'I loved the magazine’s posters'

Narain Karthikeyan became India's first F1 driver when he raced for the now defunct Jordan team in 2005.   -  AFP

I grew up in Coimbatore and hence in a motorsports environment! So, naturally, I had to race!!! As you know my father (G. R. Karthikeyan) used to rally and so I had some interest, but never enough to wanting me to compete in it, a completely different principle to racing.

It’s always nice to be featured in an iconic sports magazine as Sportstar. I loved those posters of Ayrton Senna, Boris Becker and Steffi Graf. I was on it in 2005 as well when I made to the Formula One! It was a surreal feeling.

My generation grew up reading Sportstar as it covered a vast spectrum of sports. It was everybody’s love and for me as well.

(As told to Rayan Rozario)

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