Tokyo 2020 Olympics Archery highlights, Day 1 - Deepika 9th; Pravin, Atanu outside top-30 in individual ranking

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Score: Follow all the updates as Indian archers Deepika Kumari, Atanu Das, Tarundeep Rai and Pravin Jadhav take part in the individual ranking round at the Yumenoshima Ranking Field.

Updated : Jul 23, 2021 13:31 IST , Tokyo




    Mixed Team Round of 16 - [9] India vs Chinese Taipei [8] (July 24, Saturday)
    Men's Team Round of 16 - [9] India vs Kazakhstan [8] (July 26, Monday)
    Deepika Kumari (9) vs  Karma (Bhutan - 56) [Women's Individual: July 28, Wednesday]
    Pravin Jadhav (31) vs  Galsan Bazarzhapov (ROC - 34) [Men's Individual: July 28, Wednesday]
    Atanu Das (35) vs  Deng Yu-Cheng (Chinese Taipei - 30) [Men's Individual: July 29, Thursday]
    Tarundeep Rai (37) vs  Oleksii Hunbin (Ukraine - 28) [Men's Individual: July 28, Wednesday]
  • MEN'S TEAM RANKING: The trio of Pravin, Atanu Das (653) and Tarundeep Rai (652) end up ninth in the 12-team field, only above Great Britain, Australia and France.
  • MIXED TEAM RANKING: India's Deepika Kumari (663) and Pravin Jadhav (656) finish with a total score of 1319. They are ranked ninth among 29 teams.
  • The Indian men's archers struggle to make an impact. Pravin Jadhav finishes in 31st with 656, 54 in the final End. Atanu Das in 35th with 653 (53), and Tarundeep Rai in 37th with 652 (55).
  • Je Deok ends the men's individual ranking round on top with a final score of 688. Brady moves to second with 682, while Jinhyek and Woojin finish third and fourth with 681 and 680, respectively.
  • Je Deok's (628) lead cut short by Woojin (626). Brady (623) replaces Jinhyek (623) in third. Pravin is 28th (602) - 53 this End, Atanu is 31st (600) - 52, and Tarundeep stays in 38th (593) - 55.
  • MEN'S TEAM ALERT: India currently occupies the ninth spot in the 12-team field with a score of 1639.
  • Woojin back to second. Je Deok number one, Jinhyek third and Brady stays in fourth. Pravin, 26th (549) - 56 this End, and Atanu, 28th (548) - 56, with pretty good rounds. Tarundeep slips to 38th (542) - 54.
  • Je Deok stays first, while Jinhyek replaces Woojin in second. World record holder Brady is in fourth now. Pravin, 27th (493) - 55 this End, and Atanu 30th (492) - 52, swap places. Tarundeep moves to 37th (488) - 56.
  • The South Koreans are dominating the event - Je Deok first, Woojin second and Jinhyek third. Atanu, 26th (440) - 56 this End, moves above Pravin, 30th (438) - 54, now. Meanwhile, Tarundeep up to 41st (432) - 55.
  • The second half begins. Je Deok (403) extends his lead over Woojin (397). Mete up to fifth. Pravin moves three rungs up to 27th (384) - 55 this End. Atanu a spot behind in 28th (384) - 55, and Tarundeep stays in 45th (377) - 54.
  • MIXED TEAM ALERT: India currently occupies the fifth spot behind South Korea, Mexico, United States and Japan with a score of 992 (Deepika Kumari - 663 + Pravin Jadhav - 329).
  • Je Deok (345) still in the lead, Woojin (340) second. Mete in sixth. Pravin down to 30th (329) - 54 this End. Atanu moves to 31st (329) - 54, and Tarundeep 45th (323) - 52.
  • Je Deok (287) replaces countryman Woojin (284) up top. Mete drops to 13th. Pravin keeps moving up. He is currently in 25th (275) - 56 this End. Atanu stays in 29th (275) - 55, and Tarundeep 39th (271) - 57.
  • Muto (225) drops to sixth, Woojin (227) takes the lead. Je Deok second, Mete stays in third. Poor round for the Indians. Atanu down to 29th (220) - 52 this End, Pravin 30th (219) - 56, and Tarundeep 48th (214) - 53.
  • Muto holds on to the lead - 171 points after 18 of 72 arrows. Mete is back in the top three having shot four 10s in the last 'end'. Atanu is 11th (56), Tarundeep 45th (52) and Pravin 35th (54).
  • Atanu slips to 14th with shots of 10, 9, 9, 9, 9, and 8. Tarundeep - 34th (54), Pravin - 38th (55). Muto takes top spot as Mete loses eight spots to come down to ninth.
  • Atanu gets off to a confident start with 58 points ( fifthplace ). Tarundeep is 31st (55), Pravin 40th (54). Mete and Japanese Hiroki Muto lead the pack with 59 points.

