For the former BCCI senior selection committee chairman M.S.K. Prasad, the current lockdown seems to be the right time to get a better feel of what it means to be a successful coach and what goes into making a champion.

And, in tune with his desire to start full-time coaching soon, the process of which got delayed because of the on-going lockdown, the soft-spoken MSK, as he is better known in sporting circles, has just finished reading ‘Open: An Autobiography’  by tennis great Andre Agassi.

“It is a truly inspirational story and awesome,” says MSK in an exclusive chat with Sportstar , on Sunday, minutes after sending a video message sought by the Government on the importance of lighting lamps at 9pm on Sunday night as suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also staying indoors to curb the virus.


“So, I am keen to make optimum use of the free time now after a pretty demanding schedule as selection panel chief meant lot of touring,” says MSK.

“It is not that I was not aware of the process of producing a champion. But, reading about some of the sporting greats will always provide an interesting insight into how they handled pressure and went on to become big names,” he says.

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“Right now, I am reading books authored by former England captain Mike Brearley. They are just fascinating and should help me in my endeavour to give back to the game when I decide to start full-time coaching soon,” says the former India stumper.

“Yes, after a long time, I have been spending time at home with family members in Vijayawada,” he says.

Referring to the virus and the measures to tackle it, MSK said it is the duty of every citizen to strictly follow the guidelines in reducing its impact.

The former India cricketer also appealed to everyone to treat the affected patients with respect and dignity. “Do not treat them like criminals. It is no fault of theirs that they got infected by this virus,” he said emphasising the need to stand united in this hour of medical emergency.