Lewis Hamilton believes the "new generation" of Formula One drivers are treated with greater leniency after Charles Leclerc avoided punishment at the Italian Grand Prix.

Reigning champion Hamilton felt he was left insufficient space by Leclerc when he attempted to find a route past the pole-sitter on the run down to the Della Roggia chicane on lap 23, but the 21-year-old was only shown a black and white flag by the race stewards as a warning.

Mercedes driver Hamilton later complained of "dangerous driving" after Leclerc moved under braking as he defended on the same stretch of track, having locked up and missed the first chicane.

Hamilton's challenge ended when deteriorating tyres saw him miss the first two turns and fall behind Valtteri Bottas, who also failed to stop Ferrari star Leclerc claiming a second straight win - to the delight of the Italian spectators.

"It was good fun. It doesn't really matter what I think [about Leclerc moving under braking]. I don't really have anything to say about it," said Hamilton.

"We have gone over and over it multiple times and it's pointless me bringing it up. I avoided the collision and then just kept focusing on trying to get closer.

"It seems like the new generation get away with a lot more in that area, in that space, with how they manoeuvre their car compared to the more experienced drivers.

"But it's good knowledge. Now I know... I look forward to the next one."