PKL 2018 Highlights: Patna trounces Tamil; Gujarat edges past U Mumba after late surge.

PKL 2018-19 highlights: Patna Pirates vs Tamil Thalaivas and Gujarat Fortunegiants vs U Mumba

Updated : Nov 21, 2018 22:42 IST

Welcome to SportstarLive 's live blog of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018-19.

( Scores Read: Gujarat Fortunegiants ; U Mumba )

Do join us again tomorrow at 8 pm for the last day of the Mumbai leg. Let the two matches of the day sink in and brace yourselves for another action packed day at Ahmedabad. We'll be there and do tune into Sportstar Live. Goodnight! Ciao!

That's all we have for you today!  The day started off with Patna getting its revenge of the match 1 defeat against Tamil Thalaivas and then, Gujarat cameback from way behind to clinch the contest in the last five minutes! U Mumba showed great fight and never really let go off the lead until Mahendra Rajput and K Prapanjan unleashed their wrath to snatch the game away from U Mumba. Sunil Kumar, Sachin and Parvesh Bhainswal played a huge role in the defence to contain Siddharth Desai and Darsh on occasions when it really mattered.


Phew! Time to take a breather! It was such a close encounter! Got to feel for U Mumba, which had the upper hand from the start, but just couldn't negotiate the late surge by Gujarat.



39-35 WHAT A COMEBACK FROM GUJARAT! This contest seemed like a one-sided contest at the start, favouring U Mumba, but K Prapanjan, Sunil, Sachin Vittala led the comeback and like the past few instances, the match turned on its head in the last few minutes! This was such a nail-biter! 


39-34 PRAPANJAN WITH A SUPER10! Stretches the lead to five points.

37-34 One minute to go and Gujarat sacrifices a tackle point.




34-32 Mahendra Rajput is hurting U Mumba at the fag end of the game! He muscles past an ankle hold and crosses the midline with ease eventually.


33-32 Gujarat gets rid of Darshan! It is back into the lead! Unbelievable

32-32 Super Sachin brings back the scoreline to level terms!



29-30 ERROR AT THE WORST TIME POSSIBLE! Fazal Atrachali with a failed tackle attempt and it's just a one-point game! He has literally gifted the point here. The pressure can get the best of the lot.


28-30 Sunil, Sachin and co get a tackle point off Darshan. Gujarat has now scored nine points in the last five minutes, as opposed to U Mumba's four points.

27-30 Huge dash from Surender Singh. He threw Prapanjan into the cameraman. But Prapanjan got a bonus point, so one point for each.

26-29 U Mumba hasn't let go off the lead yet. One more point, this time a tackle point. Mahendra was floored.


26-28 ALL-OUT! THIS TIME, GUJARAT INFLICTS AN ALL-OUT ON U MUMBA! Game on! This is going down to the wire. Just nine minutes left and it's a two-point game.

23-27 Two points for Gujarat! One man remaining for U Mumba.


21-27 A complete tackle by Gujarat. Siddharth tried his best to use his reach, but he is held back and not an inch of his body was let loose.

20-27 One point each for both the teams. Mahendra Rajput was floored, but Fazal had stepped out of bounds. Fazal is now back to the bench.


19-26 Do-or-die raid for Gujarat and super tackle opportunity for U Mumba. And U Mumba prevails. Vinod Kumar takes care of the lower body of Prapanjan, Vinod Kumar takes care of the ankle and skipper Atrachali takes care of the rest. What a tackle!

19-22 K Prapanjan was looking for an empty raid, but Abolfazl Maghsodlou was caught napping there. There was no need for that, but nonetheless, a great example of importance of presence of mind by Prapanjan.

18-22 DON'T COUNT GUJARAT OUT! K Prapanjan uses his reach to get a touch point and score one more point.


17-22 Sunil rushes in from right corner to help Parvesh to floor Darshan.


16-22 THE 43-YEAR-OLD SHOWS HIS POWER! HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BEST SOLO TACKLES OF THE SEASON SO FAR! He initially got an ankle hold on Sachin, did Dharmaraj Cherlathan before sachin pulled him back with him to the midline, but Dharmaraj showed what is capable of and he pulled Sachin back before others pounced on him.

