Andy Murray claims he still has a "good relationship" with former coach Amelie Mauresmo despite reports suggesting they split on bad terms due to the former's on-court behaviour.

Mauresmo and two-time slam winner Murray parted ways this month by mutual agreement.

The Briton has since sought to clarify that an interview he gave to L'Equipe , which had been interpreted as a criticism of Mauresmo's own media activity, took place prior to his former coach speaking to the same publication.

"Me and Amelie have a very good relationship, and I don't think it's fair to try to say otherwise," Murray said at the French Open on Tuesday after beating Radek Stepanek in five gruelling sets.

"I did an interview before the tournament, before anything that Amelie had said had come out. And the last two days [it] was supposedly that I was hitting back at Amelie's comments and disagreeing with everything that she said and that we had a really tough break-up. That simply is not true.

"Anyone who said [their recent conversation in Madrid] was heated is lying and was not there. It was far from heated. We spoke very calmly the whole time. 

"To say that the reason that we stopped working together is because of my behaviour on the court, that is not true. In Madrid when we spoke, we didn't discuss that one time.

"For sure, when we were working together, we discussed many things on the court. And there were times when – like with all of my coaches – they said, 'You need to concentrate more on the match. Stop directing your frustration at the box and being distracted from what's going on on the court.' But to say that that's why we stopped working together is untrue.

"Obviously what's happened the last few days has been difficult, because I didn't have a chance to talk about it or respond or anything. What I said about my on-court behaviour [in the pre-tournament interview] was not in response to what came out. The article hadn't even come out when I answered those questions."