- Start lists: Atanu to start on 20A, Pravin on 22A and Tarundeep 24A. Rivals Brady Ellison (USA), Mete Gazoz (TUR), and Kim Woojin (KOR) start on 33A, 42A, and 49A, respectively.

UP NEXT - Stay tuned! The men's individual ranking event starts at 9:30 AM IST (1:00 PM local time). Indians Atanu Das, Tarundeep Rai and Pravin Jadhav will be in action.




  • A PERFECT START TO THE DAY! AN SAN FINISHES WITH AN OLYMPIC RECORD (OR) SCORE - 680! She surpasses Ukrainian great Lina Herasymenko's past record of 673 points set way back in 1996.

    Surprisingly, three other archers have shot more than the earlier OR - Koreans Jang (677, 2nd) and Chaeyoung (675, 3rd), and Mexican Valencia (674, 4th).

    The team event, which uses the combined results of each nation's three archers, has also seen a new Olympic Record set by the Republic of Korea – 2032 points, ahead of Mexico (1976) and USA (1970).
    Archer An San of South Korea gestures after finishing first and setting a new Olympic record in the Women's Individual Ranking Round.
  • Deepika finishes ninth with a 54 off the last set of six arrows. She will meet Bhutan's Karma, who shot her personal best of 616 today, in the next round.
  • With a 53, Deepika is back to seventh (609 points). Roman leapfrogs. Just one round to go. The Koreans (An, Chaeyoung and Jang) form the top three. As things stand, Deepika may meet Mongolia's Urantungalag Mglbishindee in the next round.
  • The 27-year-old from Ranchi shoots a high 58! Deepika is on 556 points now as she moves up to sixth , behind An (568), Chaeyoung (564; she's gone berserk! ), Jang (562), Valencia (559) and Brown (559).
  • Deepika shoots 56 (X, X, 10, 10, 9, 7) to go up one spot to seventh . Chaeyoung continues the climb - she is fifth now with 505 points.
  • Deepika down to eighth after second 'end' in second half as she shoots 53. Her sixth arrow went for a 7. Mexico's Aida Roman and Slovakia's Denisa Barankova go past. An, in the meantime, has a seven-point lead at the front over second-placed Jang!
  • The second half begins and Deepika remains fourth (55) , after 42/72 arrows with 389 points. Valencia and Chaeyoung, however, are hot on the trail with the same score but lesser 10s and Xs.
  • At the end of the first half, Deepika sits at the fourth spot on the leaderboard. What a terrific recovery! Shoots 57 this time, but that is enough to propel her six slots up. Only An (345), Jang (339) and USA's Mackenzie Brown (336) are ahead of her now.
  • Deepika is back at 10th after the fifth 'end', with a stunning 59 - one X and four 10s! An (287), her compatriot Jang Minhee (281) and Mexico's Alejandra Valencia (280) are the top three.
  • Deepika slips further! 14th now, with two more 'ends' to go in the first half. She starts off strongly with two Xs, but fades away with three 8s followed by a 7 (51). Meanwhile, An is pulling away at the top - 230 points.
  • Deepika retains her spot at the end of the 18th shot (56). An (174) extends her lead over Marchenko (171). Chaeyoung, meanwhile, has jumped up to fifth with a 58 (X, 10, 10, 10, 9, 9). She wasn't even in the top 10 after the first two ends!
  • Deepika drops down to 10th after the second 'end'. She shoots 10, 10, 9, 9, 9 and 8 (55). An claims the top spot with a score of 116.
  • Deepika is eighth after the first 'end' of six shots. Her score is 56 (Three 10s, one X). Veronika Marchenko of Ukraine leads with 58 (Five 10s, two Xs). Korean An is second (58; 4 10s, 2 Xs), USA's Casey Kaufhold third (58; 4 10s, 2 Xs).

- The women's individual archery competition is about to begin. World record holder Chaeyoung is the favourite to win gold at her first appearance in the Games.