16-21 We are up and running for the last 20 minutes.




16-21 Excellent from Gujarat! Parvesh Bhainswal gets to his High5. This time, he adds Siddharth Desai to his list of victims. This excellent tackle brings the first half to and end. It's a five point game, but we all know that it only takes one raid to turn the table around. Siddharth Desai staring at his Super10 with nine raid points in his kitty already.

last 30 seconds to go.


15-21 Gujarat stops Rohit and then Mahendra Rajput gets a raid point. He crawled his way back to the midline. Gujarat slowly crawls back into the contest.

13-21 Fifth tackle point for U Mumba.  A reluctant Sunil walks into the last man he should have walked into, Fazal. He tackles Sunil, but he instantly grabs his back! He seems to have a taken a blow himself.


12-20 SUPER TACKLE ON SIDDHARTH DESAI! Gujarat realises chain tackles won't work on Desai, so they all launch themselves onto Desai and it works.

10-20 Skipper fazal Atrachali from left corner gets the ankle hold and lead assist tackler, Surender gets in to help with Rohit Rana and Sachin is floored!

10-18 Siddharth Desai has picked up nine raid points. This is turning out to be one-sided contest.


8-16 SUPER RAID, THIS TIME IT'S ROHIT! He gets a bonus point and two touch points.

8-13 Superb athleticism by Sachin. He jumps over Dharmaraj Cherlathan to get a raid point.

7-12 Rohit Baliyan sends Ruturaj Koravi to the bench, as he walks off with another raid point.


7-11 SUPER RAID AND GUJARAT IS ALL-OUT! Don't think there is any chain strong enough to contain Desai near the midline. Brute force.

7-6 Mahendra delays Mumbai's all-out.

5-5 Monstrous! Siddharth Desai with two tackle points. He out-wrestles the Gujarat defenders.


4-3 Bonus by K Prapanjan.

2-2 Defence comes to the fore for U Mumba! Mahendra Rajput has been floored and in some fashion.

2-1 Siddharth Desai gets right of Mahendra at right in.

2-0 GUJARAT OFF THE MARK! Mahendra Rajput gets a bonus point and a touch point.

0-0 Gujarat wins toss and U Mumba will raid first.


This is what you all have predicted. Will U Mumba live up to some of you expectations or will Gujarat prove all the U Mumba supporters wrong? THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE! DON'T GO ANYWHERE!


It’s a clash of the titans when  Gujarat Fortunegiants  host  U Mumba  at The Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad on Wednesday. A victory would see the home team close down the gap atop  Zone A  to just three points while also maintaining their perfect record against U Mumba.  

The two teams met in a highly entertaining contest just 11 days ago, where Gujarat Fortunegiants came out on top courtesy of a mat-sweeping  seven-point raid by Mahendra Rajput  that swung the tide in his side’s favour late in the game.


Overall: Matches – 4 | Gujarat Fortunegiants – 4 | U Mumba – 0 | Tie – 0

PKL 6: Matches – 1 | Gujarat Fortunegiants – 1 | U Mumba – 0 | Tie – 0

  • Gujarat Fortunegiants are unbeaten in 4 matches against U Mumba.

  • Gujarat are the only team that U Mumba are yet to beat in PKL.

  • They have already played once in PKL 6 which ended in a thrilling 38-36 win for Gujarat

    • Sachin top scored for Gujarat with 9 raid points, but Mahendra Rajput’s cameo at the end with a 5-point Super Raid turned the game in the last 36 minute of the game.

    • Parvesh Bhainswal led the defence with 4 tackle points while captain Sunil Kumar had 3.

    • Siddharth Desai had a Super 10 for U Mumba with 12 raid points while Vinod Kumar had a HIGH 5 after coming off the bench.

  • Gujarat Fortunegiants PKL 6: 8 wins, 2 losses, 2 ties. Lost last match against Dabang Delhi by 3 points.

    • Gujarat Fortunegiants were on a 9-game unbeaten run (8 wins and 1 tie) before their loss to Dabang Delhi yesterday.

