Too much one-day cricket - Boycott


LEGENDARY cricketer Geoffery Boycott cautioned the BCCI "not to kill the golden goose" by having far too many one-dayers.

The former England captain said the time has come to prune the choked international schedule. "There is too much one-day cricket now-a-days as everyone likes it. No move is being made to cut down the number of matches played every year since we cannot kill the goose that lays the golden egg," Boycott said.

Boycott was of the view that "one-dayers are hurting domestic cricket not only in India but also in England."

According to him, the Ranji Trophy was the breeding ground for Test cricketers in India. The emerging players needed to play against the best in the country, who unfortunately found it difficult to get some time for domestic cricket.

Another living legend Sunil Gavaskar seconded Boycott's views, saying the ICC and the Cricket Boards should give a serious thought to the matter.

"During the last ICC meet, the captains had suggested 25 to 30 one-dayers for each team in a year. The ICC and Boards do not have the same courage or conviction to implement it," he said.