Quiz Table Tennis World Cup over the years

How well do you know your ping pong? Find out with our quiz on the Table Tennis World Cup.

Sathiyan has worked his way into becoming the face of Indian table tennis.

1. In what year was the women’s singles category added to the Table Tennis World Cup?

2. In 2019, who became only the third player to win back-to-back men’s singles World Cups?

3. Who is the most successful men’s singles player in the history of the World Cup with four titles?

4. Vladimir Samsanov, in 2019, appeared in a record 18th Men’s World Cup. Which other players share this record of most appearances in the World Cup with him?

5. Sathiyan, in his maiden World Cup in 2019, lost in the Round of 16. Who was his opponent?

6. Who won the silver medal in 2019 in the women’s singles category? She was also top seed.

7. When was the only time China did not win a medal in the women’s singles category?

8. Who is the most successful player at the Table Tennis World Cup in the women’s singles category?

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