European Championship quiz How well do you know EURO 2016

Euro 2020: Test your knowledge on the 15th edition of the European Championships which took place in France.

1. It is expected that Harmonjot Khabra, who is at the end of his contract, will be the next player to leave.

2. Portugal finished third with no wins in the group stages but qualified for the knockouts as one of the four best third-placed teams.

3. “He’s a fantastic footballer, but he’s not a gracious human being and the thing is we almost nicked the win, so him saying we weren’t going for the win contradicts that” - Iceland’s Kári Árnason had this to say about which footballer?

4. Which of these players didn’t make the EURO 2016 team of the tournament?

5. Who scored the fastest goal in EURO 2016?

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