The Open 2018 diary: Spieth's close shave

A haircut went awry for Jordan Spieth and one man thought the best way to spend a Saturday at The Open was to fall asleep.

Jordan Spieth   -  Getty Images

The Open Championship delivered a stunning day of golf on Saturday as things really got going at Carnoustie. But, away from the drama of the ever-changing leaderboard, there were plenty of other talking points.

From dodgy haircuts to unlikely places to take a nap, it was all happening. For all that and more, read our diary from the penultimate day of the 147th Open Championship.

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As a rule, golfers are always keen to avoid missing the cut, but Jordan Spieth was left wishing he had. The reigning Open champion headed into Carnoustie for a trim before his round, but didn't get quite what he was looking for.

"He went a little high and tight. It was intended to be what I normally get, and instead he went a little shorter. Very British haircut. A little shaved on the sides, a little longer on top. It is what it is. Summertime, it works out," said the three-time major winner, to much laughter.

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In that anecdote about his trim, Spieth said that he had paid £20 for a £9 haircut. Co-leader Kevin Kisner took issue with that claim, though. "Jordan doesn't tip, he's too tight. He doesn't even buy dinner," said Kisner. Ouch!


There are few things in world sport that can match the excitement of the weekend at an Open Championship. With that in mind, it was somewhat baffling to find one man fast asleep on one of the huge bean bags positioned in front of the giant screen near the fan zone.

He might have gone unnoticed had it not been for the ridiculously loud snoring. There's every chance that players sizing up their shots on the nearby first tee would have heard him!

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There's not much of a vantage point from the back of the first green down towards the first tee. So, when Spieth's ball came rolling to within 10 feet of the flag there were whoops and cheers coupled with a few quizzical looks.

"That can't be Spieth's drive can it?" Asked one man. "They're walking off the tee I reckon," came the reply. Well, fellas it was Spieth's drive...and what special hit it was.

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