Rashid Khan submits letter to Delhi Golf Club seeking terms of settlement

The Indian golfer is ready to take back his police complaint and hold a joint press conference to dissolve the complaint.

Rashid Khan...“My suggestion [to the DGC] is allow us to play in non-priority timing.”   -  PTI

Rashid Khan, the Indian golfer, met Amit Luthra, a Delhi Golf Club (DGC) committee member, and submitted a letter to him charting his terms of settlement in a bid to restore his playing rights at the golf course.

Rashid and some other golfers had been banned by the club for having practised at the golf course since January, 2018. Rashid has said he is ready to take back the court case, withdraw the police complaint, and hold a joint press conference to dissolve the tension.

“I want to focus on my golf and not waste my time fighting. I just want my playing rights to be restored and I am ready to apologise and chalk out a compromise,” Rashid told PTI.

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He added: “I have submitted a letter to Amit Luthra. He suggested a few things which we will include and then sign it in front of the committee. So, [I’m] hoping there will be a meeting at the earliest to solve the issue. It is not only about me, it is also about the others who have also been banned by DGC. So, I am ready to take back my police complaint and also withdraw the court case and have a joint press conference.”

Not seeking membership

Rashid, a two-time Asian Tour winner, said he was never interested in DGC membership. “I never wanted to be a member, I just want to play. I just want that they should give us in writing that we will be allowed to play at DGC. It shouldn’t happen that after two years, again we are stopped and we have to fight for it,” he said.

“Even if you don’t want a compromise, give us a letter saying that we have been banned. I am looking for a permanent solution.”

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One of the reasons that contributed to Rashid being banned his fight with a security guard. He said: “Even the scuffle with the guard, it was he who first slapped me. I didn’t start it. He later apologised so I didn’t file any complaint against him but if still you feel I am wrong then check the CCTV footage of that area, it will make things clear.”

‘Allow us to play in non-priority timing’

Asked about his preferred practice timings, Rashid said, “In golf, once you tee off, you can keep moving ahead and others can also play. So my suggestion is allow us to play in non-priority timing, allow us to tee off during a particular hour — say, from 9-10 am. Golf course stays open from 4 am to 9 pm. The members can make bookings to play from 11 am to 2 pm. During this timing, non-members can’t play. So, we just want that they allow us to play in non-priority timing. In winter, most golfers are busy with tournaments and not many come to play at DGC. So we are not bothering anyone and even if one wants to practice, no one will supersede a member.”

Rashid wants professional golfers to be given a year’s notice to practice at DGC even if they are not in the top-100 of PGTI. “I think DGC should give a year extension to players who are not in top -100 to practice. If the golfer is not able to get back in top-100, then they can reduce some playing rights but don’t completely disallow the golfer,” he said.

DGC president Major Ravinder Singh Bedi (retd.) said: “My doors are always open for a dialogue. Rashid has met Amit Luthra, so let him submit his wishlist to the committee and then we can discuss about it and take it forward.”

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