Women boxers’ High Performance Director back in Italy to be with ailing wife

Indian women boxers' High Performance Director Raffaele Bergamasco has returned home to Italy to be with his wife who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

Raffaele Bergamasco will be back in India in 10-15 days, according to BFI Executive Director R. K. Sacheti.   -  Stan Rayan

Indian women boxers’ High Performance Director Raffaele Bergamasco has flown back to his home in Assisi, Italy to be with his wife as she recovers from cancer.

Bergamasco flew back on Wednesday in an Air India flight and according to Boxing Federation of India’s Executive Director R. K. Sacheti, he is expected to be back in the country after a fortnight or so.

“Yes, I am in Italy right now. My wife is at home and she is all right,” Bergamasco told PTI.

The 49-year-old Italian has been with the Indian team since 2017. He was confined to the IG Stadium in the national capital for the past two months owing to the national lockdown to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was a chemotherapy session that was scheduled and Raffaele was supposed to go back for it. Thankfully, the flights resumed just in time for him to return as planned. He will be back in India in 10-15 days,” Sacheti said.

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Bergamasco was only the second foreign coach ever to be brought in for the country’s women boxers before he was elevated to the High Performance Director’s position.

Italy is among the worst hit by the pandemic and has seen over 33,000 deaths so far with more than 2.34 lakh confirmed cases.

Sacheti also hinted that the national camp, which is scheduled to start on June 10 might be delayed.

“Some clearances are still awaited, we are keeping a watch. Let’s see,” he said.

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