Former Uruguay international striker Sebastian Abreu has retired from the game at the age of 44, having represented 31 different clubs since making his senior debut in 1994-95.

Nicknamed 'Loco', Abreu represented Uruguay in two World Cups and helped them win the 2011 Copa America title before playing his last international game the following year.

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A journeyman at club level, he joined Uruguayan side Sud America in March - his 31st team - and played his last match in Friday's 5-0 defeat by Liverpool in the country's Primera Division.

"The curtain comes down after 26 years," Abreu was quoted as saying by ESPN .

"I decided with conviction, understanding it's the right moment, being active, playing in the first division. I think that's the way, the team is well, it's the right time," he added.

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Abreu has played club football in 11 countries - Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile and El Salvador.

He has held the Guinness world record for most professional teams played for since 2017 when he joined Chile's Audax Italiano - his 26th club.