    • The loss to Delhi was also Gujarat’s first loss at home in their PKL history.

  • U Mumba PKL 6: 10 wins, 3 losses, 1 tie. Won last match against Tamil Thalaivas by 14 points.

It's time for the second match of the night. The home-team, Gujarat Fortunegiants takes on U Mumba. You do not want to miss out on this phenomenal match. It's going to be packed with action and the entertainment wil be plenty.


Well, we are off to a thrilling start! Patna gets it sweet revenge, both the Narwals get their Super10s and Patna finishes the night on a high.



45-27 SWEET REVENGE WITH A RESOUNDING WIN. PARDEEP GETS MANJEET CHHILLAR AND 2 POINTS to complete a comprehensive win for Patna Pirates. A complete all-round performance to defeat Tamil Thalaivas.

43-27 DEEPAK WITH A SUPER10 NOW! The other Narwal also reaches the landmark.

42-27 THIRD ALL-OUT FOR PATNA! A MASSIVE 15-POINT cushion for Patna. Another all-out inflicted on the Thalaivas.

38-25 SUPER10 FOR PARDEEP! He gets rid of Manjeet Chhillar again top get to his Super10. NINTH of the season.

37-23 THE DUPKI HAS ARRIVED! Pardeep Narwal gets two raid points.

34-23 PATNA RUNNING AWAY WITH THE GAME! First a successful tackle on Athul MS and then Manjeet got a running hand touch to get a raid point in the do-or-die raid.

32-23 Good spot by Manjeet! A successful review by the Thalaivas. Deepak Narwal was initially given a bonus point and Thalaivas reviewed it to discover that it was not meant to be given. Good eye from Manjeet.

32-23 Ravinder sacrifices himself as he gifts a raid point to a n acrobatic Athul.


32-22 Manjeet with a lighting quick raid extends the lead to ten points as Patna now takes a time-out! Only four minutes to go.

31-22 Bonus and then a tackle point! Sums up the kind of night Patna has had tonight. This time, Jasvir was its victim.


29-22 Ajay Thakur is on eight raid points tonight and with this empty raid, he seems to be playing on the do-or-die raid sequence.

29-21 Pardeep is out! Ankle hold by Manjeet Chhillar and a fierce dash from Jasvir Singh. Pardeep does get a bonus point though.

28-20 Ravinder and Patna hold contain Surjeet Singh. Once again, he was looking for a bonus, but he has become a little predictable here.


27-20 NOT THIS TIME, SAYS PATNA AND IT'S THE  SECOND ALL-OUT! In the previous raid, when Pardeep was tackled, he seemed to have gotten injured. But when Jasvir came in to raid, he was tackled and patna inflicts another all-out on Tamil. The lead is back up to seven. Less than 10 minutes to go. This can go anywhere,

23-19 HELLO THERE! Jasvir Singh revives one man.

23-17 Pardeep Narwal gets another raid point and only man left on the mat for Tamil.


21-17 Manjeet sends the right cover back to reduce Thalaivas to three men on the mat.


20-17 Jaideep was caught hanging too close to the midline. Surjeet sprung away from the defence and back to the midline. He gets a useful point.

19-15 Cheeky and sneaky by Vikas Kale! He grabs Ajay Thakur's jersey to hold him back! He got away with one there.

18-15 Deepak Narwal sent in for the do-or-die raid and he gets two points. Arun's waist hold wasn't strong enough to stop Deepak.


16-15 Substitute Surjeet Singh, who replaced Athul, is sent in and he doesn't disappoint. Thalaivas picking off where it left from. One bonus plus one touch point. Brilliant start to the second half by Tamil

Also, head over to our Twitter account to vote on who will win the second encounter of the night. Have your say and get a chance to get featured on our blog.



16-13 Deepak Narwal with a bonus point and a touch point. He used the lobby really well and brings the first half to an end. The last raid stretches Patna's lead to three points. Game on here! Don't go anywhere! We are in for a thriller!

14-13 It's now a one point game as the Tamil skipper strikes with a raid point.

