Mirabai Chanu wins Silver in weightlifting, India opens medal account in Tokyo

Mirabai Chanu won the silver medal and became the first Indian to win an Olympic medal at the 2020 Tokyo Games in the Women's 49kg category.

Mirabai Chanu will be in action on Saturday.   -  FILE PHOTO/PTI

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  • Hou Zhuhui (China) | Mirabai Chanu (India) | Cantik Windy Aisah (Indonesia) are the medal winners. The presentation ceremony is over and it's Mirabai Chanu who gives India its first medal in Tokyo. Take a Bow!

REPORT| Mirabai Chanu wins silver in 49kg, India gets first medal at Tokyo Olympics


  • Mirabai Chanu won the silver medal and became the first Indian to win an Olympic medal at the 2020 Tokyo Games in the Women's 49kg category. China's Hou Zhihui clinched the gold medal.

  • Mirabai Chanu goes for 117kg on her final attempt but she fails and settles for silver

  • Mirabai Chanu goes for 115kg on her second attempt and she does it! Wow New Olympic Record

  • Mirabai Chanu goes for 110kg in her first attempt and she executes it perfectly to be assured of an Olympic medal in clean and jerk.

  • Hou Zhihui in her first attempt of 109kg lifted it effortlessly and that was just a warm-up lift for the Chinese.

  • Jourdan Delacruz lifts 108 kg in her first attempt and she fails.. The clean was excellent but she failed to finish and she fails even in her second attempt. She is clearly under pressure. In a must-lift third attempt Delacruz, even failed to lift clean.

  • Medal Alert: Mirabai Chanu needs to lift 110 kg to assure India first medal at Tokyo Olympics.

  • 18 year old Nina Sterckx fails in her attempt and she has been impressive.

  • Japan's legendary weightlifter Miyake Hiromi's Olympic dream is over and one of the best .

  • Fang Wang-Lin goes for 98kg in her first attempt and she clears it.

  • Anais Michel is the first to start the clean and jerk with 96kgs on the bar. Bit of a tangle but that was a good opening lift.

  • End of Snatch: China's Hou Zhihui has not just created an Olympic record but also is the leader with a third attempt lift of 94kg. Following her is Mirabai Chanu, who despite failing a lift of 89kg in her third attempt stands second with a lift of 87kg. USA's Jourdan Delacruz is third with a lift of 86kg in her second attempt. Clean and Jerk to start shortly.

  • Wow! Hou Zhihui sets the bar way too higher with a lift of 94kg.

  • New Olympic Record: Hou Zhihui creates Olympic record as she lifts 92kg

  • Mirabai Chanu in her third attempt of 89kg and she fails! Not to be this time. Chinese weightlifter Hou Zhihui is currently in the lead. 

  • Jourdan Delacruz lifts 89kg and challenges the jury as her elbows were shaking. The lift has been cancelled.

  • Indonesian Windy Aisah fails in her third attempt of 87kg

  • Mirabai Chanu on to her second attempt at 87kg. And she clears successfully. This is absolutely sensational and great control by the Indian. The focus in her eyes says she is up for something special.

  • Mirabai Chanu successfully clears 84 kg in her first attempt. Great recovery from the lifter and she gets her first snatch in.

  • Mirabai's closest rival Jourdan Delacruz successfully clears her first attempt - 83kgs

  • Anais Michel fails in her third attempt but her knee bent, which is against the rule and that will be No Lift.

  • Fang Wan-Ling going for her third attempt, this time 80 kilos, five more than her first lift. And that's a fantastic lift. Such focus and absolute aggression with a timely explosion. All three attempts clear.

  • Fang Wan-Ling is on a roll as she clears her second attempt, an increased 3 kilos.

  • Hiromi goes for her third attempt and this time again she falters and she is clearly under pressure. 

  • Hiromi falters in her second attempt as she increased two kilos but failed to lift 76kgs

  • Japanese weightlifter Miayki Hiromi starts proceedings and that's a fabulous start.

  • The weights are from 74kg-91kg and Chanu will be lifting 84kg in her first attempt

  • Alright here we go Weightlifting Snatch - Women's 49kg category
  • Weightlifters are warming up and the atmosphere is tense and all eyes will be on Mirabai Chanu.
  • We are moments away from what will be a historic moment for Mirabai Chanu and India. If she lifts her first lift, Chanu is assured at least a silver medal.

Tokyo Olympics LIVE: Weightlifting Women’s 49 kg start list

Michel Anais (France)

Fang Wan-Ling (Chinees Taipei)

Sterckx Nina (Belgium)

Aisah Windy Candika (Indonesia)

Delacruz Jourdan Elizabeth (USA)

Hiu Zhihui (China)

Miyake Hiromi (Japan)

Mirabai Chanu Saikhom (India)

Star weightlifter Mirabai Chanu will eye to win a medal when she competes in the Women's 49kg event.

Mirabai Chanu enters 210kg on Tokyo weightlifting start list, higher total than rivals

Mirabai Chanu has entered 210kg as her expected total in the women’s 49kg start list of the Tokyo Olympic Games to raise the expectation of Indian weightlifting fans on the eve of her event.

Mirabai, who has the personal best of 205kg, had earlier said that she would be going for 210kg to push for the gold.

By putting that weight on the start list, she has made a statement to her closest rivals, including Hou Zhihui of China, Windy Aisha of Indonesia and Elizabeth Delacruz of the USA. The three have registered 205kg, 203kg and 200kg, respectively.

Tokyo Olympics, Weightlifting: Mirabai Chanu's quest for glory

According to D. Chandrahas Rai, who has served as an international technical official in international competitions, the primary purpose of mentioning the weight is to help the organisers prepare a start list.