- The day's first event - men's single sculls heats - are underway!

- World No. 1 Deepika has been assigned Target 47A on the Start List. Meanwhile, her arch rivals Kang Chaeyoung (KOR), An San (KOR), Tan Ya-Ting (TPE), and Lei Chien-Ying (TPE) will shoot at 62A, 64A, 12A, and 10A, respectively.

The archery competition starts with a ranking round, where all 128 archers (64 men and as many women) are asked to shoot 72 arrows at a target 70 meters away in 12 ends (groupings). Each archer has two minutes to shoot six arrows at each end. 720 is the perfect score.

After being ranked - from first to 64th - based on their scores, the archers are made to compete in pairs. The first-ranked archer goes up against the 64th-ranked archer, the second is pitted against the 63rd, and so on.


The Indian archery contingent comprising Deepika Kumari, Atanu Das, Tarundeep Rai and Pravin Jadhav will be in action on the inaugural day of the 32nd Olympic Games as the individual ranking rounds for men and women begin at the Yumenoshima Ranking Field in Tokyo today.

After spending 15 months without competition due to the pandemic, the Indian archers performed creditably to land four medals in the World Cup Stage-1 in Guatemala City and then three in Stage-3 in Paris.


Even though the field was depleted in the World Cups this year, the Indian archers’ sterling performance must be a huge morale booster for them ahead of the Olympics and should give them a psychological advantage.

It’s true that the men’s team has not performed up to its potential and the women’s team, which gathered two gold medals, has not qualified for the Olympics.

India’s fine showing in the World Cups was mainly because of ace archer Deepika and her husband Atanu’s brilliant performance.


If the couple continues with their dream form, it has the capability to make history in Tokyo and kick-start a new era for Indian archery, which has been expecting medals from the mega-event for decades but has not been able to achieve the target.

The introduction of the mixed team event this time will favour India as Atanu and Deepika – following their marriage last year – have developed better chemistry between themselves and have been living a dream together.

Star archers Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari will kick off India's Tokyo Olympics campaign today.

A bronze medal in Guatemala followed by a gold in Paris, where they beat the formidable Lausanne leg gold medallist Dutch pair of Gabriela Schloesser and Sjef van den Berg in the final, speaks a lot about the duo's form.

Besides, Deepika, who played a key role in India claiming three gold medals in Paris, and Atanu, who picked up his maiden individual World Cup gold apart from a mixed team bronze, must be in a good frame of mind in recent times.

In fact, the expectation will be high from Deepika, who is all set to compete in her third Olympics. She will try to forget how she crumbled under pressure in the previous Games and perform with a positive attitude both in mixed team and individual events in this edition.


Atanu, too, will be eager to erase his memories of Rio and shine in Tokyo, both in team events and individual competitions.

Atanu has another chance to grab a medal as he will be part of the men’s team, also comprising the most experienced Tarundeep Rai and the young Pravin Jadhav.

The three had shown their magic, landing a World championships silver in 2019 and securing an Olympic team berth.

The 37-year-old Rai, who participated in the 2004 and 2012 Olympics, will look forward to making the most of what will probably be his last appearance at the Games. Jadhav, known for his cool-headed approach, will be equally enthusiastic to make his mark on his debut.

Apart from the men’s team event, they will take part in the individual competition.

Before that, the first target will be to gather as many points as possible and earn good rankings in order to have a favourable draw.

Altogether 64 archers each in men and women sections will shoot in the ranking round. The women’s ranking round will be held in the morning, followed by the men.

The draws will be decided based on the performance of the archers in the ranking round.

- Y. B. Sarangi


When will the Indian archers play in Tokyo Olympics 2021? 

The Indian archers comprising Deepika Kumari, Atanu Das, Tarundeep Rai and Pravin Jadhav will start the archery event on July 23, 2021.

At what time will the Indian archers be in action? 

The archery event will start today at 5:30 AM IST.

Where to watch Indian events at Tokyo Olympics?

The Sony Sports Network will broadcast Tokyo Olympics live in India.

Sony TEN 3 HD/SD will telecast India events with Hindi commentary while Sony TEN 1 HD/SD and Sony TEN 2 HD/SD will have English commentary.

Live streaming of the events will be available on the SonyLIV and JioTV app.

When will the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony be held?

The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony 2021 will start on July 23 at 6:30 PM local time (3 PM IST).

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