14-12 Manjeet bounces back! Once again, an action-replay of the previous tackle on Pardeep. Low dupki   stopped by Manjeet and Sukesh.


14-11 REVIEW SUCCESSFUL AND ALL-OUT! HIGH OCTANE DRAMA HERE. It all started with Deepak Narwal getting a bonus point and got two touch points off Sukesh Hegde and D Gopu. Tamil reviewed the bonus plus two points and it questioned whether Deepak Narwal's raid was legitimate and in bounds. And it was successful as the raider was out of bounds completely while he was on his way back. This means Tamil has inflicted an all-out on Patna and reduced the deficit.

13-8 Ajay Thakur gets Tae Deok Eom out with a flying hand touch. Tae Deok Eom didn't agree with it, but Patna decides against a review and we move on.

12-7 Do-or-die raid for Ajay Thakur and he bulls through the lobby to pick up two raid points. Great agility and even better awareness.

12-5 Finally some good defensive work from Tamil Thalaivas. Pardeep tried to escape the chain tackle with a dupki, but Manjeet teamed up with Hegde to floor him completely.


12-3 Pardeep Narwal continues to dominate the head-to-head count against Manjeet Chhillar. A full-fledged touch to send the defender back. He has also reached 750 raid-points in the PKL history! Stellar!

11-2 After Ajay Thakur opened his account on the mat, Deepak Narwal got one back. Moment of brilliance while he clinched the bonus point.


10-1 ALL-OUT! Patna cruises into double figures. It takes less than six and a half minutes to inflict the first all-out on the Thalaivas. What a strong start! Ajay Thakur and co. need to step up.

6-1 Manjeet uses his height to great advantage. He pushed the right corner deeper into the corner and got a touch point.

5-1 Athul MS sent back to the bench. A chain tackle by the left cornet of Patna forcing Thalaivas to make an early substitution.

4-1 Self-out by the Thalaivas.

2-1 Athul MS gets Tamil Thalaivas off the mark!


2-0 Pardeep now gets a bonus point after an empty raid by Sukesh Hegde.

1-0 CRACKING START! Big scalp early! Pardeep Narwal gets rid of Manjeet Chhillar. Almost took a second point along the way. D Gopu was not far away.

0-0 Tamil wins the toss and Patna will raid first.

Also, head over to our Twitter account to vote on who will win the second encounter of the night. Have your say and get a chance to get featured on our blog.

The first match today is a big one! The defending champions, Patna Pirates, will take on the Tamil Thalaivas, which one was the Southern Derby for the first time yesterday against Telugu Titans. The two teams previously met in the season's opener where the Thalaivas thrashed the Pirates 42-26? The head-to-head honours is shared equally, with both the teams winning twice. Will Patna gets its revenge or will Tamil Thalaivas replicate its last night's performance?



Overall: Matches – 4 | Patna Pirates – 2 | Tamil Thalaivas – 2 | Tie – 0

PKL 6: Matches – 1 | Patna Pirates – 0 | Tamil Thalaivas – 1 | Tie – 0

  • Both teams have won 2 games each in their 4 meetings against each other so far while Tamil have won the last two encounters.

  • Tamil Thalaivas comfortably won the first meeting between these teams this season 42-26 which was the season opener

    • Both Ajay Thakur and Pardeep Narwal had Super 10s. Ajay Thakur had 14 raid points while Pardeep had 11.

    • Surjeet and Manjeet had good matches as support raiders. Surjeet had 7 raid points for Tamil Thalaivas while Manjeet had 8 for Patna Pirates.

    • The match was decided in Tamil’s favor because of defence as they scored 11 tackle points while Patna managed just 2 tackle points, which is also the worst defensive performance of PKL 6.

    • Amit Hooda was the best defender of the match with 4 tackle points.

  • Patna Pirates PKL 6: 6 wins, 6 losses. Won their last match against Dabang Delhi by 3 points.

    • They are on a 3-match winning streak.

  • Tamil Thalaivas PKL 6: 4 wins, 7 losses, 1 tie. Won their last match against Telugu Titans by 4 points.

    • They have lost 2 out of their last 5 games (2 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie).

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