Football's club versus country debate has a winner, at least in terms of money.

Real Madrid has earned $100.7 million from UEFA for lifting the Champions League trophy in May. At current coversion rates, this prize money is nearly Rs 740 crore. This is well over two times more than what France earned for it's World Cup win in July. 

France pocketed $38 million for the World Cup win. At the then conversion rates, it stood at Rs 260 crore.

The feeling of lifting the World Cup definitely trumps any financial rewards, but market forces evidently disagree. 

FIFA paid out a total of $400 million to the 32 teams in this year's World Cup. UEFA's total payout out to the same number of teams is $1.6 billion. Even the Europa League's total prize money is higher than the World Cup's at $486 million. 

Every team that reached the group stage of the Champions League received a handsome $14.1 million, while the countries that did not go past the group stages of the World Cup received $8 million.