Sachin Tendulkar visits Donja, his adopted village

The icon has committed ₹four crore from his MP Local Area Development Scheme funds for infrastructure development in the village.

Sachin Tendulkar being greeted by Donja residents upon his visit.   -  PTI

Sachin Tendulkar on Tuesday visited his adopted village - Donja - in the district of Osmanabad in Maharashtra. The icon has committed Rs four crore from his MP Local Area Development scheme funds for infrastructure development in the village, according to a communique issued by his spokesperson.

“I am overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and spirit and hope that all of us can work together towards development of the village. The initial challenges in implementing the development work have been successfully overcome and I am sure that the execution of the work will pick up speed. We want to showcase the development in Donja as a case study for other villages across the country,” Tendulkar said.

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Under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAJY), a water tank will be constructed and pipelines will be laid for providing potable water to houses in Donja. A new school building will also be built besides a sewage system and concrete roads. Tendering process for most of the projects has been completed and work orders issued.

Spreading Happiness InDiya Foundation, an organisation associated with Tendulkar, has also undertaken to provide solar energy based lighting solutions to the school and other public amenities.

Donja, with a population of over 2,800, was recognised as an ODF (open-defecation free) village shortly after Tendulkar adopted it in November 2016. During his visit, Tendulkar met Osmanabad Collector R. V. Game. He also played cricket with children from the local school and interacted with them.

This is Tendulkar’s second village adopted under the SAGY, after Puttumraju Kandriga in Andhra Pradesh.

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