.

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A limit has been put on the amount of money to be spent by each team for a particular season. For the 2018 season, this amount is Rs. 80 crore; in the 2019, each team can spend a maximum of Rs. 82 crore, and in 2020, this amount is pegged at Rs. 85 crore.

The governing council has also specified a minimum amount. It will be 75 percent of the maximum; in 2018, for example, a team will have to spend at least Rs. 60 crore, and so on.

Sums of money were also mentioned as 'player retention price guideline' for the money that can be spent on each player to be retained as per the player-retention system (and not RTM). If there are three players retained through this method, the most expensive player will have to be retained for at least Rs. 15 crore; the corresponding figures for the second and third players will be Rs. 11 crores and Rs. 7 crores.

If two players are retained, one player can be retained for Rs. 12.5 crore, and the second at Rs. 8.5 crore. If a single player has been retained via player retention, the sum of money that has to be spent is Rs. 12.5 crore.

This 'guideline price' can differ from the 'actual price'; the salary purse for a particular team will be modified, i.e, reduced, according to the sum of money spent on retaining players in this manner.


The minimum reserve price for players entering the IPL auction has also been changed. Three categories of uncapped players will have their price increased by Rs. 10 lakh. For example, if a category of uncapped player fell into the Rs. 10 lakh bracket earlier, his price will now be Rs. 20 lakh, and so on.

Modifications to this reserve price have been made for five categories of capped players too, as has been depicted in the table below.

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As for the franchise squad size, each team has to have a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 25 players, which also includes up to eight overseas cricketers.

The meeting was chaired by IPL Chairman Rajeev Shukla and attended by Supreme Court of India-appointed Committee of Administrators.