Quiz Cricket World Cup, 2011

India clinched the World Cup title for the second time in April, 2011. How much do you know about the ICC World Cup in 2011? Find out in our quiz.


1. How many wicketkeepers captained their sides at the 2011 World Cup?

2. Six batsmen scored two centuries each at the 2011 World Cup. Who wasn't one of them?

3. Each of the following three batsmen scored four fifties at the 2011 World Cup. Which one additionally scored one century?

4. Kenya conceded 46 extras against Pakistan in the group stage of the 2011 World Cup. What record did Kenya equal?

5. There were nine instances of bowlers taking at least five wickets in a match at the 2011 World Cup. How many were taken against India?

6. Pakistan's Shahid Afridi and India's Zaheer Khan finished the 2011 World Cup with 21 wickets each. How many hauls of at least four wickets did each take?

7. India and England's tied match at the 2011 World Cup was the ___ consecutive World Cup to feature one tied match.

8. Which team featured both the youngest and oldest players at the 2011 World Cup?

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