Mario's moped madness: Balotelli 'bets barman €2,000' to drive scooter into the sea

Mario Balotelli posted a video showing a man in nothing but underwear driving a moped into the sea in Napoli, apparently after a bet.

Marseille striker Mario Balotelli is enjoying his time off in Napoli.   -  GETTY IMAGES

Not many weeks go by without Mario Balotelli making the headlines and his latest stunt has certainly caused a splash.

The Marseille striker, enjoying some time off in Napoli, posted a video on Instagram showing a man driving a moped into the sea.

Apparently, Balotelli bet the individual, a local bar owner, €2,000 to take the plunge.

Surrounded by onlookers, the man, sporting nothing but some skimpy white underwear, straddles his Vespa before steering it off the street and into the water in the harbour.

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Buongiorno così ! (Vespa ripescata).

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He then resurfaces and clambers into a nearby boat, his Y-fronts having just about survived the escapade.

Balotelli later posted a follow-up video to his Instagram stories showing the moped, having been rescued from the sea, remarkably still in working order.

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