It is a charming video that speeds through in about 100 seconds. It features some of the best shooters in the country who convey a crisp message.

“Aim at bad memories, and shoot it, [because] nothing should stay for long,” says the message, with a symbolic tearing of a sheet of coronavirus portrait!

The video starts with Apurvi Chandela reading a book and quickly changing to her shooting attire, sporting her rifle, medals and trophies. It moves on to Elavenil Valarivan, Anjum Moudgil, Divyansh Singh Panwar, Manu Bhaker, Abhishek Verma, Anish Bhanwala, Arjun Babuta, Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar and Shriyanka Sadangi, with each one performing a task, aiming a shot, doing yoga, etc.

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The transition from one shooter to another is done with imagination, with one throwing a glove, the other catching it, one giving a t-shirt and then the other sporting it, etc. “This team is all about fun, hard work, crazy ideas! Loved working on this challenge and at the end, it is all about being positive and enjoying what you do,” wrote World Championship silver medallist Anjum Moudgil, on her Instagram page.

Anjum’s idea

It was Anjum’s idea to do the video with Divyansh Singh Panwar. “The British, Russian and Iran shooting teams had made videos which were posted by ISSF. Then, we planned to make it,” said Apurvi.


“We added some shooters. Shriyanka, Apurvi and I made the script. Then, everyone was told to do that part and that is why it flows nicely,” said Anjum, quite happy with the execution.

“It is easy to edit videos these days with some in-built apps in phones,” said Anjum. She revealed it took the team two days to put things together.

“Every shooter made the video. Trimmed it, edited it and then sent the final video. Then, all the final videos were combined to make one. And we increased the speed,” said Anjum, explaining the execution.

With a lively title ‘Don’t rush challenge’, the video got a nice finishing touch from Anjum. “I just added the front introduction and the last one. That completed the video,” said Anjum.

It is indeed a beautiful message to the world, to dismiss the bad memories and start afresh.